General Awareness Questions asked in KVB PO 2017

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General Awareness Questions asked in KVB PO 2017
1. ARC fixed to 100 crores from what amount??
Answer: 2 crores                       
2. Dudhwa national park is located in which state??
Answer: Uttar pradesh                       
3. C meaning in PCA?
Answer: Action (prompt corrective action)
4. F abbreviation in JLF?
Answer: Joint lenders Forum                       
5. Abbreviation of A in IBA?
Answer: Indian bankers association                       
6. RBI gave guidelines for NBFCs to give gold loans as cash up to how much amount?
Answer: Rs 20000                       
7. World book capital for the year 2019?
Answer: Sharjah(2019)
8. IDBI head quarters?
Answer: Mumbai                       
9. ESAC small finance bank headquarters?
Answer: Thrissur, keral                       
10. 12th G20 summit held in which place?
Answer: Hamberg, germany                       
11. $250million for Skill India program assisted by which firm?
Answer: World Bank                       
12. India contribution for UN peace building fund?
Answer: $500000                       
13. Best movie awarded?
Answer: Dangal                        
14. UPI is launched by NPCI and is maintained by?
Answer: NPCI                       
15. ATMs interconnecting to facilitate convenience banking developed by IDRBT is largest network through?
Answer: NFS (national financial switch)
16. India signed 11 MOUs including space alliance with which country?
Answer: Portugal
17. UN public service award for asia Pacific for kanyashree prakalpa was awarded to which state?
Answer: West bengal
18. July 28th is celebrated as ?
Answer: World Hepatitis day
19. NASA send micro satellite into space weighing 64gms was developed by an young scientist from which state?
Answer: Tamilnadu
20. Monetary policy based MCQ.
21. Mahabodhi is located in which state?
Answer: Bihar
22. Basel head quarter?
Answer: Switzerland
23. Desh bandhu gupta who passed away recently was?
Answer: CMD of Lupin pharmaceuticals
24. World taekwondo game belongs to which country –
Answer: Korea
25. Singh deshwal is –
Answer: Shooter
26. In MUDRA 1.8 cr –
Answer: 70% beneficiary are women
27. Archies Agreement –
Answer: Portugal
28. In White Label ATM-
Answer: 2/3rd of its ATM in Tier 3, 4
29. Cheque Comes Under –
Answer: Sec 6, 1881 NI Act
30. Asian Athletic Championship held in which state?
Answer: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

1. 41st UNESCO world heritage meeting held at? 
Answer: Krakow, Poland
2. July 18th imp day?
Answer: Nelson Mandela International Day
3. kishtwar national park? 
Answer: Kashmir
4. about IFSC
5. kidambi srikanth which sport? 
Answer: Badminton
6. brahadeeswara temple which place? 
Answer: Thanjavur, Tamilnadu
7. one question about MICR?
8. IDFC bank headquarters? 
Answer: Mumbai
9. paytm payment bank 1st opened at where? 
Answer: Noida
10. Palestine president name? 
Answer: Mahmoud Abbas
11. capital of Portugal ? 
Answer: Lisbon
12. question about crypto currency? 
Answer: Bitcoins
13. 712 kg cartosat-2 satellite? 
Answer: PSLV C38
14. ambassador of the film festival Melbourne
Answer: vidhya balan
15. The law does not apply to unsecured loans, loans below ₹100,000 or where remaining debt is below 20% of the original principal.
Answer: SARFAESI act 2002
16. JNCASR JawaharlalNehru college for Advanced scientific Research
Answer: Bangalore
17. Usha school of athletics synthetic track- 
Answer: kinalur,kozhikode
18. The authorized capital of DICGC
Answer: 50 crore
19. Agricultural Insurance corporation of India
Answer: New Delhi
20. USSD –
Answer: Unstructured Supplementary service Data
21. ASBA-
Answer: Application Supported by Blocked Amount
22. Mudra Bank – 
Answer: Government of India
23. 1st Small finance Bank – 
Answer: Capital LAB
24. Paytm payment bank 1st Branch – 
Answer: Noida
25. microcredit- 
Answer: to poorest
26. on tap universal banking minimum paid-up voting equity capital – 
Answer: 500crore or 5 billion
27.  SEAC –
Answer: Standing External Advisory Committee
28. 100 digital villages to farmers – 
Answer: icici
29. sainj hydro electric projest tributary – 
Answer: River Baes
30. ifsc code -fifth character is
Answer: 0
31.  Sec-171 of Indian Contract Act confers the right of general lien on bankers
32. Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL) – 
Answer: white label ATM network
33. IIN [Linking an Aadhaar to a bank account] –
Answer: 6 DIGIT
34. MTSS –
Answer: Money transfer Service Scheme
35.Brics Ministaral meeting – 
Answer: China
36. Protection of persons with cheque defined under which section of negotiation instrument
37. RBI ombudsman can give maximum amount of _____ for complaints
Answer: 20 lakhs
38. FIFA federation cup 2017 won by 
Answer: Germany
39. Bank of Rajastan merged with which bank – 
Answer: ICICI