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Error Spotting Quiz for IBPS, RBI, NICL and other bank and insurance exams
Directions (1 – 10): Read each sentence to find out if there is error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no r the answer is E). (Ignore errors in punctuation, if any).
1. These rules were created A)/ to protect the interests of the student B)/ who live away from home C)/ and have no local guardian. D)/ No error E)
2. Concerned over A)/ the loss of revenue B)/ the Government plan C)/ to review the policy immediately. D)/ No error E)
3. Having heard all the evidence A)/ the Chairman should now B)/ be able to arrive C)/ to a fair decision. D)/ No error E)
4. There are very fewer hotels A)/ providing facilities for B)/ guests who want to bring their pets C)/ along with them. D)/ No error E)
5. The report states that A)/ in several parts of the country B)/ there has not been C)/ adequately rain this year. D)/ No error E)
6. In spite of the extreme cold A)/ she insisted on B)/ taking a trip to Shimla C)/ where is her birthplace. D)/ No error E)
7. The government decision A)/ will benefit all B)/ the software companies registered C)/ under the scheme. D)/ No error E)
8. The trustee has agreed A)/ not only to fund the construction B)/ of the auditorium C)/ but also the new research centre. D)/ No error E)
9. Keeping in mind the rivalry A)/ between Vipin and Nitin B) / the manager has assigned him C)/ to two different teams. D)/ No error E)
10. In recent times companies have found A)/ the internet to be ideal place B)/ to hire personnel C)/ and form business partnerships. D)/ No error E)
Answers with Explanations:
1. B) ‘student’ replace with ‘students’.
2. C) ‘Plan’ replace with ‘plans (singular)’.
3. D) ‘to’ replace with ‘at’.
4. A) ‘Fewer’ (comparative) replace with ‘few’ because there is no comparison.
5. D) ‘Adequately’ (Adverb) replace with adequate (Adjective).
6. D) ‘Where’ replace with ‘which’.
7. A) ‘government’ replace with ‘government’s’.
8. B) ‘not only’ place after ‘to fund’.
9. C) ‘Him’ replace with ‘them’ because this pronoun come for two noun (Vipin and Nitin)
10. B) ‘an’ will use before ‘ideal place’.