Coding and Decoding Set – 1 || MSR Classes

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Coding and Decoding Set – 1 || MSR Classes
#Coding and Decoding – 1
In a certain code language
‘Known Life Happy Friend’ is coded as ‘mk46, rl24, zh50, if36’
‘moon white happy kill’ is coded as ‘lm30, sw46, zh50, rk24’
‘life kite white snow’ is coded as ‘rl24, rk40, sw46, ms46’
Then what will be the code for
1) Mystery
2) Sudden
3) Hungry

#Coding and Decoding – 2
In a certain code,
‘superstring park avail prelim’ is written as ‘#22T     %8Q      $10B     @12Q’,
‘cereal revolving crook newsroom’ is written as ‘#10S      @16O     $12D     %10D’,
‘training system unequal monk’ is written as ‘$14V      %bN     @12T        #16U’, and
‘payback dream using ethical’ is written as ‘%14Q      $14F      #10V       @10E’.
Then what is the code for
1) Making
2) Shooting
3) Maximum

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