Quantitative Aptitude for Bank Exams || 05 – 02 – 2019

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Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here is the Quantitative Aptitude Quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions for the upcoming Bank and Insurance Exams 2019.

1. A man lent certain amount at 25% compound interest and the same amount at 25% simple interest per annum. What is the ratio of the total interest earned by the man after three years to the total amount lent by the man?
a) 126:155
b) 102:121
c) 86:101
d) 109:128
e) None of these
2. Ram bought an article at discount of 8% on Sunday while Shyam bought the same article at discount of 5% on Monday from the same shop. If cost price of the article is 70% of its marked price then, find the profit of the shopkeeper on selling both articles.
a) 35(4/9)%
b) 36(2/9)%
c) 30(2/7)%
d) 33(4/7)%
e) None of these
3. P and Q can do a work in 16 days and 36 days, respectively. For first few days P and Q worked together and then P left the work and R joined who individually can complete the work in 24 days. If the total work has been completed in overall 12 days then find for how many days did P and Q work together?
a) 12 days
b) 5 days
c) 10 days
d) 8 days
e) 16 days
4. Two pipes A and B together fill a tank in 72/7 minutes. If an outlet pipe C is also opened along with A and B then tank gets filled in 36 minutes. Find the capacity of the tank if outlet pipe C empties 25 litres of water per minute.
a) 380 litres
b) 432 litres
c) 360 litres
d) 400 litres
e) 288 litres
5. Mohit is 4 years older than Rohit and Shobhit is 5 years younger than Rohit. After 14 years, ratio of age of Mohit and Rohit will become 10:9, respectively. What will be the age of Shobhit after 25 years?
a) 39 years
b) 42 years
c) 40 years
d) 45 years
e) None of these

Directions (6 – 10): Answer the questions based on the information given below.
The chart below represents the number of android phones sold by three companies i.e. A, B and C in the first five days of Great Amazon Sale.
Mentor for Bank Exams
6. What is the per day average number of android phones sold by company B over the five days?
a) 286
b) 268
c) 242
d) 294
e) 310
7. What is the ratio of total number of android phones sold by company A to company C in the given five days?
a) 67:51
b) 48:43
c) 59:50
d) 42:29
e) 63:50
8. What is the percentage increase or decrease in the total number of android phones sold by all three companies on Friday with respect to Thursday?
a) 10%
b) 12%
c) 5%
d) 25%
e) 15%
9. On Saturday, total number of android phones sold by company A increased by 65% with respect to Friday. Find the percentage increase in the number of android phone sold by company A on Saturday with respect to Monday.
a) 18.8%
b) 15.4%
c) 24.6%
d) 12.5%
e) 16.7%
10. Total number of android phones sold by company B is approximately what percentage of the total number of android phone sold by company C in the five days combined?
a) 127.9%
b) 136.6%
c) 131.4%
d) 122.3%
e) 140.5%

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