English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk/RBI Asst. Mains – Set 2

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English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk/RBI Asst. Mains – Set 2
Directions (1 – 5): In each of the following sentence there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options and each option consists of three words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct.
1. “Ultimately, my brother’s goal and my goal is almost the same. When we come before a mountain, the ways ______ to climb it can be different,” said Taizo. Taizo, who was known for his role in building Yahoo! Japan and _____ a multi-billion dollar online gaming company called Gungho in 2002, was in Bengaluru to announce the launch of Gastrotope, a start-up accelerator for Agri-food tech companies. For the 44-year old Taizo, the bet is always on the next big ________.
a) Made up, finding, hit
b) Foresaw, originating, launch
c) Predicted, building, opportunity
d) Visualized, making, break
e) Envisaged, founding, wave
2. Publicis Groupe, a leading advertising agency, __________that it will not participate in any award shows, drop promotional activities for one year, and instead, spend monies on developing an AI -powered professional assistant, Marcel. The decision __________ many eyebrows in the industry but Mark Tutssel, chairman says, “awards are the barometer of our health. So, we would never ever walk away from them. That is __________   to even think.
a) proclaimed, heaved, ludicrous
b) declared, hoisted, amazing
c) decreed, lifted, indignant
d) announced, raised, farcical
e) asserted, lowered, embarrassing
3. Agriculture’s contribution to India’s economy extends _______ the rural economy and ______ many activities in the manufacturing and service sectors. Export surplus from the country’s agricultural trade is higher than the __________      figure achieved by the manufacturing sector.
a) Below, include, analogous
b) Moreover, higher, proportionate
c) Beyond, encompasses, corresponding
d) Outside, takeover, akin
e) Above, exclude, similar
4. A $2.6 billion deal with general electric, centered on building 1,000 diesel locomotives in Bihar, almost came unstuck recently, thanks to the ____ bureaucracy in the Railway Ministry.  Bihar chief minister had to send desperate SOS ’ to the Railway Minister to get him to ___ in the matter and ensure that that the project was not cancelled. the contract, signed in 2015, was seen as a big ___ for both ‘Make in India’ scheme and for Bihar.
a) Muted, interfere, loss
b) Overzealous, intervene, score
c) Hierarchical, demand, hit
d) fanatic ,Meddle , Attainment
e) passionate, stop, Achievement
5. A resolution for the return of Rohingya refugees is  _____ for the security of both Bangladesh and india, mainly because of the link to terrorism of some Rohingya militants. Since Bangladesh cannot _____ the Rohingya refugees back, the solution may be _____ global opinion for political reforms in rakhine and for Myanmar to take its people back.
a) Necessary, push, mobilize
b) Needed, throw, demand
c) Unthinkable, pull, voice
d) Useless, kill, ask
e) Eradicated, send, muster
Directions (6 – 12): Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given beside. 
Energy sector is dominated by traditional energy sources, comprising primarily of oil, gas and coal. These constitute about 85 per cent of India’s total energy consumption, followed by renewable energy, which takes care of about 13 per cent of the pie. This trend is fast changing, as government is shifting its focus from traditional sources to cleaner and renewable sources of energy.
In a bid to reduce emissions, the Supreme Court had banned the sale and registration of non BS-IV compliant vehicles with effect from 1 April 2017. The government has been encouraging development of electric vehicles (EVS) for the Indian market. This paradigm shift towards electric vehicles is going to be a game-changer for the Indian economy in general and our energy sector in particular, as it will curtail demand for oil and gas in the long run. India, being a net importer of crude oil at present, is expected to benefit immensely from the ongoing shift towards electric vehicles. Also, this shift is expected to strengthen India’s fiscal position in the years to come.
While companies are waiting for more clarity on the policy front, many corporates have already started investing in the development of technologies and infrastructure for electric vehicles. Several auto companies have aggressively scheduled product launches of electric vehicles over the next five years. The government has plans to make India a 100 percent electric vehicle nation by 2030 and, transport authorities across states have shown their keen interest in rolling out electric bus services.
India is the world’s third largest producer of electricity, with a total installed capacity of 329 GW as of 31 August 2017. Thermal energy, comprising coal, gas and diesel power, constitutes about two thirds of the total installed capacity, followed by renewable energy and nuclear power, comprising about a 31 percent and 2 percent share in the pie respectively.
During the last few years, the power sector in India has been witnessing major changes, with the government promoting cleaner energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower, among others, in a bid to provide rapid electrification to the entire country. There is a sharp increase in the capacity additions in the renewable energy space. On the other hand, the fossil energy space has been witnessing a sharp slowdown in capacity additions, as is seen in the statistics of April-August 2017.  Only 3,790 MW of fresh capacity was added during the period, as against a targeted addition of 14,956 mw for 2017-18.
The outlook for new capacities in the thermal power space looks bleak, as there are no fresh long term power purchase agreements signed. Additionally, there is a sharp fall in the tariffs for renewable energy, competing aggressively with thermal power tariffs. To reduce its dependence on coal mining, India’s largest coal mining company, Coal India, too has announced its intention to diversify into mining of other minerals such as bauxite, nickel, iron ore, etc.
