Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 12)

Mentor for Bank Exams
Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 12)
Direction (1 – 5): In each of the following questions, a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage is missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given to make the passage complete and coherent.
1. The destruction of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August 1945, by the use of atomic bombs shocked and horrified mankind beyond measure. Man had discovered a new energy of tremendous power but it was extremely tragic to use it for the destruction of human beings. ___________________________. The World War ended, but experiments with atomic energy continued. Most of them were confined to the production of better and more powerful atomic weapons such as hydrogen bombs, cobalt bombs, transcontinental ballistic missiles, etc.
a) A very large section of the people of the world stood against the mad race for nuclear armament.
b) They demanded an immediate and complete ban on all kinds of nuclear tests and experiments for the purpose of war.
c) The soundness of this view point has appealed to reasonable people and all lovers of peace.
d) He also advocated the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, betterment of the poor, and enhancement of the total wealth of the world.
e) The conscience of all right thinking persons was awakened and the problem of the proper use of the new energy became a subject for serious consideration.
2. What is immediately needed today is the establishment of a World Government or an International Federation of Mankind. It is the utmost necessity of the world today, and all those persons who wish to see all human beings happy and prosperous naturally feel it keenly. ____________. Travelers, businessmen, seekers of knowledge and teachers of righteousness know very well that great impediments and obstructions are faced by them when they pass from one country to another, exchange goods, get information, and make an effort to spread their good gospel among their fellow-men.
a)  But today when philosophical light has exploded the darkness that was created by religious differences, and when scientific knowledge has falsified the theory of social superiority, it is the governments of various countries that keep people of one country apart from those of another.
b)  Of course, at times, we all feel that many of our problems of our political, social and cultural life would come to an end if there were one Government all over the world.
c)  But all these evils would cease to exist if there were one Government all over the world.
d)  In the past religious sects divided one set of people against another, colour of the skin or construction of the body set one against the other.
e)  They create artificial barriers, unnatural distinctions, unhealthy isolation, unnecessary fears and dangers in the minds of the common men who by their nature want to live in friendship with their fellow-men.
3. ___________________. But India's record GDP growth of 8.49% per year in the five-year period 2004-09 is a case of improved productivity and growth in customarily poor states trickling up and aggregating into rapid growth at the national level. Nobody should call this a success of trickle-down economics. Trickle-down assumes that fast growth can be had simply by changing a few policies that benefit the rich, after which some benefits trickle down to the poor.
a) The growth bonanza itself was sparked by state-level political and policy changes that accelerated local growth, which then trickled up to the national level.
b) Miracle growth and record revenues enabled the Central government to finance social welfare schemes, farm loan waivers and enormous oil subsidies.
c) Once a country grows fast, government revenues will boom, and can be used to accelerate spending in social sectors and welfare.
d) In the past, the richest states often grew the fastest and the poor ones the slowest.
e) When productivity improvement is widespread is there enough productivity improvement from all regions and people to add up to fast growth.
4. Born out of the forces of globalisation, India's IT sector is undertaking some globalisation of its own. In search of new sources of rapid growth, the country's outsourcing giants are aggressively expanding beyond their usual stomping grounds into the developing world; setting up programming centres, chasing new clients and hiring local talent. _________________. This shift is being driven by a global economy in which the US is no longer the undisputed engine of growth.
a) Through geographic diversification, Indian companies hope to regain some momentum after the recession.
b) If successful, the future of India's outsourcing sector could prove as bright as its past.
c) Cultural conflicts arise at times while training new recruits.
d) To adapt, Indian companies which are relatively unknown in these emerging nations are establishing major local operations around the world, in the process hiring thousands of locals.
e) In addition, IT firms also have to work extra hard to woo business from emerging-market companies still unaccustomed to the concept of outsourcing.
5. Women all over the world in general and Indian women in particular have been facing different problems. A recent report titled 'Women and children in India' and a nearly simultaneous report on Indian women their Health and Economic productivity' highlight the international importance bring given to the problems of the Indian women. ________________. The former is because the reports restrict themselves to old statistics.
a) It is very unfortunate that these reports have become superficial and do not delve sufficiently deep into the real problems.
b) We are told, for example, that the ratio of women to men remains below its natural level and that it is related to other parameters,   such as the level of literacy and the availability of primary health care.
c) Unfortunately, both the reports fail to either convey a fresh understanding of the issues or to suggest innovative and workable approaches for women’s development.
d) The failure to suggest a fresh approach is less understandable given that a variety of approaches to women’s development has been tried out all over the world.
e) Is the report saying then, that Indians do not love their children, as a matter a cultural practice? Both the reports are likely to be highly influential on opinion leaders and policy makers.
