English Practice Questions (Triple Fillers) for IBPS Exams (28 – 09 – 2017)

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English Practice Questions (Triple Fillers) for IBPS Exams (28 – 09 – 2017)
Directions (1 – 10): Each question below contains a statement with three blanks followed by four options. Choose which words can fill the three blanks and mark it as your answer.
1. It was an ‘historic Budget’ not only for the reasons _____by the finance minister, but also for the transformative leadership _____ by this government _____ sustaining the momentum of reforms.
A) inaugurated, shown, at
B) displayed, presented, from
C) mentioned, hidden, for
D) specified, displayed, in
2. Cattle breeding has _____ returns, but it is also high risk because _____ is always in danger of falling sick, going sterile and_____ .
A) low, livestock, walking
B) high, livestock, dying
C) low, livelystock, weak
D) high, livelystock, weak
3. It’s not _____being an Indian cricketer, what with the constant pressure to perform, the piercing scrutiny that is the _____ of the tyranny of the 24-hour news cycle and the need to perpetually shoulder the _____ of expectations of millions of fans.
A) manageable, outcome, weight
B) difficult, victim, outcome
C) easy, result, burden
D) helpful, outcome, hype
4. Digitisation and universal access to financial services that have the _____ to transform lives of millions of citizens in a short _____ of time, should get _____ in this budget.
A) right, lapse, promoted
B) potential, span, prominence
C) power, lag, prompt
D) protocol, period, answer
5. Fulfilling his poll promise to _____ the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, American President Donald Trump _____ an executive order to _____ the free trade pact on his first full work day in office.
A) get, finalized, help
B) swing, presented, withdraw
C) pull, signed, jettison
D) help, discarded, finalize
6. The creation of NITI Aayog was ______ to be a game changer, to ______ new vigour and rigour in the policy planning process, involve key stakeholders, and address the ______ of the previous body.
A) proposed, absorb, challenges
B) proposed, address, success
C) expected, infuse, failures
D) supposed, implant, accomplishment
7. The Competition Commission with a _____ to protect the consumer from industry _____ has been fully functional for eight years now and has _____ a good reputation for itself.
A) goal, monsters, performed
B) command, monopoly, priced
C) mandate, cartelization, earned
D) score, growth, reached
8. The _____ for debt-waiver programmes comes from the theoretical argument that a high level of outstanding debt _____ the incentive for the debtor to ____ effort to repay.
A) support, reduces, exert
B) opposition, increases, increase
C) disapproval, forces, minimize
D) notice, moves, creditors

9. With weapons stolen from the government, a group of ______ begin to unleash _____on citizens worldwide and plan to get rich in the process—until a young man accidentally finds the kill switch to _____ their plans.
A) attacker, lawfulness, devise
B) gangsters, havoc, succeed
C) warrior, freedom, withdraw
D) belligerents, anarchy, destroy
10. Even now, after the chaos caused by India’s decision last November to _____ nearly 90% of its banknotes, few people would argue with the policy’s ______ assumption: Going cashless is, if _____ well, a good thing.
A) reduce, hidden, transferred
B) eliminate, underlying, handled
C) find, dominating, performed
D) hide, valued, viewed
Directions (11 – 15): In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.
11. i. He was met by a __ of noisy, angry youths.
ii. The British feel no compunction about ushering the gentry into the coach and packing the __ off to debtor’s prison.
iii. We arrived at the grounds after following a __ of butterflies.
iv. Tourists __ to the picturesque village.
A) hearth
B) gentry
C) cream
D) rabble
12. i. You and all the others like you are __.
ii. Some calls were vitriolic, accusing us of publishing pornography and __.
iii. Stagnant pools of __ are scattered all over this area.
iv. The windows were thick with __.
A) celibacy
B) filth
C) fastidious
D) cohorent
13. i.  The building has been lovingly __.
ii. The effort to __ him to office isn’t working.
iii. The government __ confidence in the housing market.
iv. The steering box was recently __.
A) cured
B) disrupted
C) moved
D) restored
14. i. The debate has become __by conflicting ideological perspectives.
ii. None of this should __ the skill and perseverance of the workers.
iii. Grey clouds __ the sun.
iv. His origins and parentage are __.
A) obscured
B) cloaked
C) brightened
D) lambent
15. i. A good __walk is good for health.
ii. She adopted a __, businesslike tone.
iii. The sea was shimmering and heaving beneath the __ breeze.
iv. The archers played a ___ part in the victory.
A) animated
B) laggard
C) indolent
D) brisk

1. D)   2. B)   3. C)   4. B)   5. C)   6. C)   7. C)   8. A)   9. D)   10. B)   11. D)   12. B)   13. D)   14. A)   15. D)