Tariffs for wind and solar energy, which used to be prohibitively high a few years back, are now seen competing strongly with thermal power. Solar power tariffs were R2.65-3.36 per unit last month for 500 MW capacities, as compared to the all-time low tariffs of R2.44 per unit in may 2017. Wind power tariffs have fallen to a record low of Rs 2.64 per unit in the auction conducted by SECI for 1 GW capacities. The government aims to bring power tariffs to R3 per unit, irrespective of the source in the medium term.
The popularity of electric vehicles is all set to rise, with power tariffs becoming more affordable – driven by an increase in renewable power capacities. The development of improved technologies and supporting infrastructure facilities will further push demand for electric vehicles in the country.
A clear shift from subsidized fuel towards low-priced clean energy is expected now, which ought to be beneficial for the country. The share of oil, gas and coal in India’s energy sector is expected to fall, while the share of cleaner and renewable energy is expected to rise in the years to come.
6. With respect to India’s energy mix, which of the following are true?
I. India’s installed capacity as of August 31, 2017 was 239 GW.
II. Nuclear power is forms a very feasible future prospect as an energy source.
III. Of all the renewable sources available, wind power has the maximum potential
a) Only I
b) Only III
c) Only I and II
d) Only II and III
e) None of the above
7. What steps have been taken by corporate houses to be ‘Electric vehicles’ ready?
I. Started selling their stock of non-EVS at discounted rates to get rid of it.
II. Scheduling of product launches of various electric vehicles over the next five years.
III. Investing in the development of technologies for EVS.
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Only I and II
d) Only II and III
e) None of the above
8. Which of the following is/are true with reference to the passage?
I. Energy sector is dominated by traditional non renewable energy sources.
II. Shift towards Electric vehicles will lead to more consumption of oil and gas in the long run.
III. Reduction in the use of oil and gas will lessen India’s imports and improve fiscal numbers.
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Only I and III
d) Only II and III
e) All of the above
9. Which of the following, if true, could give a fillip to EVS in India?
I. Power tariffs decrease owing to increase in power generation capacity.
II. The government provides subsidies on clean energy and taxes conventional fuels.
III. Spreading awareness about the advantages EVS have over non-EVS.
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Only III
d) Only I and II
e) All of the above
10. What recent changes have been observed in India’s power sector?
I. In terms of capacity addition, increase in addition at a decreasing rate has been seen in renewable energy space.
II. Government has been actively promoting cleaner energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower.
III. Tariffs for wind and solar energy are still prohibitively high and would take some time before being able to compete with thermal power effectively.
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Only I and II
d) Only II and III
e) None of the above
11. Choose the word/group of words which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage. PROHIBITIVELY
a) Incompletely
b) In extreme
c) Blandly
d) Uncomfortably
e) Passionately
12. Choose the word/group of words which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage. BLEAK
a) Cheerful
b) Appealing
c) Warm
d) Austere
e) Vivacious

Answers with Explanations:
1. E) Blank 1: Options B and C do not fit in here and can be eliminated.
Blank 2: Finding a company is incorrect and hence option A can be eliminated. Out of making and founding, founding is a better fit. Hence, Option E may be correct.
This is confirmed by putting the last word in the last blank. All three blanks are a perfect match.
2. D) Blank 1: The sentence gives the impression that the company issued some sort of statement. Proclaimed and decreed are used in context of governments/royalty and does not fit in here. Options A and C can be eliminated.
Blank 2: As the announcement led to surprise, it cannot lower eyebrows. Option E is eliminated. Also hoisted means to push something up and does not fit here. Hence, option B is incorrect.
3. C) Option A: The second blank with include is grammatically incorrect and can be eliminated.
Option B: Blank one is incorrect.
Option D: Blank two is absurd.
Option E: This sentence is grammatically and contextually incorrect.
Option C: This is a perfect fit.
4. B) The deal got stuck because of bureaucratic issues in the Railway Ministry. Fanatic is used in the context of religion and can be eliminated. Passionate shows a positive relationship and can’t be right as the sentence talks about the issue in a negative way. Muted is meaningless.
Thus, Option A, D and E can be eliminated.
Blank 3 can be filled both by Options B and C.
Blank B: Here, option C does not make sense here.
Option B fits in perfectly well with all the blanks.
5. A) From the blanks we see the first one requires a word that shows it is important for Rohingya refugees to return. This eliminates Options C, D and E.
Blanks 2 and 3: The words in option B do not fit in and thus, this option can be eliminated.
6. E)   7. D)   8. C)   9. E)   10. B)  
11. B) Prohibitively means utterly/extremely/ intensely.
Incompletely and blandly are opposite of prohibitively.
Uncomfortably and passionately are irrelevant.
The only word that suits the requirement is in extreme.
12. D) Bleak means barren/depressing/deoslate/cold.
Cheerfulappealing and warm are antonyms.
Vivacious means spirited/lively and is irrelevant here.
Austere means cold/stringent and is suitable here.