101 High Level Puzzles for IBPS Exams

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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. The recent changes in examination suggest that those who don't keep up with the changes will surely remained left behind. Seeing the pattern of recent exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, the students are saying that the Reasoning ability section should be named as PUZZLES section.
Students are looking for the high level puzzles and here we are with the PUZZLES’THON i.e. the Puzzles Books for upcoming IBPS exams like RRB, IBPS PO MAINS AND IBPS CLERK. So we have collected 101 Toughest Puzzles based on the latest pattern and created this PDF. The types of puzzles included in the PDF are:
  • Days based puzzle
  • Blood relation based puzzle
  • General puzzle
  • Categorized puzzle
  • Floor based puzzle
  • Sitting Arrangements with all possible types of arrangement
Download the PDF for free of cost. Take Print and start your preparation now. Today we have seen the notification from IBPS for RRB’s Recruitment. In coming days we can definitely expect the notification for PO and Clerk’s Recruitment in PSB’s. So prepare well for the exams and you can expect more topic wise PDF’s in coming days. Please do follow the Facebook Page for daily updates of the site.

Download 101 Toughest Puzzles for IBPS 2017 here

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