Inventions in the World – GK Questions and Answers

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Inventions in the World – GK Questions and Answers
Dear readers, here candidates who are going to take the competitive exams can get the Inventions General knowledge questions and answer. We collected these questions with the help of Previous Years competitive Exams. There are many other important inventions and inventors, so try to learn more from other sources too if it’s needed.
1. Who invented the battery?
A. John Wilkinson
B. Alessandro Volta
C. James Hargreaves
D. Thomas Edison
Explanation: He was an Italian scientist, and he invented the battery in 1800.
2. Who was the first person to patent the JET ENGINE?
A. F. Whittle
B. C. Lindbergh
C. W. Histell
D. B. Owings
Explanation: British inventor Frank Whittle was the first to patent his design for a jet engine in 1930. Although an engine designed by Dr. Hans Von Ohain was the first to fly in 1939. Whittle's jet engine first flew in 1941.
3. When was Milk Tray first introduced?
A. 1915
B. 1934
C. 1923
D. 1942
Explanation: Milk Tray was introduced in 1915 in open boxes arranged on wooden trays. Today, with its distinctive purple and gold cartons and popularized by the "Man in Black" television adverts, its one of the most popular chocolate assortments.
4. The initials JCB on earth-moving equipment are those of the founder of the company that makes it. What is his name?
A. John Christopher Ballantyne
B. Joseph Cyril Bamford
C. John Christopher Baxter
D. Jack Croxford Baker
Explanation: Joseph Cyril Bamford founded the company that makes these iconic machines in 1945, in a 12ft X 15ft garage in Staffordshire.
5. What treat was invented by 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905?
A. Popsicle
B. Banana split
C. Cotton candy
D. Cracker Jacks
Explanation: It was originally called the 'Epsicle' in his honor.

6. Who invented Fountain Pen?
A. John J. Loud
B. Sir Frank Whittle
C. Lewis E. Waterman
D. Kirkpatrick Macmillan
7. When was the toothbrush invented?
A. 1770
B. 1765
C. 1790
D. 1742
Explanation: The first toothbrush was made out of a bone and small brush, by jail prisoner William Addis of England.
8. Where were wigs first invented?
A. Japan
B. France
C. Egypt
D. China
Explanation: As you have noticed in pictures, many Egyptians have head coverings, sometimes with beads in them. The first wigs were created to cover the head from the hot sun.
9. What item of apparel was invented by Ellery Chun, a Hawaiian clothing merchant, in 1931?
A. String bikini
B. Muumuu
C. Aloha shirt
D. Capri pants
Explanation: An Aloha shirt is a brightly colored tropical print shirt that is a popular souvenir of Hawaii.
10. Who invented Automobiles using gasoline?
A. Leo H Baekeland
B. Karl Benz
C. Evangelista Torricelli
D. Kirkpatrick Macmillan
11. This African-American woman physical therapist worked with soldiers disabled in World War II. She invented a device that helped the disabled to eat by delivering food through a tube to a mouthpiece.
A. Bessie Blount
B. Marjorie Joyner
C. Mae Jamison
D. Beulah Henry
Explanation: Unfortunately, Blount could never get anyone to buy her invention. Finally, in 1952 she sold the rights to the French government.
12. The ELECTRIC BATTERY, who's charged with inventing this one?
A. Hertz
B. Amper
C. Galvani
D. Volta
Explanation: Italian, Alessandro Volta discovered the first practical battery in 1800. Life would be very different without batteries.
13. What invention by Garnet Carter made its debut at the Fairyland Inn Resort in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in 1927?
A. Miniature golf
B. Swimming pool slide
C. Ski lift
D. Golf cart
Explanation: It was originally called 'Tom Thumb Golf'.
14. Who invented the phonograph?
A. Thomas Edison
B. John Kruesi
C. Jules Levy
D. Alexander Graham Bell
Explanation: John Kruesi was a mechanic for Edison, and Kruesi built the phonograph. Edison designed it, and later improved the phonograph.
15. What beverage was invented by Charles Alderton in 1885 in Waco, Texas?
A. Cream soda
B. Coca-Cola
C. Dr. Pepper
D. Sprite
Explanation: The cherry-flavored cola made its debut at Morrison's Old Corner Drugstore.

16. Who invented the Seed Drill?
A. Jethro Tull
B. Arlo Guthrie
C. Woodie Guthrie
D. Thomas Hines
Explanation: It was invented around the early 1700's.
17. Who invented fuel cells in 1839?
A. Buckminster Fuller
B. Sir William Grove
C. Sylvester Graham
D. Joyce Hall
Explanaion: Fuel cells were invented in 1839 by Sir William Grove.
18. For what is Charles Babbage (1792-1871) remembered?
A. Computers
B. Telescopes
C. Radio-Telegraphy
D. Steam Boating
Explanation: Know as the Father of Computing. He began his 'Analytical Engine' in 1833. The first computer, although he never completed it.
19. In which decade was the ARRL founded?
A. 1940s
B. 1930s
C. 1920s
D. 1910s
Explanation: On April 6, 1914, Hiram Percy Maxim proposed the formation of the American Radio Relay League.
20. What drink was invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929?
A. 7-Up
B. Yoo-Hoo
C. Pepsi
D. Hawaiian Punch
Explanation: Grigg, who was from Missouri, originally named his creation 'Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda'.