English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk – Set 19

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English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk – Set 19
Directions (1 – 10): Below, a passage is given with five blanks labelled (1)-(10). Below the passage, five options are given for each blank. Choose the word that fits each blank most appropriately in the context of the passage, and mark the corresponding answer.
There lived a famous sage in a dense forest. Every day, the animals of the forest came to him to listen to his __ (1) __ preaching. One day a mouse who was chased by a cat ran straight to the ashram of the sage. There he laid __ (2) __before the sage and narrated to him the whole story in a trembling voice. The sage was in a fix. He thought for a moment and then with his __ (3) __ powers transformed the mouse into a bigger cat. Seeing a huge cat before him the other cat ran away. The mouse had hardly enjoyed a few __ (4) __days of his life, when one day, a fox pounced upon him. This was a new problem. He, somehow, saved himself from the fox and ran straight to the sage for help. The fox too was in his hot __ (5) __. Soon both of them stood before the sage. The sage seeing the plight of the mouse this time, transformed the mouse into a bigger fox. Seeing a big fox before him the other fox ran away. The mouse became more carefree and began roaming about in the forest more freely with his newly __ (6) __status of a big fox. But, his happiness was short-lived. One day, while he was moving around in the forest freely, a tiger pounced upon him. The mouse, somehow, managed to save his life and as usual ran to take shelter in the ashram of the sage. The sage, once again, took __ (7) __ on the mouse and transformed him into a tiger. Now, the mouse, after acquiring the status of a tiger, roamed fearlessly in the forest. He killed many animals in the forest unnecessarily. After having been transformed into a tiger, the mouse had become __ (8) __ for the -forest animals. But one thing always bothered his mind and kept him worried; and that was, the divine powers of the sage. One day he said to the sage, "I'm hungry. I want to eat you, so that I could enjoy all those divine powers, which you do. Allow me to kill you." Hearing these words the sage became __ (9) __. Sensing the tiger's evil designs, he immediately transformed the tiger back into the mouse. The worst had happened. Now the mouse realised his __ (10) __. He apologised to the saint for his evil actions and requested him to change him again into a tiger. But the sage drove the mouse away by beating him with a stick.
1. a) Moral  b) regular  c) spiritual  d) fabulous  e) daily 
2. a) Sleeping  b) prostrate  c) tried  d) angry  e) happy
3. a) strong  b) every  c) immense  d) divine  e) true 
4. a) Youthful  b) lavish  c) clever  d) fierce  e) carefree
5. a) Pursuit  b) temper  c) desire  d) hunger  e) anger 
6. a) won  b) desired  c) shifted  d) acquired  e) situated 
7. a) fear  b) pity  c) shame  d) zeal  e) trial 
8. a) invincible  b) troublesome  c) ruler  d) powerful  e) shocking 
9. a) troubled  b) furious  c) perturbed  d) petrified  e) baffled 
10. a) fear  b) loss c) folly  d) scar  e) assault 

Directions (11 – 15): Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.
11. The inheritance he had (A) in the firm was tied (B) up so he could not sell (C) outside the family. (D) No error (E)
12. It was such bizarre coincidence that the (A) two teams thought of the same plan at the (B) same time thereby blighting the (C) purpose of the meeting and creating a lot of confusion. (D) No error (E)
13. She is like that right from (A) her childhood and so she is successful (B) in every field and triumphs wherever (C) she sets her foot. (D) No error (E)
14. Most of the labourers of the cotton mills (A) were unsophisticated in the sense that they (B) were recruited of (C) the village and were small peasants and agricultural labourers. (D) No error (E)
15. I would like for us to remain friends (A) and not end all ties but be (B)  out of the particular relationship (C) that we share now. (D) No error (E)
Answers with Explanation:
1. C)   2. B)   3. D)   4. E)   5. D)   6. D)   7. B)   8. A)   9. B)   10. C)   
11. E) There is no error in the sentence. It might seem that the preposition ‘in’ in part (B) of the sentence is incorrect or the preposition ‘up’ in part (C) of the sentence. There is no error in the usage of the prepositions so the sentence is grammatically correct.
12. A) The error lies in part (A) of the sentence as the preposition ‘a’ is needed in between the words ‘such’ and ‘bizarre’, to focus that it was one coincidence that took place. The sentence should read as:’It was such a bizarre coincidence..’
13. A) The first part of the sentence indicates that the action of her being a certain way is completed (indicating past tense). Thus, the error lies in the 1st part of the sentence. The tense to be used here should be past perfect to make the sentence grammatically correct. It should read as:’She had been like that..’ or present perfect tense ‘She has been like that..’. 
14. C) The error lies in part (C) of the sentence as the preposition ‘of’ is incorrect and needs to be replaced with ‘from’ to make it correct. A person is recruited ‘from’ a place ‘by’ someone. There cannot be any usage of the preposition ‘of’ here. Thus the sentence must read as:’..they were recruited from the..’
15. E) There is no error in the sentence. It might seem that the preposition ‘for’ is incorrect in part (A) but it is not so. The sentence is without any error. Thus option (E) is the correct answer.