About Indian Railway – GK Questions (Part – 2)

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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here we today updating the 25 questions of Indian Railways previous examinations Q.A with there answers.
We hope after read each of these very important questions answers your knowledge about the Indian Railway will be increase very high and these all questions are highly important and must be read for preparations in next upcoming railways exams 2018.
26) Which is the Indian railway zone with the minimum length?
(A) North-Eastern Railway,
(B) North-Eastern Frontier Railway,
(C) South-East Railway,
(D) South-Central Railway
Answer: B

27) The headquarters of South Railways is situated at where?
(A) Calcutta,
(B) Chennai,
(C) Delhi,
(D) Mumbai
Answer: B

28) How many training institutions of Railways are in India?
(A) Three,
(B) Four,
(C) Five,
(D) Six
Answer: D

29) On which year the first train in India was started?
(A) 11 April 1851,
(B) 13 April 1852,
(C) 16 April 1853,
(D) 18 April 1854
Answer: C

30) In which Governor-General’s reign railway lines in India were established?
(A) Lord William Bentick,
(B) Lord Cornwallis,
(C) Lord Kenning,
(D) Lord Dalhousie
Answer: D

31) In which institution the training of electric work is being given?
(A) Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,
(B) Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering,
(C) Railway Staff College,
(D) Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering
Answer: B

32) What is the position of the Indian Railway in the world according to the length of rail lines?
(A) First,
(B) Second,
(C) Third,
(D) Fourth
Answer: D

33) Who invented the railway engine first?
(A) Charles Babbage,
(B) Isaac Newton,
(C) James Watt,
(D) George Stephenson
Answer: D

34) Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute situated?
(A) Nasik,
(B) Baroda,
(C) Jamalpur,
(D) Pune
Answer: C

35) Metro Railway is functioning in which of the following Indian States?
(A) Dehradun,
(B) Shri Nagar,
(C) West Bengal,
(D) Shimla
Answer: C

36) Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Institute situated?
(A) Pune,
(B) Chennai,
(C) Nasik,
(D) Sikandrabad
Answer: A

37) Which of the gauges is used in the hilly areas?
(A) Broad gauge,
(B) Meter gauge,
(C) Narrow gauge,
(D) Special gauge
Answer: C

38) How many institutions do give suggestions for railways technology?
(A) One,
(B) Two,
(C) Three,
(D) Four
Answer: B

39) Palace On Wheels train was inaugurated in which year?
(A) 1988,
(B) 1972,
(C) 1982,
(D) 1965
Answer: C

40) The passenger bogies of the Indian Railways are manufactured at which of the following places?
(A) Kapurthala,
(B) Chittranjan,
(C) Perambur,
(D) Bangalore
Answer: C

41) Rajasthan is under which of the following railway zones?
(A) Northern region,
(B) Western region,
(C) North-Western region,
(D) Central Region
Answer: B

42) Indian Railways which is the largest of the Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in how many regions?
(A) 7,
(B) 9,
(C) 8,
(D) 10
Answer: B

43) Besides Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa, which of the following is the fourth State for Konkan Railway Project?
(A) Kerala,
(B) Tamil Nadu,
(C) Gujarat,
(D) Andhra Pradesh
Answer: A

44) When was the Jammu City appeared on the map of Indian Railway?
(A) 1965,
(B) 1963,
(C) 1967,
(D) 1965
Answer: D

45) When was the Central Railway established?
(A) 5th Nov 1951,
(B) 14th Nov 1951,
(C) 14th April 1951,
(D) 16th August, 1951
Answer: A

46) The manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in?
(A) 1974,
(B) 1961,
(C) 1971,
(D) 1973
Answer: C

47) The largest national enterprise of India is?
(A) Indian Railway,
(B) Indian Shipyard,
(C) Airways,
(D) None of these
Answer: A

48) The first locomotive which was manufactured in Chittaranjan on?
(A) November 1950,
(B) October 1950,
(C) September 1949,
(D) October 1954
Answer: A

49) Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated?
(A) Chittranjan,
(B) Kapurthala,
(C) Bangalore,
(D) Perambur
Answer: C

50) Where is the extreme north railway station in India?
(A) Jammutavi,
(B) Amritsar,
(C) Pathancoat,
(D) Guwahat
Answer: A