Quantitative Aptitude Set - 3 || IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 || MSR Classes


1. 25 lit of a mixture of acid 1 and acid 2 containing 55 % of acid 1 is mixed with 15 lit of another mixture containing 37 % of acid 2 to get a mixture D. Now mixture D is mixed with 30 lit of mixture C and percentage of acid 2 becomes 48%, then find percentage of acid 1 in mixture C. (all mixture containing acid 1 and acid 2 only)

a) 56%

b) 44 %

c) 48%

d) 42%

e) 50%

2. A, B and C invests Rs. 92000, Rs. 115000 and Rs. 138000 in a business. At the end of year profit of A and B is given to a trust and profit of C is distributed among them in such a way that C gets 16 2/3% of his total profit and rest is distributed between B and A in ratio 2:3 respectively. In this process B gets Rs. 30000. Find their total actual profit (In Rupees).

a) 150000

b) 300000

c) 225000

d) 200000

e) 175000

3. Manoj and Hemant purchased two bikes 18 years ago at different price. If price of their bike were decreasing at the rate of 5 15/17% per year and Manoj sold his bike 2 years before Hemant, then their selling price became same. If difference between their purchasing price was 1320, then find purchasing price of Manoj’s Bike. (Note – Both sold their bikes at depreciated prices and Hemant sold his bike after 18 years).

a) Rs 11560

b) Rs. 11060

c) Rs. 9000

d) Rs. 9200

e) Rs. 10240

4. Vikash and Mohit started from point A towards point Q. Distance between A and Q is 9 km. If Mohit starts after 4 min., then he will meet Vikash 1 km away from point Q at a time when Vikash is returning towards point A after reaching point Q and Vikash can cover 1 km in 6 min. find speed of Mohit in km/min.

a) 1/7

b) 1/8

c) 1/9

d) 1/6

e) 1/12

5. A Boat is moving in downstream and speed of Boat in still water is 5 times speed of current. After 16 km due to technical problem speed of boat (in still water) reduced by 20 % and it cover 40 km distance with this speed. If average speed of whole journey is 7/20 km/min, then find speed of current.

a) 4 1/8 kmph

b) 2 7/10 kmph

c) 4 kmph

d) 5 kmph

e) 4 3/8 kmph

6. Hemant purchased some book and by selling 40% of total books he will get cost price of 80% books. If he sells 70% of remaining books at half of its initial profit percent and rest of the books remain unsold, find his overall profit %.

a) 40%

b) 45%

c) 75%

d) 43%

e) 63%

7. Shubham work for 5 days and remaining work was completed by Harvinder in 9 days. If Harvinder work for 12 days then remaining work was completed by Shubham in 3 days, then find how much time Harvinder will take to complete the work alone.

a) 11 days

b) 16 1/2 days

c) 16 2/3 days

d) 11 1/2 days

e) 6 3/5 days

8. In a bag there are 6 blue, 4 red and 5 green balls. Three balls are chosen at random with replacement, find probability of getting utmost one color.

a) 27/125

b) 64/125

c) 64/3375

d) 1/27

e) 3/25

9. A large sphere of radius ‘R’ cm was converted into 64 small spheres of radius ‘r’ cm and then one small sphere is converted into 16 smaller cones of radius of ‘a’ cm. If height of cone is two times of its radius, then find R:a:r.

a) 6:1:2

b) 4:2:1

c) 8:1:2

d) 4:1:2

e) 16:1:4

10. Ratio of present ages of A to B is 2:3. Ratio of sum of present age of A and C together to sum of present ages of B and C is 11:13. If the average present age of A, B and C is 22 years 8 months then find present age of A.

a) 16 years

b) 24 years

c) 28 years

d) 12 years

e) None of these


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