Quantitative Aptitude (Set - 1) || IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020


1. Average of marks scored by Deepak in English, Hindi and Math is 70 and average marks scored by Deepak in English and Math are 73. If marks of Deepak in Science are 25% more than his marks in Hindi, then find average marks scored by Deepak in these 4 subjects.

a) 76.5

b) 72.5

c) 71.5

d) 75.5

e) 78.5

2. Sum of present ages of A & B together is 90 years and C is 4 years younger than B. If present age of A is 72% of that of C, then find sum of present ages of B & C together.

a) 92 years

b) 114 years

c) 88 years

d) 118 years

e) 104 years

3. A vessel contains 800 liters mixture of water and milk in the ratio 5 : 3 respectively. If 200 liters mixture from the vessel is completely replaced with milk, then find ratio of milk to water in the final mixture in the vessel.

a) 17:15

b) 5:4

c) 3:2

d) 11:7

e) None of the above.

4. A & B invested Rs.9000 and Rs.16000 respectively in a business. After 5 months, A increased his investment by 66 2/3% of his initial investment and B withdraws Rs.6000. If total profit at the end of the year is Rs.36000, then find profit share of B at the end of the year.

a) Rs.15000

b) Rs.18000

c) Rs.16000

d) Rs.20000

e) Rs.14000

5. Aman invested Rs.6000 at 15% p.a. CI compounding annually for 2 years and Rs.8000 at 20% p.a. CI compounding semi-annually for 1 year. Find total interest earned by Aman.

a) Rs.3185

b) Rs.4365

c) Rs.3725

d) Rs.4855

e) Rs.3615

6. Pipe – A alone & pipe – B alone can fill the same tank in 5 hours and 4 hours respectively. Ratio of efficiency of pipe – A & B together to that of pipe – C alone is 9:2. Then, find time taken by pipe – C alone to fill the same tank.

a) 8 hours

b) 5 hours

c) 6 hours

d) 10 hours

e) 12 hours

7. In how many ways letters of the word “LAPTOP” be arranged such that consonants always come together?

a) 96 ways

b) 72 ways

c) 144 ways

d) 720 ways

e) 24 ways

8. If ratio of circumference of bigger circle to that of smaller circle is 8:3 and sum of radius of both circle is 77cm, then find area of bigger circle.

a) 6342 cm2

b) 7682 cm2

c) 8468 cm2

d) 5462 cm2

e) 9856 cm2

9. A bag has 8 blue marbles, 5 pink marbles & 7 black marbles. When 3 marbles are picked randomly from the bag, then find the probability of getting at least 2 pink marbles.

a) 11/57

b) 20/57

c) 5/19

d) 8/57

e) None of the above.

10. Train A and train B are running with the speed of 40 km/h and 32 km/h, respectively and the length of the train A and train B is 420 m and 540 m respectively. Find the time taken by both train to cross each other if they are running in opposite direction.

a) 40 seconds

b) 48 seconds

c) 52 seconds

d) 36 seconds

e) 60 seconds


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