Data Interpretation Practice Questions (01 – 05 – 2018)

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Data Interpretation Practice Questions (01 – 05 – 2018)
Directions (1 – 5): Study the following table chart carefully to answer the question given below:
The table graph shows the monetary policy statement issued by the RBI in different quarters.
1. The difference between the average of the rates of the sixth quarter and that of the third quarter is
a) 0.25        b) 0.50        c) 0.75       d) 1.00       e) None of these

2. What is the sum of the average of MSF and that of Reverse Repo Rate?
a) 14.50      b) 15.50      c) 15.75     d) 15.25     e) None of these

3. The ratio of the sum of the Repo Rates in all the given quarters to that of the Reverse Repo Rates in all the given quarters is
a) 17:13      b) 17:15      c) 15:13      d) 13:15      e) None of these

4. The sum of the Repo Rates in all quarters is what per cent (approx) of the sum of SLR in all quarters?
a) 32.85      b) 32.25     c) 34.35     d) 33.75     e) None of these

5.  The average of all the rates in the fourth quarters is what per cent (approx) of the average of all the rates of the first quarters?
a) 100.04    b) 100.48   c) 100.84    d) 100.44   e) None of these

Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
The Pie-chart shows the percentage of different types off employees in an organization and the table shows the percentage of employees recruited through two modes for the different posts among them in the organization.
 6. Find the total number of employees of direct-recruit Clerk, Officer Scale I and Officer Scale II?
a) 2800          b) 3000          c) 2880          d) 2900          e) 3000

7. What is the difference between promotee-recruit officer scale II and direct-recruit clerk?
a) 750                        b) 700            c) 730            d) 680            e) 720

8. Promotee-recruit in Officer Scale II is what per cent of direct-recruits in Officer Scale III?
a) 140%         b) 150%         c) 100%         d) 85%           e) 75%

9. Find the total number of employees in direct-recruit Officer Scale I and promotee-recruit Officer Scale IV?
a) 2500          b) 3000          c) 2800          d) 2700          e) 2900

10. What is the total number of direct-recruit Officer III?
a) 680                        b) 650            c) 620            d) 640            e) 540

Directions (11 – 15): Study the following information and answer the questions followed:
11. Bhuvan and Kachara started doing the work. After working for 5 Days they left the work for Tipu. He completed his part of work. Now the remaining work was completed by Arjan in 7.5 days. In how many days can Arjan complete whole work?
a) 20               b) 4                 c) 30               d) 16              e) 15

12. Due to fever Tipu did not joined the work but Ismail took his place , who can complete the work in 25 days. He did Tipu’s part of work. After that khachara joined the work but worked for same number of days as Ismail. If remaining work was completed by Bagha who is 300% more efficient than Lakha then in how many days was the whole work completed?
a) 60               b) 15              c) 16               d) 63/2          e) 25/13

13. Mukhia took 5 less days to complete the work than Bhura and Goli is 60% more efficient than Bhuvan. They worked together for 5 days and left the work, after which the remaining work was completed Tipu in?
a) 22/3          b) 21/4          c) 23/6           d) 24/5          e) None of these

14. Lakha and Bhura decided to complete the work in 27 days. Starting with Lakha they worked alternative for total 20 days. After that Bhura left the work but Lakha did it for 2 more days. After that he also left the work. Now Guran completed the remaining work on time. Then find how much time Guran will take to complete the whole work.
a) 22/9          b) 22 2/9       c) 12 2/9       d) 22 4/7       e) None of these

15. Lakha and Tipu are in team A and Mukhia and Khachra are in team B. if Both the team decided to complete the same amount of work separately then find out which team is more efficient and by how much days ?
a) Team A by 2/3 days       b) Team B by 6/5 days       c) Team A by 6/5 days       d) Team B by 2/3 days            e) None of these