Quantitative Aptitude Set - 5 || IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 || MSR Classes


1. Train-A, ‘L’ metre long, moving in a north-to-south direction at 15m/s speed, crosses a 180m long platform in 28 seconds. What time does Train-A take to overtake Train-B, ‘1.25L’ metre long, moving in the north-to-south direction at 11 m/s speed, from the moment they meet ? (In seconds)

a) 100

b) 135

c) 90

d) 150

e) 120

2. A number ‘n’ is selected randomly from a set of numbers  - 1,3,9. Another number ’m’ was selected randomly from a set of numbers - 4, 7, 5 What is the probability that product of m and n (mn) is more than 30 ?

a) 5/6

b) 1/3

c) 2/3

d) 5/9

e) 1/6

3. The difference between compound Interest (compounded annually) and simple Interest on a certain sum of money @ 10 p.c.p.a(rate of interest is same for simple and compound interest) for two years is Rs.188/-. If the same sum is invested in scheme X which offers simple Interest @ 14 p.c.p.a, what will be the Interest earned from this particular scheme after 3 years ?

a) Rs.8,148

b) Rs.7,812

c) Rs.7,896

d) Rs.7,728

e) Rs. 8,896

4. Out of his monthly salary (Rs. X), Ram Invests 20% In PPF. He spends the remaining amount for medical and household expenses in the respective ratio of 1 : 4. From his household expenses, 3/8th is spent on grocery and the remaining is paid as rent. If the difference between grocery and medical expenses is Rs.3840, what is the value of X ?

a) 45000

b) 56000

c) 54000

d) 42000

e) 48000

5. A rectangular plot, 24m long and 16m wide, has two concrete crossroads (of same width) running In the middle of the plot (one parallel to length and the other parallel to breadth). The rest of the plot is used for gardening. If the area used for gardening Is 240 sq m, what is the width of the roads ?

a) 3m

b) 4m

c) 4.5m

d) 3.5m

e) 2m

6. The respective ratio between present ages of P and Q is 7 : 4. The respective ratio between P’s age 2 years hence and Q’s age 6 years ago is 3 : 1. What is the respective ratio between P’s age 4 years ago and Q’s age 12 years hence ?

a) 8 : 9

b) 6 : 7

c) 5 : 7

d) 2 : 3

e) 4 : 5

7. A jar had a certain quantity (in litre) of water, to which pure milk of thrice the quantity water was added. 16 litre of the mixture from the jar was taken out and was replaced with 8 litre of pure milk, as result of which water constituted 20% of the resultant mixture. What was the initial quantity of water in the jar ?

a) 8 litre

b) 10 litre

c) 16 litre

d) 24 litre

e) 12 litre

8. A boat takes 15 hours to travel 120 km upstream. The speed of the same boat upstream is half of that of the same boat downstream. How much time will the boat take to cover 100 kms downstream ?

a) 7 hours

b) 6 hours 15min

c) 7 hours 30 mins

d) 6 hours

e) 9 hours 30 mins

9. A & B started a business by investing Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 10,000 respectively. After 4 months C joined them by investing Rs. 9000. After 2 months of C’s joining A and B withdrew 1/2 of their respective investments. If they earned an annual profit of Rs. 31,200, What is B’s share of annual profit ?

a) Rs. 18,000

b) Rs. 16,000

c) Rs. 9,000

d) Rs. 10,000

e) Rs. 12,000

10. Naina purchased 15 kg of rice @ Rs. 32 per kg and another 25 kg of rice at a certain rate. She mixed the two and sold the entire quantity @ Rs. 34.20 per kg and made 20% overall profit. At what price per kg did she purchase the lot of another 25 kg rice ?

a) Rs. 26.40

b) Rs. 24

c) Rs. 28.20

d) Rs. 28

e) Rs. 27.80

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