Directions (6 – 10): Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and No improvement required, mark (e) as the answer.
6. The recent sharp rise in risk premium on long-term bonds issued by several industrial countries suggests that markets no longer consider sovereign debt low risk.
a) Current, given, proposes, take
b) Modern, provided, advises, get
c) Present, offered, recommends, obtain
d) Contemporary, granted, implies, attain
e) No improvement required
7. When she secured our coasts, she battled for her customers, and grouped our ships loaded with wealth, which we had purchased for her by our industry.
a) Protected, combated, assembled, obtained
b) Shielded, struggled, amassed, procured
c) Defended, fought, convoyed, acquired
d) Fortified, conflicted, gathered, found
e) No improvement required
8. Since then, the stock markets have restrained, as it came to be felt that this huge package will only offer a breather and not tackle the basic causes that fetched about the crisis in the first place.
a) Moderated, provide, address, brought
b) Released, present, deal with, carried
c) Controlled, affords, concentrate on, took
d) Restricted, grant, focus on, conceded
e) No improvement required
9. The Prime Minister is eager to execute the Right to Education Act and the HRD ministry has been granted with adequate budgetary distribution to meet the demand.
a) Fanatical, carry out, permitted, division
b) Intense, accomplish, allowed, circulation
c) Dedicated, bring, contributed, transmission
d) Keen, implement, provided, allocation
e) No improvement required
10. When you are losing and out, that is when you need others to whip up your spirits, you need a few words of support with the help of which you will be in a better position to reclaim your lost self-confidence.
a) Behind, lash, confidence, retrieve
b) Down, lift, encouragement, regain
c) Downward, boost, hope, recover
d) Sliding, haul, assurance, pick up
e) No improvement required
Answers with Explanations:
1. E) Option e) is correct answer since in the passage it is explaining about the destruction of two Japanese cities, atom bombs, atom energy and its way of use in the environment. So, option e) will give a coherent passage since it explains about proper usage of atomic energy; while others are describing about various factors like nuclear armament, nuclear tests and the use of nuclear energy.
2. B) Option b) is correct answer since the paragraph is describing about the importance of world government when compared to International federation of mankind. So, option b) is opt for the blank since it explains how we can solve our problems in political, social and cultural life with help of the world government.
3. D) Option d) is correct answer since the passage is explaining about the GDP growth, trickledown economics and benefits with respect to poor and rich. So, option d) is explaining about the states of rich and poor people.
4. A) Option a) is correct answer since the passage is explaining about the born out into globalisation of IT sector and its rapid growth and also about chasing new clients and agents. So, option a) is explaining about regain after the recession; while others are explaining about Cultural conflicts, emerging-market companies, future of India's outsourcing sector and establishment of major local operations.
5. C) Option c) is correct answer since the paragraph is giving details about the problems which are faced by Indian women and reports which express the health of Indian women and state of children in India. So, option c) is fit to the blank and makes the paragraph coherent since it describes about the failure of the reports which failed in understanding the issue.
6. E) Recent – having happened, begun, or been done not long ago or not long before; belonging to a past period of time comparatively close to the present.
Issued – supply or distribute (something.
Suggests – put forward for consideration.
Consider – think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.
7. C) Defended – resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm or danger.
Fought – take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.
Convoyed – (of a warship or armed troops) accompany (a group of ships or vehicles) for protection.
Acquired – buy or obtain (an object or asset) for oneself.
8. A) Moderated – make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent.
Provide – make available for use; supply.
Address – think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem.
Brought – come to a place with (someone or something.
9. D) Keen – having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm.
Implement – put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.
Provided – make adequate preparation for (a possible event.
Allocation – the action or process of allocating or distributing something.
10. B) Down – toward or in a lower place or position, especially to or on the ground or another surface.
Lift – raise to a higher position or level.
Encouragement – the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
Regain – obtain possession or use of (something) again after losing it.
Directions (1 – 5): What value should come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?
1. 166.5 x 1612.25 =1621-?
a) 2.20
b) 2.25
c) 2.5
d) 3
e) None of these
2. 272.5 × ((243)3)? = 323.5
a) 4.15
b) 3
c) 2.05
d) 1.06
e) None of these
3. 3√175616 × √1936 + (36)2 = ?
a) 3760
b) 3860
c) 3764
d) 3770
e) None of these
4. [(64)1/2]4.2 × 84.2 × 78.4 × (56)4.3 = (56)?
a) 11.9
b) 12.7
c) 11.7
d) 12.8
e) None of these
5. √33124 ×√2601 832 = ?2 +372
a) 37
b) 33
c) 28
d) 29
e) None
Directions (6 – 10): Study the given table carefully to answer the following questions.
