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Welcome to  MSR Classes. In this video I am going to solve Circular Arrangement Puzzle (Reasoning). This video is much helpful for the aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming LIC AAO, SBI PO 2019, and other competitive exams. First pause the video and try to solve on your own.

There are nine members in the family i.e. P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, and X sitting around a circular table. Each member goes to different cities viz. Jaipur, Mumbai, Dehradun, Delhi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Gurgaon, Haldwani, and Indore (but not necessarily in the same order). Four of them are facing towards centre while others are facing outwards. Eight of them are sitting at an equal distance from each other, while one is sitting at an odd position.
The one who goes Gurgaon is immediate neighbor of the one who goes Haldwani. W faces outside the centre. Both the immediate neighbours of P face same direction as P. X sits two places away from V. R is not an immediate neighbor of P and the one, who goes Haldwani. The one who goes Gurgaon faces towards centre. The one who goes Haldwani and the one who goes Indore are immediate neighbours and V is not from Haldwani. V sits 60° clockwise with respect to P who is not sitting at an odd position. Q goes to Mumbai and sits 180° to the X. The one, who goes Dehradun, is 3rd to the left of the one, who goes Haridwar. The persons, who go Delhi and Rishikesh are immediate neighbours. P faces opposite direction of the one, who goes Gurgaon. There is an angle of 135° between X and the one who goes Indore. R faces outside to the centre. T doesn’t go Gurgaon. The one, who goes Indore faces to the centre and sits 2nd place away from P. X and U go to the city which starting letter is H. P sits opposite to the one who goes to Gurgaon.

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