English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk – Set 3

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English Language Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk – Set 3
Directions (1 – 5): In the question below, a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose 'No improvement.'
1. SAUNI project is the in-and-out irrigation and drinking water project designed solely for Saurashtra peninsula.
(a)  Was the in-but-out
(b)  Has been the in-and-in
(c)  Is an out-and-out
(d)  Is the Out-an-out
(e)  No improvement
2. The Locky Ransomware cyber attack is third major ransomware attack this year after Wannacry and Petya which has crippled thousands of computers, including those of multinational corporations.
(a)  Have crippled
(b)  Crippled
(c)  Have been crippling
(d)  Had crippled
(e)  No improvement
3. Five banks of BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism (ICM) have agreed to establish localize currency credit lines and develop cooperation on credit ratings. 
(a)  To establish local
(b)  For establishing local
(c)  In established localize
(d)  To establishing localize
(e)  No improvement.
4. The basic objective of National nutrition week is to intense aware generation on the importance of nutrition for health which has an impact on development, productivity, economic growth and ultimately National development.
(a)  Of intense aware
(b)  To intensify awareness
(c)  In intense aware
(d)  Intensify awareness
(e)  No improvement
5. The APA scheme of CBDT aims to provide certainty to taxpayers in domain of transfer pricing by specifying methods of pricing and prices setting of international transactions in advance.
(a)  Prices set of
(b)  Price setting on 
(c)  Prices to set
(d)  Setting prices of
(e)  No improvement
Directions (6 – 10): Four words are given below. Choose the pair of words that most nearly mean the SAME or OPPOSITE of each other.  
6. A. Benevolence   
B. Conventional
C. Compassion
D. Ubiquitous
(a)  A-B
(b)  C-D
(c)  A-C
(d)  B-D
(e)  B-C
7. A. Immanent
B. Transcendent
C. Immure
D. Audacious
(a)  B-D
(b)  C-D
(c)  A-B
(d)  B-C
(e)  A-C
8. A. Impeccable
B. Gruesome
C. Deadlock
D. Stalemate
(a)  A-C
(b)  B-D
(c)  B-C
(d)  C-D
(e)  A-D
9. A. Fervent
B. Tepid
C. Ardent
D. Denounce
(a)  C-D
(b)  B-D
(c)  A-B
(d)  A-C
(e)  B-C
10. A. Tantalize
B. Castigate
C. Vent
D. Lambaste
(a)  A-C
(b)  C-D
(c)  B-C
(d)  A-D
(e)  B-D
Directions (11 – 15): Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If none of the options is appropriate, mark (5) i.e. None of these as the answer.
11. There are some accurate estimates of one stream which adds to the number of the street children. There are cases of children running away from home. Majority of them use the trains to move. The number of such children who run away from home and land on railway platforms is about 80,000 a year. ___________
(a)  Thus proper authorities need to be present at the platforms.
(b)  Cleaning the platforms should be a mandatory step taken by the Government.
(c)  If these children are rescued from platforms very soon as they land up, then they can be helped.
(d)  These children should not be allowed to stay here and the Government must take a strict action against them.
(e)  None of these
12. It is the long,weary monotonous middle period of any task or career which is the hardest. It is when the novelty has worn off and the end is not yet in sight, that one feels the drudgery the most. It is just the perseverance comes in. It is not enough to begin well; ______________
(a)  It is hot and you are weary, and the labour is endless and monotonous.
(b)  It is important that one perseveres well in spite of all obstacles, disappointments,defects and hardships.
(c)  It is important that one perseveres well by not keeping in mind the obstacles, disappointments,defects and hardships.
(d)  Nothing worth doing has been accomplished without perseverance.
(e)  None of these
13. When Isidore was a small boy in school, he was so slow in learning and got punished so many times that he ran away in despair. After wandering in the mountains for hours he saw a mountain spring where he quenched his thirst. He noticed the way in which the falling water of the spring had deeply hollowed out the rock beneath into the form of a cup.__________
(a)  He realized the power of water and the weakness of the rock.
(b)  He realized there was no way he could save himself.
(c)  He started thinking how could rock be shaped by water.
(d)  He realized that soft water had defeated the hard rock through perseverance.
(e)  No error
14. Government made its intent clear for PSB mergers which have been followed up with the approval of merging six PSBs with SBI. A move like that will certainly push up the global ranking of SBI among the largest banks of the world. But will it augur well for India? Did we act in haste in a matter of national importance? _________
(a)  The government has taken a very efficient decision to improve the economy of the country.