The table shows the time (in days) taken by five men who do different types of work.
Types of work
Building construction
Road construction
Bridge Construction
Tower installation
6. How many days would Rituraj, Amarkant and Prithusen take to construct a building when they work together?
a) 5 (4/5)days
b) 4 (1/3) days
c) 8 (1/2) days
d) 7 (53/181) days
e) 6 (2/3) days
7. How many days would Vishwamohan, Latiteshwar and Rituraj take to install 10 towers when they work together?
a) 90 days
b) 88.13 days
c) 92.92 days
d) 87 days
e) 85.41 days
8.The bridge construction work is initiated by Rituraj, Prithusen and Latiteshwar together. After four days Laliteshwar leaves the work and Amarkant joins them. In how many days will the work be completed?
a) 7 (13/25) days
b) 5 (72/143) days
c) 10 (68/138) days
d) 4 (24/65) days
e) 12  (12/65) days
9.What would be the time taken to construct 5 buildings and 4 different roads when Rituraj, Prithusen and Vishwamohan work together?
a) 65.61 days
b) 61.53 days
c) 64.45 days
d) 62.63 days
e) 68.32 days
10. Rituraj and Amarkant got Rs 50000 for building construction. What is the share of Rituraj?
a) Rs 25000
b) Rs 26190.47
c) Rs 24130.5
d) Rs 22990.7
e) Rs 28970.5
1. B)  (16)21-? = 166.5 x 1612.25
or, (16)21-? = (16)6.5+12.25
or, 21 - ? = 18.75
or, ? = 2.25
2. D) 272.5 × ((243)3)? = 323.5
or, (33)2.5 × ((35)3)? = 323.5
or, 33×2.5 × 35×3×= 323.5
or 15×? = 23.5 7.5 = 16
? = 16 /15 = 1.0667
3. A) ? =  3175616 × √1936 + (36)2
56 × 44 + 1296 = 2464 + 1296 = 3760
4. B) (56)? = (8)4.2 × 84.2 × 78.4 × (56)4.3
= (88.4 × 78.4) × (56)4.3 = (56)8.4 × (56)4.3
= (56)(8.4+4.3) = (56)12.7
? = 12.7
5. D) 33124 × √2601 832 = ?2 + 372
= 182 x 51 - 6889 = ?2 + 1369
= 2393=?2 + 1369
= ?2 = 2393 1369 =1024
? = 1024 = 32
6. D) Part of building construction by Rituraj in one day = 1/20 by Amarkant = 1/22 and by Prithusen = 1/24
Work of building construction done in 1 day by all three together= (1/20 + 1/22 + 1/24) = 181/1320
ie, they construct a building in 1320/181 = 7 (53/181)  days
7. B) The part of work of tower installation done by Vishwamohan in one day = 1/24, that Laliteshwar in one day = 1/30 and that by Rituraj in one day = 1/26
The part work of tower installation done by all three together in one day
=1/24 + 1/30 + 1/26 = 177/1560
Therefore, 1 tower installation work is done in 1560 /177 days
Therefore, 10 tower installation work is done in (1560 ×10)/177 = 88.13 days
8. D) The part of work of bridge construction done by Rituraj, Prithusen and Laliteshwar  in 4 days
= (1/24 + 1/30 + 1/26) × 4 = (177 × 4) / 1560 = 708/1560 =59 / 130
The part of work of bridge construction done by Rituraj, Prithusen and Amarkant in one day
= (1/24 + 1/30+ 1/20) = (5 + 4 + 6)/120 = 1/8
After 4 days the remaining work = 1- (59/130) = (130 – 59)/130 = 71/130
Now, 71/130 work is done by Rituraj, Prithusen and Amarkant in
(71/130) / (1/8) = (71 × 8)/130= 568/130 = 4 (24/65) days
9. D) When Rituraj, Prithusen and Vishwamohan work together, the work of building construction done by them =
(1/20 + 1/24 + 1/18) = 53/360
Per day work of road construction =
(1/18 + 1/22 +1/26) = 359/2574
53/360 part of building construction work is done in 1 day.
5 buildings are constructed in [360/53) × 5] = 33.96 days
359/2574 part of road construction is done in 1 day.
4 roads are constructed in [2574/359) × 4] = 28.67 days
Therefore, Total time taken = (33.96 + 28.67) = 62.63 days
10. B) Ratio of work done by Rituraj to that by Amarkant in one day in building construction
 Or, Rituraj: Amarkant = 1/20: 1/22 = 11: 10
Total wage = 500000
Therefore, Share of Rituraj = 50000 × (11/21) = Rs 26190.47
Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions
There are 7 pairs of husband- wife among the following V, D, C, S, B, K, M, F, Z, A, X, G, N, H. They work in one of the seven banks namely IOB, KVB, IDBI, ING VYSYA, LVB, DENA BANK, and YES BANK. The husband and wife live together in the same city. The following information is known about them:
  • F is a female who lives in Nagpur and her husband works in ING VYSYA
  • There's only one pair who work in the same bank and they live in Agra.
