Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS Exams 2017

Mentor for Bank Exams
Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS Exams 2017
Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams Computer Awareness Quiz section. Here we have collected some important question from Computer Awareness Section which were repeatedly asked in previous bank and other competitive exams. All the best for upcoming IBPS Exams 2017.
1. The Operating system used in the first generation of computers is
a) Multitasking OS
b) Real time OS
c) Time sharing OS
d) Batch processing OS
2. FORTRAN is used for
a) Commercial purpose
b) Business purpose
c) Census analysis
d) Scientific purpose
e) Climate analysis
3. Which is the fastest super computer in the world as of 2016?
a) K-Computer
b) CRAY-1
c) PARAM-8000
d) Sunway-Taihu light
e) Mira
4. The fastest computer where its speed is measured in FLOPS is
a) Mainframe
b) Super computer
c) Mini computer
d) Analog computer
e) Micro computer
5. ENIAC is an example of
a) Fifth generation computer
b) Third generation computer
c) Second generation computer
d) Fourth generation computer
e) First generation computer
6. Computers that control processes and accept data in a continuous
a) Feedback loop
b) Infinite loop
c) Finite loop
d) All the above
e) None of these
7. Fan housing is used for the purpose of
a) Cooling the CPU
b) Cooling the input device
c) Cooling the output device
d) Cooling the UPS
e) None of these
8. In CPU the processing power is measured in
9. The device which is allows to initiate data transfers on the bus at anytime is called
a) Bus controller
b) Bus arbitrator
c) Bus master
d) Bus processor
e) None of these
10. The name of the location of a particular piece of data is its
a) storage
b) memory
c) data location
d) address
e) none of these
11. Which among the following is not a toggle key?
a) Caps lock
b) Tab key
c) Scroll lock
d) Num lock
e) None of these
12. The device which helps you to communicate with computer is called
a) storage device
b) CPU
c) input device
d) output device
e) both c & d
13. The computer mouse was invented by
a) Douglas Engelbart
b) Daniel Cougher
c) Alan Turing
d) Robert Zawaski
e) none of these
14. A joystick is used for
a) typing
b) draw picture
c) computer gaming
d) print text
e) none of these
15. When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice, you are
a) clicking
b) double clicking
c) secondary clicking
d) pointing
e) none of these
1. D)   2. D)   3. D)   4. B)   5. E)   6. A)   7. A)   8. C)   9. C)   10. D)   11. B)   12. E)   13. A)   14. C)   15. B)