English Language Double Fillers Practice Questions (07 – 09 – 2017)

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English Language Double Fillers Practice Questions (07 – 09 – 2017)
1. Despite its apparent _______, much of early Greek philosophical thought was actually marked by a kind of unconscious dogmatism that led to ______ assertions.
a) liberality, doctrinaire
b) independence, autonomous
c) intransigence, authoritative
d) fundamentalism, arrogant
e) legitimacy, ambiguous
2. The student’s feelings about presenting the commencement address were _______; although visibly happy to have been chosen, he was nonetheless _______ about speaking in public.
a) positive, insecure
b) euphoric, hopeful
c) unknown, modest
d) ambivalent, anxious
e) restrained, confident
3. He _______ the practices of aggressive autograph seekers, arguing that anyone distinguished enough to merit such ______ also deserved to be treated courteously.
a) decried, adulation
b) defended, adoration
c) endorsed, brusqueness
d) ignored, effrontery
e) vilified, disdain
4. Although the exact mode of _____ of tretinoin is unknown, current evidence suggests that tretinoin  ________  cohesiveness of follicular epithelial cells.
a) Action, decreases.
b) Activity, increases.
c) Activity, decreases.
d) Usage, strengthens.
e) Action, strengthens
5. The Bill ________ in May had proposed amendments to various laws, mainly the Sarfaesi Act of 2002, to ________ them with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, at least in spirit.
a) Introduced, synchronise.
b) Brought, synchronise.
c) Reformed, worthy
d) Appeared, help
e) Appeared, organize
6. The literature of ancient Greece and Rome has been _____ continuously since it was written, though it was only in the 16th century that it _____ to be referred to as the classics in the modern sense.
a) Exploited, started.
b) Plagiarized, revealed.
c) Studied, began
d) Studied, begun.
e) Considered, shows
7. While seeking professional help to _____ this exercise in a transparent manner is welcome, the Centre must heed learnings from past _________ efforts and tweak this exercise on three counts for optimum results.
a) Invest, problems.
b) Manage, disinvestment.
c) Validate, issues.
d) Carry, regrets.
e) Stop, doings
8. In the case of chicken leg imports, the Centre has ______ the industry to come up with safety standards, such as the time period _____ which the food is kept frozen.
a) Ordered, on.
b) Declined, over
c) Asked, over.
d) Said, issued.
e) Indicated, upon
9. Unless new reserves are found soon, the world's supply of coal is being ______ in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves will be ______ by the year 2050
a) consumed, completed
b) depleted, exhausted
c) reduced, argument
d) burnt, destroyed
e) utilized, perished
10. Management can be defined as the process of ______ organizational goals by working with and through human and non-human resources to ______ improve value added to the world.
a) getting, deliberately
b) managing, purposefully
c) targeting, critically
d) realizing, dialectically
e) reaching, continuously
11. Because Congress exempted the ______ of household products from its regulation of hazardous waste, consumers continue to contribute to toxic pollution by improperly ______ dangerous substances.
a) purchase, manufacturing
b) enlargement, preserving
c) distribution, eliminating
d) abundance, economizing
e) disposal, discarding
12. Gwen Guthrie’s controversial compact disc was _____ by wary radio programmers until the city’s listening audience _____ her work and requested its airplay.
a) ignored, initiated
b) banned, overlooked
c) dismissed, praised
d) justified, boycotted
e) appreciated, enjoyed
13. The economic position of the Victorian working poor was so _______ that even a brief spell of unemployment was likely to plunge them into _______.
a) comfortable, despair
b) sanguine, helplessness
c) perilous, excess
d) dire, prosperity
e) tenuous, destitution
14. The playwright provides us, the audience, with the _______ feeling of _______ ; we revel in the power to perceive connections that the characters cannot perceive.
a) delightful, diligence
b) exhilarating, omniscience
c) despondent, sensitivity
d) restful, sarcasm
e) frentic, despair
15. Although Caroline Gordon was rigorously objective in her journalistic writing, her lively and _______ private correspondence _______ a delightful capacity for biting commentary on the social scene.
a) incisive, disguised
b) eloquent, derided
c) dispassionate, demonstrated
d) exuberant, minimized
e) entertaining, exhibited

1. A)   2. D)   3. A)   4. A)   5. A)   6. C)   7. B)   8. C)   9. B)   10. E)   12. C)   13. E)   14. B)   15. E)