  • M is a male whose wife works in LVB bank.
  • N is the husband of the one working in IOB in Indore
  • C & X are males who live in Coimbatore & Surat respectively and are married to S & A. but not necessarily in the same order.
  • Z, a male works with the IOB in Ahmedabad and the female with the LVB works in Hyderabad.
  • D & H are females and B is the husband of G
  • Z's wife and X work in KVB
  • K's husband works in YES BANK
  • X's wife and H's husband work in Dena Bank
  • A works in ING VYSYA.
1. N is working in which of the following banks?
c) KVB
e) Cant be determined
2. Which of the following is correctly framed?
a) Surat X A(ING VYSYA)
b) C (LVB) Coimbatore A
c) Hyderabad M (YES BANK) S (Dena Bank)
d) Ahmedabad S (Dena Bank) C (LVB)
e) None of these
3. D lives in which of the following cities?
a) Ahmedabad
b) Hyderabad
c) Indore
d) Agra
e) Cant be determined
4. Who among the following works in IOB?
a) F
b) H
c) K
d) Either b) or c)
e) Either a) or b)
5. Z and A are working in which of the banks respectively?
d) Dena Bank & KVB
e) None  
Direction (6 – 10): In the following questions, only one Conclusion is given and five statements are given as a), b), c), d) and e. From this you have to take the statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given statement logically follows.
6. Conclusions: I. Some sweats are not pastry. II. All pastries being cake is a possibility. III. Some cakes are not sweat. IV. Some circles are not pastry
a) Statements: No cakes are pastries; No pastry is sweat; Some sweats are circle
b) Statements: Some cakes are pastries; All pastry is sweat; Some sweats are circle
c) Statements: Some cakes are pastries; No pastry is sweat; Some sweats are circle
d) Statements: All cakes are pastries; All pastry is sweat; Some sweats are circle
e) Statements: Some cakes are pastries; Some pastry is sweat; Some sweats are circle
7. Conclusions: Some black are not tables; Some notes are chairs is a possibility; Some black are chairs; Some notes are blacks
a) Statements: No table are chairs; All chairs are black; Some blacks are notes;
b) Statements: Some table are chairs; All chairs are black; Some blacks are notes
c) Statements: No table are chairs; Some chairs are black; No blacks are notes
d) Statements: All table are chairs; All chairs are black; All blacks are notes
e) Statements: No table are chairs; No chairs are black; Some blacks are notes
8. Conclusion: Some goats that are not dogs being cats is a possibility. Some animals are goats Some cats are not goats. Some animals are not dogs
a) Statements: Some cats are dogs; Some dog is a goat; All goats are animals
b) Statements: Some cats are dogs; All dog is a goat; All goats are animals
c) Statements: All cats are dogs; All dog is a goat; All goats are animals
d) Statements: Some cats are dogs; No dog is a goat; All goats are animals
e) Statements: Some cats are dogs; Some dog is a goat; Some goats are animals
9. Conclusions: All diamonds being black is a possibility. No stone is precious. Some black are diamonds. Some stones are not precious
a) Statements: All stones are diamonds; All diamonds are black; Some black is precious
b) Statements: Some stones are diamonds; Some stones are black; No black is precious
c) Statements: All diamonds are stones; All stones are black; All black is precious
d) Statements: No stones are diamonds; No stones are black; No black is precious
e) Statements: Some stones are diamonds; All stones are black; No black is precious
10. Conclusions: All roses being flowers is a possibility. All roses being buds is a possibility. Some buds are roses. Some buds are beautiful is a possibility
a) Statements: Some roses are beautiful; No flowers are roses; No buds are flowers 
b) Statements: No roses are beautiful; All flowers are roses; No buds are flowers 
c) Statements: Some roses are beautiful; Some flowers are roses; Some buds are flowers 
d) Statements: Some roses are buds; No flowers are roses; No beautiful are flowers 
e) Statements: some roses are beautiful; All flowers are roses; All buds are flowers 
(1 – 5):
Male (Bank)
Female (Bank)
N (YES BANK/Dena Bank)
S (Dena Bank)
M (YES BANK/Dena Bank)
1. E)   2. B)   3. A)   4. D)   5. C)  
6. C)
7. A)
8. D)
9. E)
10. E)