Famous Places In India – Static GK

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Famous Places In India – Static GK
Famous Places In India: India is one of the most important tourist destinations in World. With more than 30,000 years of history, India is the birthplace of numerous cultures. As we all know that India is rich in culture, temples, heritage buildings, traditions, forts, and palaces. On this page, we are providing complete details about General Knowledge Questions & Answers.
Famous Indian Monuments includes The Taj Mahal, Old Churches of Goa, Charminar, Qutab Minar of Delhi, Red fort and Jantar Mantar, these are also few most visited Heritage Sites in India. These Historical Monuments are the only wealth of Indian tourism along with other World Heritage Sites and Nature tourism places like wild parks and ancient temples of south India.
GK Questions – Famous Places In India

1. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located at
A. Pune
B. Ahmedabad
C. Sriharikota
D. Thiruvananthapuram
2. The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in
A. Orissa
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Kerala
D. Maharashtra
3. The National Institute of Community Development is located at
A. Chennai
B. Pant Nagar
C. Hyderabad
D. Bangalore
4. Central Road Research Institute is in
A. Delhi
B. Bangalore
C. Roorkee
D. Hyderabad
5. National Science Centre is located at
A. Bangalore
B. Bombay
C. Kolkata
D. Delhi
6. Where is Chitrakut situated?
A. Maharashtra
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Madhya Pradesh
7. 'Mandi House' is a
A. the office of the P.M.
B. the office of Director General of Doordarshan
C. the office of NFDC
D. the Doordarshan C.P.C
8. The famous Rock Garden is located in which city?
A. Jaipur
B. Lucknow
C. Simla
D. Chandigarh
9. Which city is called 'White City' of Rajasthan?
A. Bihar
B. Jaipur
C. Udaipur
D. Jodhpur
10. Sanchi Stupa is located near
A. Gaya
B. Bhopal
C. Varanasi
D. Bijapur
11. Indian Cancer Research institute is located at
A. New Delhi
B. Calcutta
C. Chennai
D. Mumbai
12. The 'Golconda Fort' is in which state?
A. Telangana
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Karnataka
13. 'Kanchipuram' is in which of the following states?
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Orissa
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu
14. Ajanta-Ellora caves are situated near
A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Patna
D. Aurangabad
15. National School of Mines is located in ?
A. Dhanbad
B. Kavalpur
C. Udaipur
D. Hyderabad

16. Central Drug Research Institute is located at
A. Trissur
B. Nagpur
C. Mysore
D. Lucknow
17. Is sun temple situated at?
A. Konark
B. Bangalore
C. Haridwar
D. Kerala
18. Under Mother Teresa's guidance, the Missionaries of Charit built near Asansol, a lep er colony is called
A. Peace City
B. Sahara
C. Shanti Nagar
19. The famous Meenakshi temple is located in
A. Bihar
B. Madurai
C. Madras
D. Trichy
20. 'Tin Bhiga' lease by India to Bangladesh, was a part of
A. West Bengal
B. Assam
C. Meghalaya
D. Tripura