List of Important Summits & Conferences 2017

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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Questions related to Summits & Conferences are among the most commonly asked questions in various Bank exams. Therefore, knowledge of the names of various important summits & conferences and places they were recently held at is very important for the general awareness preparation of bank & government exams.

What are summits and conferences?
Summits/conferences are meetings held by the Government/state heads to discuss issues of national and international interest. The meetings usually have tight security and considerable media exposure.
Important Summits
Summit Name
BRICS Summit
8th Summit: Oct 2016
Benaulim, Goa, India
9th Summit: Sep 2017
Xiamen, China
G-20 Summit
11th Summit: Sep 2016
Hangzhou, China
12th Summit: July 2017
G-8 Summit
42nd Summit: May 2016
Shima, Japan
43rd Summit: May 2017
Taormina, Italy
SAARC Summit
19th Summit: Nov 2016
Islamabad, Pakistan
ASEAN Summit
28th  & 29th Summit: Sep 2016
Vientiane, Laos
30th Summit: April 2017
Manila Philippines
31st Summit: Nov 2017
Pampanga, Philippines
East Asia Summit
11th Summit: Sep 2016
Vientiane, Laos
12th Summit: Nov 2017
IBSA Summit
Delhi, India
APEC Summit
28th Summit: Nov 2016
Peru, Lima
29th Summit: Nov 2017
Vietnam, Danang
4th Summit: Feb 2017

Nepal, Kathmandu
Nuclear Security Summit
4th  Summit: April 2016

Washington D. C, USA
OPEC International Seminar
171st Meeting: Nov 2016

Vienna, Austria
172nd Meeting: May 2017

Vienna, Austria
173rd Meeting: Nov 2017
Vienna, Austria
July 2016
Poland, Warsaw
May 2017
Belgium, Brussels
Asian Development Banking
49th Meeting: May 2016
Frankfurt, Germany
50th Meeting: May 2017
Yokohama, Japan
Earth Hour
March 2016
Across 172 countries and 7,000 cities and towns
March 2017
NAM Summit
17th Summit: Sep 2016
Porlamar, Venezuela
Global Insurance Summit
9th Summit: Sep 2016
Mumbai, India
UN Climate Change Summit
18th Meeting Nov 2016
Marrakech, Morocco
19th Meeting: Nov 2017
Bonn, Germany
CII Partnership Summit
22nd Summit: Jan 2016
Andhra Pradesh, India
23rd Summit: Jan 2017
Andhra Pradesh, India
India Investment Summit
6th Summit: Feb 2016
New Delhi, India
7th Summit: Jan 2017
Mumbai, India
Maritime India Summit
April 2016
Feb 2017
World Government Summit
4th Summit: Feb 2016
5th Summit: Feb 2017
43rd SKOCH Summit
43rd Summit: March 2016
New Delhi, India
44th Summit: June 2016
Mumbai, India
45th Summit: Sep 2016
Hyderabad, India
46th Summit: Dec 2016
New Delhi, India
47th Summit: Mar 2017
New Delhi, India
National Family Planning Summit
April 2016
New Delhi, India
July 2017
London, England
World Humanitarian Summit
May 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Important Conferences
Conference name
Sustainable Agriculture Conference
Jan 2016
National Conference on e-governance
Jan 2016
Nagpur, Maharashtra
India Africa Hydrocarbons conference
Jan 2016
New Delhi, India
QCG on Afghan Peace and Reconciliation
Jan 2016
Counter-Terrorism Conference
Feb 2016
Asian Ministerial conference on Tiger conference
April 2016
New Delhi
High Energy Materials Conference
Nov 2017
Raisana Dialogue
Jan 2017
New Delhi
National Conference of Women Legislators
March 2016
New Delhi
Advancing Asia: Investing for the future
March 2016
New Delhi
World Sufi Forum
March 2016
New Delhi
Make in India conference
Dec 2016
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Habitat III
Oct 2016
Quito, Ecuador