Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 21st June 2017

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Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 21st June 2017
1. Which country announced publicly for the first time train that runs on Virtual Tracks?
A) Saudi Arabia
B) Russia
C) China
D) England
Answer: C)
Explanation: China announced publicly about world's first train that runs on a virtual track making use of sensor technology instead of metal rails. The train is capable of reaching a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can travel a distance of 25 km by just charging for 10 minutes. They are fitted with sensors which are capable of detecting the dimensions of the road permitting it to follow the routes without the need for metal rails.
2. What is the theme for the International Yoga Day for 2017?
A) Yoga for Health
B) Heal and Healthy
C) Health is Wealth
D) Yoga gives Healing
Answer: A)
Explanation: The theme for 2017 organized by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations is 'Yoga for Health'. The theme highlights that yoga can contribute in a holistic way to achieving an equilibrium between mind and body.
3. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India signed a $275 million loan for improving urban services in 64 small towns in the State of
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Orissa
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Jharkandh
Answer: C)
Explanation: The Government of India (GOI) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed USD 275 million loans for a piped water supply project for rapidly urbanizing small towns in Madhya Pradesh. ADB's continued support to the State's urban development, through this project, will improve further the quality, coverage, efficiency, and sustainability of urban service delivery, stabilize and deepen institutional capacity, and improve long term water service management.
4. Who is crowned as the new Prince of the Saudi Arabia?
A) Mohammed bin Salman
B) Abdullah
C) Ibn Saud
D) Farook Abdullah
Answer: A)
Explanation: Saudi Arabia's King Salman appointed his 31-year-old son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince, placing him firmly as first-in-line to the throne and removing the country's counterterrorism czar and a figure well-known to Washington from the royal line of succession. The newly-announced crown prince was also named Deputy Prime Minister and maintained his post as defence minister.
5. Which Indian district has installed a 14-foot-tall robot to control traffic?
A) Indore
B) Bhojpur
C) Agar
D) Jabalpur
Answer: A)
Explanation: Indore has installed a 14-foot-tall robot to control traffic. It's equipped with a public address system and can take photos of traffic violators to generate e-challans when connected to police control room. Developed by Shri Venkteshwar Institute of Technology, the robot reportedly took two years and Rs.20 lakh to complete.
6. Which satellite is being tested by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ?
A) Brahmos - III
B) Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA)
C) Agni -II
Answer: B)
Explanation: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) testing the effectiveness of a flexible solar array, the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) on the space station for the very first time. ROSA is smaller and lighter than the traditional panels and has a center wing build of a flexible material containing photovoltaic cells to convert light into electricity.
7. This country signed an agreement with India to promote Cooperation in The Field of Archives.
A) Portugal
B) France
C) South Africa
D) China
Answer: A)
Explanation: India and Portugal signed a protocol of cooperation in the field of archives. As a part of the Cooperation, the Torre do Tombo (National Archives of Portugal) has handed over digital copies of 62 volumes of the collection known as 'Moncoes do Reino' (Monsoon correspondence) to the National Archives of India.
8. Which state announced free education for girls in government schools and colleges from Nursery to PhD?
A) Gujarat
B) Punjab
C) Assam
D) Bihar
Answer: B)
Explanation: Punjab has announced free education for girls in government schools and colleges from Nursery to PhD. Free textbooks will be provided to all students in government schools from the next academic session. Nursery and LKG classes will be reintroduced in government schools from next year.
9. What is the name of 19-year-old Syrian refugee and education activist who has been announced the goodwill ambassador of UN's children's agency?
A) Moonif Almellehan
B) Nizar Almellehan
C) Muzoon Almellehan
D) Marwan Almellehan
Answer: C)
Explanation: The UN children's agency has announced the appointment of its youngest goodwill ambassador, 19-year-old Syrian refugee and education activist Muzoon Almellehan. She is the first person with an official refugee status to become an Ambassador for the United Nations agency.
10. Meghalaya government signed two MoUs with this bank for digital transaction.
B) Axis
Answer: D)
Explanation: Meghalaya government signed two MoUs with the State Bank of India as a part of an initiative towards migrating government transactions to digital mode. With implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), these MoUs are expected to give dealers and other citizens the desired platform for conducting financial transactions with the state government on a digital platform.
11. Hike Messenger and this bank tie-up to launch in-app Wallet.
A) Dena Bank
B) Vijaya Bank
C) IDBI Bank
D) YES Bank
Answer: D)
Explanation: Messaging app Hike added payments feature with YES Bank allows its over 100 million users to transfer money, recharge and pay mobile bills through the messaging platform. The Hike is the first in India to launch payments facility on a messaging platform. It will allow free and instant bank-to-bank transfer via unified payments interface (UPI).
12. Which airways won the World's Best Airline award?
A) Emirates
B) Qatar Airways
C) Singapore Airlines
D) EVA Air
Answer: B)
Explanation: Qatar Airways won the wordl's Best Airline title at SKYTRAX 2017 World Airline Awards. Skytrax (originally known as Inflight Research Services) is a United Kingdom-based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site.
13. With which company IDBI Federal Life Insurance partnered to facilitate in computing and invoicing of debit tax and credit tax?
A) HCL Technologies
B) Oracle
C) SunTec Business Solutions
D) Netsuite
Answer: C)
Explanation: IDBI Federal Life Insurance partnered with SunTec company. Under the agreement, for the debt tax mandate, SunTec will help in analysing data from various sources for computation and invoicing purposes.
14. Which of the following actress has been nominated in Teen Choice Awards 2017?
A) Aishwarya Rai
B) Frida Pinto
C) Priyanaka Chopra
D) Deepika Padukone
Answer: D)
Explanation: Hindi cinema actor Deepika Padukone has been nominated in Teen Choice Awards for her breakthrough role in xXx: Return of Xander Cage and the actor will compete with Wonder Woman Gal Gadot for the trophy.
15. What is the name of India's first indigenously built floating dock?
A) FDN-4
B) FDN-3
C) FDN-1
D) FDN-2
Answer: D)
Explanation: FDN-2 is India's first indigenously built floating dock for the Indian Navy. It was formally launched at the L&T Shipbuilding Yard at Kattupalli near Chennai. The Floating Dock is an indigenously built designed and built platform with state-of-the-art machinery and control systems capable of docking ships of upto 8,000 tonne displacement.