Important Biology Questions for SSC/Railway Exams (Set – 2)

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Important Biology Questions for SSC/Railway Exams (Set – 2)
Dear Aspirants,
Railway Exam is the next target for the aspirants which is going to be held in the month of April and May. General science is an important part of this exam.We are providing some important Biology Questions specially for Railway Exam. Read the questions and prepare yourself flawlessly. We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.
1. Mendel observed 7 pairs of contrasting characters in Pisum sativum, One of the Following is not a part of that, Find out.
a) Tall and Dwart
b)  Yellow and Green seed colour
c)  Terminal and Axial flower
d)  Smooth and Rough stem
2. Primitive men evolved in _________.
a) Africa
b) America
c) Australia
d) India
3. Which of the following is inheritable?
a) An altered gene in sperm
b) An altered gene in testes
c) An altered gene in Zygote
d) An altered gene in udder cell
4. Theory of natural selection was proposed by_______.
a) Charles Darwin
b) Hugo de Vries
c)  Gregor Johann Mendel
d)  Jean Baptiste Lamarck
5. Somatic gene therapy_______.
a) affects sperm
b) affects egg
c) affects progeny
d) affects body cell
6. The paternal and maternal genetic material which influences the traits is_____.
a) RNA
b) m-RNA
c) DNA
d) t-RNA 
7. The first ever scientific experimental study on heredity was worked out between the years________.
a) 1801 - 1807
b) 1812 - 1842
c) 1838 - 1871
d) 1822 - 1884 
8. The first experiment of Mendel considering the inheritance of a single trait is called________.
a) Hybrid cross
b) Monohybrid cross
c) Polyhybrid cross
d) Dihybrid cross 
9. _______ is called as ‘Father of Genetics’.
a) Charles Darwin  
b) Hugo de Vries
c) Gregor Johann Mendel
d) Jean Baptiste Lamarck 
10. The men like Hominids who walked into Eastern Africa were measured to be______.
a) Taller than four feet 
b) Not taller than four feet
c) Three feet
d) Measured in Inches

11. The meat eaters who existed 1.5 million years ago were called ______.
a) Homo habilis
b) Hominids
c) Homo erectus
d) Homo sapiens 

12. The term vaccine was coined by______.
a) Dr. Ian Wilmut  
b) Edward Jenner
c) Charles Darwin  
d) Alexander Flemming 
13. Dolly was developed in the year _______.
a) August 1982  
b) July 1996
c) July 1994
d) September 1974 
14. The nucleus of udder cell which was used to develop Dolly was taken from_______.
a) Six year old Finn Dorset white sheep
b) Seven year old white sheep
c) Six year old goat  
d) Five year old cow 
15. Vaccines are substances that confer immunity against________.
a) All kind of diseases  
b) Communicable diseases
c) Specific diseases
d) Non communicable diseases 
16. Steroid drugs like prednisolone is produced from______.
a) Rhizopus  
b) Penicillium
c) Aagaricus
d) Bacteria 
17. Antibiotics are chemical substances derived from microbes like_____.
a) Fungi, Algae
b) Fungi, Bacteria
c) Fungi, Virus  
d) Bacteria, Algae  

18. Bio-technologically synthesized vitamin B12 is used to cure________.
a)  Anaemia
b) Tuberculosis
c) Pernicious anaemia
d) Cancer 
19. Biological computers will be developed using_______.
a) Bio sensor  
b) Gene
c) Bio-Chips
d) Enzymes 
20. Gene therapy is the means to treat or even cure genetic and acquired diseases like_____.
a) Cancer 
b) Smallpox
c) Swine - flu
d) Common cold