MS Office Information for Competitive Exams – Computer Awareness Notes

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MS Office Information for Competitive Exams – Computer Awareness Notes
Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here we are providing MS Office Information for Competitive Exams in this article. The article includes Overview of MS Office and points to remember on MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point.
MS Office Information for Competitive Exams – Overview
  • Microsoft Office is a closed-source software office suite containing different applications.
  • It was first launched by Bill Gates on 19th November 1990 soon after the launch of Microsoft Windows. 
  •  The first version of MS Office Contained MS Word, MS Excel & MS Powerpoint. While these are called as the Applications, Microsoft Office is called as a Software.
  • Following table provides the list of Applications launched by MS Office:
First Launch
Main Function
MS Word
text files
MS Excel
Power Point
MS Access
MS Outlook
Emailing &
Work Calendar
MS OneNote
Keeping Notes
MS Publisher
Out of these applications, MS Word, MS Excel & MS Powerpoint are used the most across the world. Let us now have a look at these separately.
Points to Remember – MS Word
Microsoft Word is the most convenient software used for creating text files. These text files can be edited and transferred from the author to others and edited by them too. This is the how word window looks like:

As a word processing application, there are following functions available in it:
  • To process any commands on the existing text in Word, first, you need to select the text. To select any text, you need to place the cursor before the word and press Shift+Right arrow. Alternatively, you can place the cursor after the word ends and press Shift+Left Arrow.
  • From Home Menu, you can copy/cut the existing text & paste it to some other place in the same document or in the other document. The other processes that can be performed from ‘Home’ menu are changing fonts, size, colour, Case, alignment, spacing etc. Bullets & Numbers, Paragraphs can also be introduced from the same menu. You can look for a particular word in the document by clicking on Find from Home menu or simply Pressing Ctrl+F. There is an option of replacing that word too.
  • From ‘Insert’ menu, files apart from text can be inserted in the document. E.g. images, screenshots, tables, links & hyperlinks, charts, shapes, equations, special symbols, headers, footers & page numbers
  • From Design menu, you can obtain pre-decided templates of fonts & font sizes for heading, subheading & other text of the document. That helps improve readability of the file quickly.
  • Page layout option provides you with a chance to change spacing before the paragraphs, indents and general margin spacing of the page.
  • From References option, you can insert Bibliography & Citation of the texts in different formats like MLA, APA but for that, you need to insert list of books you have referred.
  • Review option helps you check spelling & grammar errors in the document & protect the document from being edited by non-trusted users.

Points to Remember – MS Excel
MS Excel is used for processing the data that is in tabular form and then perform mathematical functions on it in order to analyze it. This is what Excel window looks like:

MS Excel performs following basic functions:
  • In MS Excel, there are rows and columns. Intersection of rows and columns forms a cell. So each of the cells is an individual unit of data. Each cell has a cell address which is the number of row and alphabet of the column it appears in. No two cells have the same address ever.
  • Home & Insert menu of MS Excel is similar to MS Word. You can change the formatting of the content from home & include pie charts, tables and other files related to data from insert menu.
  • The unique functions that MS Excel has are Formulas & Data. You can perform the formula on data in order to analyze it quickly. You have to select the cells for that and one cell becomes one unit of data. So if you select 10 cells and apply an average formula to them, you will get an average of data put in those 10 cells.
  • To apply a formula to any data, you need to select it without any space. Then in the function bar, you need to type ‘=’ and the abbreviation of the formula you wish to apply.
  • From Data menu, you can perform functions without changing the original data. You can filter & sort data without changing it. Eg. You can sort the data in alphabetical order.
  • Right from basic functions like addition & subtraction, you can perform complex statistical functionslike correlation & t-test. Moreover, you can convert them into Pie charts or graphs within moments. This makes data analysis easy.
Points to remember – MS Power Point
MS Power-point is an application which provides you slides and run a slideshow.

  • Firstly, In Powerpoint, there are slides. You need to add content to them to make presentation.  FromHome menu, you can add new slides, decide their sequence, layout, design & other word processing functions like font change, size change etc.
  • From Insert menu, you can add media to the slides to enhance your presentation.
  • Design menu offers you with ready-made templates & background designs for slides that make the presentation look very attractive.
  • Transition & Animation are the unique functions of Powerpoint. These menus offer different options in which the text appears on the slides & transition from one slide to other.
  • Finally, From Slideshow menu, you can view the final form of the slideshow. You can start the slideshow from the first slide or the slide that you are editing. Also, You can also set display time for each slide from ‘Slideshow’ menu.
This was the basic information about Microsoft Office. Do try out the functions to get more information about different features of it.