Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 01 and 02 January 2018

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Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 01 and 02 January 2018
1. Who has won the Best Player of the Year accolade at the Globe Soccer Awards?
(a)  Lionel Messi
(b)  Cristiano Ronaldo
(c)  Paris Saint-Germain Neymar
(d)  Xavi

2. Which country cuts the ribbon of its first solar highway which will charge the running electric vehicles?
(a)  Pakistan
(b)  Iraq
(c)  China
(d)  France

3. Indian Air Force has bid farewell to __________ over Hasimara Air Force base in West Bengal.
(a)  Ilyushin I1-78
(b)  Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
(c)  HAL Tejas
(d)  MiG-27 ML Bahadur

4. Whom to share his thoughts in 'Mann Ki Baat' program?
(a)  Shri Narendra Modi
(b)  Shri Vijay Sharma
(c)  Shri Naresh Iyer
(d)  Shri Arun Jaitley

5. How much amount of financial assistance has been sanctioned by the central government for the development of inland transport sector of Assam?
(a)  Rs 1250 crore
(b)  Rs 1200 crore
(c)  Rs 1275 crore
(d)  Rs 1225 crore

6. The government of India has recently infused an amount of Rs ______ crore in 6 weak public sector banks to help them meet their equity requirements
(a)  Rs 8,588 crore
(b)  Rs 5,555 crore
(c)  Rs 6,566 crore
(d)  Rs 7,577 crore

7. Who has won gold in men’s senior 50m pistol event at the 61st National Shooting Championships Competition (NSCC-2017)?
(a)  Jitu Rai
(b)  Omprakash Mitherwal
(c)  Omkar Singh
(d)  Arjun Singh Cheema

8. Which country cuts the ribbon of its first solar highway which will charge the running electric vehicles?
(a)  USA
(b)  China
(c)  Suadi Arabia
(d)  UK

9. Sue Grafton, the author of detective novels passed away. She hails from which country?
(a)  Italy
(b)  United States
(c)  Germany
(d)  France

10. Which state Chief Minister has flagged off a mobile museum, showcasing various aspects of the life of Adi Shankaracharya, from the home of the saints mother near Kochi, Kerala?
(a)  Madhya Pradesh
(b)  Kerala
(c)  Uttar Pradesh
(d)  Gujarat

11. _________ Bans Solo Climbing on Mount Everest
(a)  India
(b)  Nepal
(c)  Saudi Arabia
(d)  Japan

12. _________ Withdraws from UNESCO
(a)  Israel
(b)  Nepal
(c)  Saudi Arabia
(d)  Japan

13. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has laid foundation stones for more than 100 projects worth Rs.______________
(a)  720 crore
(b)  900 crore
(c)  600 crore
(d)  700 crore

14. The great Indian philosopher, Adi Shankara, was born in which state of India?
(a)  Tamil Nadu
(b)  Kerala
(c)  Andhra Pradesh
(d)  Karnataka

15. India has outpaced the global milk production with an annual growth rate of __________
(a)  5.12%
(b)  5.28%
(c)  5.87%
(d)  5.53%

16. Which state government has announced to provide 24 hours free power supply to farmers of the state from the midnight of December 31, being the first Indian state to do so?
(a)  Haryana
(b)  Telangana
(c)  Karnataka
(d)  Punjab

17. Who is the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways?
(a)  Nitin Gadkari
(b)  Prakash Javadekar
(c)  D.V. Sadananda Gowda
(d)  Gopinath Munde

18. The state-run National E-Governance Services Limited (NeSL) has been registered as an Information Utility (IU) entity under ____
(a)  IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2016
(b)  IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2017
(c)  IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2015
(d)  IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2014

19. Which country Launches World's Largest Human Genome Research Project?
(a)  China
(b)  Pakistan
(c)  South Africa
(d)  India

20. Who hails Real-time Governance module of Chandrababu Naidu?
(a)  Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
(b)  Naresh Iyer
(c)  Vignesh Sharath
(d)  Selvaraman

1. B)   2. C)   3. D)   4. A)   5. A)   6. D)   7. A)   8. B)   9. B)   10. A)  
11. B)   12. A)   13. D)   14. B)   15. D)   16. B)   17. A)   18. B)   19. A)   20. A)