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Hai Friends,
Welcome to  MSR Classes. In this video I am going to solve questions on Direction Sense Test (Reasoning). This video is much helpful for the aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming Railway, SSC and other competitive exams. First pause the video and try to solve on your own.
1. If South – East Becomes North, North – East becomes West and so on, what will West become?
(a) North
(b) East
(c) South – East
(d) North – West
2. Town D is to the West of town M. Town R is to the South of town D. Town K is to the East of town R. Town K is towards which direction of town D?
(a) South
(b) East
(c) North-East
(d) South-East
3. Town D is 12 km towards the North of town A. Town C is 15 km towards the West of town D. Town B is 15 km towards the West of town A. How far and in which direction is town B from town C?
(a) 15 km towards North
(b) 12 km towards North
(c) 3 km towards South
(d) 12 km towards South
4. Dev walks 20 m towards North. He then turns left and walks 40 m. He again turns left and walks 20 m. Further, he moves 20 m after turning to the right. How far is he from his original position?
(a) 20 m 
(b) 30 m 
(c) 50 m
(d) 60 m 
5. Roza walked 25 metre towards south, took a right turn and walked 15 metre. She then took a left turn and walked 25 meter. Which direction is she now from her starting point?
(a) South-east
(b) South
(c) South-west
(d) North-west
6. Swati starts from a point walks 2 km towards North, turns towards her right and walks 2 km, turns right again and walks. In which direction is she going now?
(a) North
(b) South-East
(c) South
(d) West
7. Sunita walks 45 metres towards south. Then turns right and walk another 45 metres. Then turn right and walks for 20 metres to reach point L. She then again turns to her right and walks for 45 metres. How far (in metres) is she from point L?
(a) 50
(b) 45
(c) 25
(d) 60
8. A cat is chasing a mouse. The cat moves towards north for 25m, takes a right turn and move 100m, turns towards the south and moves 25m further. Finally, it turns left and moves 55m. What is the distance between the initial and the final position of the cat?
(a) 185m
(b) 155m
(c) 190m
(d) 135m
9. A boy is traveling towards the west. He turns to the right and then again turns to the left. In which direction is the boy facing now?
(a) South
(b) North
(c) East
(d) West
10. A girl is standing facing towards the south. She turns 135 degree in the anticlockwise direction and then again takes a 180 degree turn in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is she facing now ?
(a) South-west
(b) South
(c) South-east
(d) West

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