(b)  SBI has been performing excellently in the last few years and it is a great news for the Indian economy.
(c)  The government would have done well to wait for some more time and indulge in more research before going ahead with such a decision.
(d)  Matters of national importance should be taken by certain authorities and not by the general public.
(e)  No error
15. Europe has mostly large banks and thus, when the banking sector faced a systemic crisis, economic growth plunged as credit intermediation suffered largely. On the contrary, in the US, many small banks and non-banks exist alongside the big banks. As a result, even when the big banks suffered during the global financial crisis,_________
(a)  The US economy suffered a lot and had to wait for a long time to get back to its previous state.
(b)  The US economy took severe steps against the big banks.
(c)  The big banks failed to withstand the loss and the whole economy failed.
(d)  The US economy did not come to a standstill as the smaller banks carried on with their job.
(e)  No error

Answers with Explanations:
1. C) ‘In-and-out’ means ‘inconsistent and unreliable’. It is irrelevant for the given sentence. But ‘Out-and-out’ which means ‘absolute’, makes the sentence meaningful. Therefore ‘in’ should be replaced with ‘Out’. The definite article must be replaced with ‘an’ as the word followed by this begins with a vowel. Therefore option C is the answer.
2. D) When the time of the action is before now but not specified, ‘present perfect tense’ is used. But the time of the action of this sentence was completed before some point in the past. Therefore ‘Past perfect tense’ should be used here. ‘Had’ should replace ‘has’. Hence, option D is the answer.
3. A) ‘To establish’ is grammatically correct as it is expressing the purpose of something. But ‘localize’ is a ‘verb’ and cannot be used to qualify the noun followed by this. Therefore it must be replaced with the adjective form , i.e. ‘local’. Therefore option A is the answer.
4. B) ‘Intense’ is an adjective. But, after the preposition ‘to’, ‘verb’ is used. Therefore ‘Intense’ must be replaced with the verb ‘Intensify’. ‘Aware’ is an adjective and can only be used to describe someone. That is why we need to replace this word with the noun form, i.e. ‘awareness’.Therefore option B is the answer.
5. D) The two words ‘Prices’ and ‘Setting’ should interchange their positions as ‘prices’ is no method. So, ‘Setting’ should be used before ‘prices’. Therefore option D is the answer.
6. C) The meanings of the words are:
Benevolence=> kindness
Conventional=> based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed
Compassion=> sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others
Ubiquitous=> present, appearing, or found everywhere
Clearly A and C are synonyms.
7. C) The meanings of the words are:
Immanent=> Present within or throughout
Transcendent=> beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience
Immure=> hold captive
Audacious=> bold; daring
Thus A and B are antonyms
8. D) The meanings of the words are:
Impeccable=> flawless
Gruesome=> horrible
Deadlock=> a situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made
Stalemate=> a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check.
Thus C and D are synonyms.
9. D) The meanings of the words are:
Fervent=> having or displaying a passionate intensity
Tactile=> demonstrative
Ardent=> very enthusiastic or passionate
Denounce=> publicly declare to be wrong or evil
Thus A and C are synonyms.
10. E) The meanings of the words are:
Tantalize=> torment or tease
Castigate=> reprimand (someone) severely
Vent=> give free expression to (a strong emotion)
Lambaste=> criticize (someone or something) harshly
This B and D are synonyms.
11. C) The sentence must talk of a viable and morally correct solution. Thus B and D are rejected. Option A does not provide a good solution. Option C is the best choice as the children landing in the platforms must be rescued. They must be provided with the proper aid. Thus C is the correct answer.
12. B) Since it is mentioned that only to begin well is not enough, it is clear that one needs to work hard till the end. Option B expresses this in the best possible way. Option A is a misfit and option D does not talk in the same sequence.
13. D) The most apt sentence here would be D as it concludes in the best way by providing a message. The rest of the options mention realizations which are incorrect or fail to portray the significance of the story. Thus D is the correct answer.
14. C) The passage ends in a negative tone that the Government might have been hasty in taking the decision. Thus C fits here correctly. The rest of the options are not linked to the point.
15. D) The situation of Europe must be different from that of US which is mentioned in option D. The condition was bad in Europe but in US it must have been different that is, better. The other options are rejected. Therefore, option D is the correct answer.