Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 35)

Mentor for Bank Exams
Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 35)
Directions (1 - 10): In the passage given below, there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold and has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to tell which word will best suit in the given blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in bold after the blank is your answer.
From shoes to shirts and phones to fridges, made-in-China goods have ------- (1) blanketed----- the globe over the past three decades, entering every country and just about every home. But one kind of Chinese good few abroad dare touch: its financial ----- (2) supporting-----. Outsiders own less than 2% of its shares and bonds, far below the level of foreign ownership seen in other markets. Capital barriers and financial risks have put investors off. This however is changing. The globalization of China’s capital markets is slowly gathering steam, as symbolised by the-------- (3) decrease--- of Chinese stocks and bonds in global indices.
MSCI, a company that designs stock market indices, announced on June 20th that it will bring Chinese equities into two of its benchmarks: one that covers ------(4) emerging-----markets; and other that follows stocks around the world. To begin, it will include a small number of shares, just 222 of the more than 3,000 listed in China. But its decision matters to asset managers who track their performance against MSCI’s indices or who invest in exchange-traded funds linked to them. They will in effect be forced to ------ (5) according----- capital to Chain’s stock markets, many for the first time. Because MSCI is giving Chinese stocks a limited weighting (0.73% of its emerging markets index), the resulting cash inflows could add up to only about $10bn next year, equivalent to less than one hour of trading in China’s ----(6)Balanced ------ markets. Yet the weighting is likely to increase in the coming years.
It was a ------- (7) belligerently----- decision, despite China’s size. The country accounts for 15% of global GDP. Its stock market, housed in exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Is the world’s second biggest. But for each of the past three years MSCI had debated whether to add china’s shares to its indices, only to back off each time because of restrictions on foreign investors.
Gaining ----- (8) access------ to china’s markets was and is hampered by ------(9) appallingly--- obstacles. Because of China’s tightly managed capital account, foreigners can only buy shares through a few quota-controlled channels. MSCI concluded that enough had been done to -------- (10) abated----- such concerns, largely thanks to a scheme that lets foreigners buy mainland stocks in Hong Kong.
1. a) Cloak b) Camouflage c) Enveloping d) Shroud e) No change
2. a) Liability b) Edge c) Assets d) Disadvantage e) No change.
3. a) Inclusion b) adjoined c) exclusion d) manifested e) No change
4. a) Materialize b) Fading c) Approach d) Disappearing e) No change
5. a) Allocate b) Sharing c) Fiddle with d) Divvying e) No change
6. a) Deliriousness b) frenetic c) Corybantic d) Troubled e) No change
7. a) Calm b) Contentious c) Certain d) Agreeable e) No change
8. a) approaching b) access c) forfeit d) relinquishing e) no change
9. a) Feeble b) Friendly c) Formidable d) Facile e) No change
10. a) Mollifying b) Intensify c) Dwindled d) Allay e) No change
1. E)   2. C)   3. A)   4. E)   5. A)   6. B)   7. B)   8. E)   9. C)   10. D)  

Directions (1 – 5): What approximate value should come in the place of the question (?) in the following question?
1. √1370 × 39.78 – 519.67 = √(?) × 11.77
A) 5120
B) 4800
C) 7200
D) 6400
E) 9600
2. 43% of 340 + 47% of 1275 = (?)^2 – 41
A) 24
B) 22
C) 28
D) 26
E) 18
3. √1090 + √1225 – √3125 = 1295.789 ÷ (?)
A) 102
B) 108
C) 118
D) 104
E) 112
4. (31.33)^2 ÷ √195 × 125.56 – 4552.78 = (?)^3
A) 16
B) 22
C) 26
D) 6
E) 36
5. √1295 ÷ 2.97 × 4.87 = (?)^(1/3) + √205
A) 54
B) 216
C) 256
D) 196
E) 512
Directions (6 – 10): Following Pie charts represent the number of students, who have appeared and cleared phase I of Civil Service Exam from various departments of an Arts and Science College. 
Mentor for Bank Exams
6. Approximately what is the difference between the number of students cleared phase I from Maths department and number of students appeared from English department?
A) 1350
B) 1240
C) 1340
D) 1250
E) None of these
7. The total number of students clearing phase I from commerce and other department is what percentage of the number of students clearing phase I from physics department?
A) 340 %
B) 310 %
C) 320 %
D) 330 %
E) None of these
8. What has the ratio between numbers of students appeared from Maths and physics departments to the number of students appeared from chemistry and commerce departments?
A) 16:15
B) 15:17
C) 16:17
D) 15:16
E) None of these
9. From which department is the difference between the number of students cleared and the number of students appeared is the second minimum?
A) Chemistry
B) Physics
C) Commerce
D) Maths
E) None of these
10. What is the percentage of students, who did not clear the phase I of the exam?
A) 84.45%
B) 84.55%
C) 83.55%
D) 83.45%
E) None of these
1. D)
2. C)
3. B)
4. A)
5. E)
6. C) => No. of students cleared from Maths department = (60/360) * 847 = 141
=> No. of students appeared from English department = (27/ 100)* 5484  ≈ 1481
=> Difference = 1481-141  = 1340
7. D) => No. of students cleared from commerce & other dept. = [(72+67) /360]*847  = (139/360)* 847 = 327
=> No. of students cleared physics department = (42/360)* 847  = 99
=> X= (327/99)* 100
=> X= 330 %
8. C) => Ratio = (Maths +Physics): (Chemistry + Commerce)  = (18+14): (11+23)  = 32: 34  = 16:17
9. A)
English Department:
=> Appeared = (27/100) * 5484 = 1481
=> Cleared = (88/360)* 847=207
=> Difference = (1485-207) = 1274
Maths Department:
=> Appeared = (18/100) * 5484 = 987
=> Cleared = (60/360)* 847=141
=> Difference = (987-141) = 846
Physics Department:
=> Appeared = (14/100) * 5484 = 768
=> Cleared = (42/360)* 847=99
=> Difference = (768-99) = 669
Chemistry Department:
=> Appeared = (11/100) * 5484 = 603
=> Cleared = (31/360)* 847= 73
=> Difference = (603-73) = 530
Commerce Department:
=> Appeared = (23/100) * 5484 = 1261
=> Cleared = (72/360)* 847= 169
=> Difference = (1261-169) = 1092
Other Departments:
=> Appeared = (7/100) * 5484 = 384
=> Cleared = (67/360)* 847= 158
=> Difference = (384-158) =226
10. B) => No. of students not cleared= (5484 -847)  = 4637
=> % of students not cleared = (4637/5484) *100  = 84.55 %

Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information and answer the questions followed:
Eight Persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the center but not necessarily in the same order. Each one is working in different Public and Private sector banks namely, SBI, Canara bank, PNB, IDBI, Dena, Axis, ICICI and HDFC Bank.
1. A sits third to right of the one who works in HDFC bank2. Only two people sit between person who work in HDFC and H
3. Those who work in ICICI bank and Axis bank are immediate neighbours of each other.
4. Neither A nor H works in ICICI or in Axis bank.
5. One who works in ICICI bank is not an immediate neighbour of HDFC bank employee.
6. IDBI bank employee sits second to left of E
7. E is not an immediate neighbour of H
8. The IDBI bank employee is an immediate neighbour of both SBI and PNB employee.
9. PNB employee sits third to right of B
10. B doesn’t work in ICICI bank
11. C sits to the immediate right of the Dena bank employee
12. A doesn’t work in Dena bank
13. F is not an immediate neighbour of A
14. G is not an immediate neighbour of IDBI employee
1. Who among the following sits third to the left of E?
A) IDBI Employee
B) G
C) A
D) PNB Employee
E) B
2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain ay based on the given arrangement and thus form a group. Which is the one does not belong to that group?
A) F- Dena Bank
B) G- Canara Bank
C) D- IDBI Bank
D) A- PNB Bank
E) B- HDFC Bank
3. Who among the following works in Canara Bank?
A) A
B) C
C) H
D) G
E) D
4. Which of the following is true with respect to the given seating arrangement?
A) A sits second to the left of B
B) H and E are neighbours of each other
C) Dena Bank and SBI Employees are neighbours of each other
D) HDFC Employee sits opposite to A
E) G is an immediate neighbour of both A and C
5. Which of the following bank does B works?
A) HDFC Bank
B) Canara Bank
D) Axis Bank
E) Dena Bank
Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
‘Apple Cat Dog Beetroot’ is written as ‘*T8 ^T3 @E5 %G3’
‘Baroda Axis Canara Dena’ is written as ‘%A4 @S4 ^A6 *A6’
‘Decoding Aptitude Coding Basel’ is written as ‘@E8 %G8 *L5 ^G6’
‘Cousin Aunty Brother Dear’ is written as ‘^N6 %R4 *R7 @Y5’
6. Which of the following code for ‘Axis’?
A) ^A6
B) *A6
C) @S4
D) %A4
E) None of these
7. Which of the following code for ‘Cousin’?
A) ^G6
B) ^N6
C) *R7
D) %G3
E) None of these
8. In the given code language, what does the code ‘^A6’ means?
A) Baroda
B) Cousin
C) Beetroot
D) Canara
E) None of these
9. Which of the following is the code for ‘Apple’?
A) @E5
B) *A6
C) *L5
D) @Y5
E) None of these
10. What may be the possible code for ‘SBI’ according to the above coding concept?
A) %I3
E) ^T3
(1 – 5):
1. D)   2. E)   3. A)   4. C)   5. D)  
(6 – 10): Explanation:
  • Each code has symbol, Letter and a number
  • Same symbols(@,*,%,^) get repeated for every line, similarly Words starts with same set of alphabets (A,B,C,D) for every line, which clearly says each letter corresponds to a particular symbol.
  • Now when we analyze the code, each of them ends with a number, which implies the total number of letters of that corresponding word.
  • Finally letter in the middle represents the end letter of the corresponding word
  • By the above concept decrypted code for first line will be
  • Apple: @E5
  • Cat: ^T3
  • Dog: %G3
  • Banana: *A6
  • Therefore, Corresponding symbol for the alphabets will be
  • A: @
  • B: *
  • C: ^
  • D: %
  • When we look at 5th Question, ‘SBI’ will also start with a symbol, but it will be other than the above-mentioned four and 2nd, 3rd positions of the code will be ‘I3’, therefore from the given option ‘!I3’ will be the possible code for ‘SBI’.
6. C)   7. B)   8. D)   9. A)   10. B)