Sentence Correction English Quiz for SBI PO Mains

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Sentence Correction English Quiz for SBI PO Mains
Direction (1 – 10): In each question below, a sentence is with a part of it printed in bold type. That part may a grammatical error. Each sentence is followed by A), B), C), D) and E). Find out which phrase should the phrase given in bold to correct the error, if there is and to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and No correction is required, mark (e) as the answer.
1. A nation that had been once tried to kill him was the first to embrace him.
A) had once been trying to
B) had once tried to
C) once had been tried to
D) had to once try and
E) No correction required
2. Had he known more about the policies of the company, he might not have accepted the offer.
A) He had known more
B) Did he know more
C) Since not more was known
D) If he would know more
E) No correction required
3. His life is an example of how the human will can flourish even in harsh conditions.
A) what the human will can
B) how the human can and will
C) when the human will can
D) where the human will can
E) No correction required
4. The social worker passionately stroked the annoyed passenger in order that be pacified.
A) to pacify him
B) that to pacify
C) to be pacified for
D) that to be pacified with
E) No correction required
5. They were no longer able to provide the help their children need.
A) helped their children need
B) help their children needed
C) help that their children need
D) help that their children would need
E) No correction required 21.
6. You may be well-organised in your thoughts but what would you propose may not be necessarily acceptable on all occasions.
A) what you would propose
B) that you would propose
C) what you propose
D) what you would have proposed
E) No correction required.
7. The striking difference between the two contestants compatible with each other for the match was related to their age.
A) compatible with one another
B) compatible against one another
C) competing with the other
D) competing with each other
E) No correction required.
8. Market research and market communication is so far being confined to a handful of consumer goods like soaps, cosmetics, etc.
A) is thus far being confined to
B) have so far been confined to
C) are so far being confined to
D) have so far been confined with
E) No correction required
9. If we rely on others for technology upgradation, potential serious damage may be caused.
A) potentially serious damage may
B) serious potentially damage may
C) seriously potential damage may
D) seriously potential damage might
E) No correction required
10. The load-shedding, however justifiable it may be, has been aggravating the problems.
A) has been aggravated
B) have aggravated
C) have been aggravating
D) would have been aggravated
E) No correction required
1. B) ‘Tried’ replace with ‘Try’.
2. E) No corrections required.
3. E) Here ‘will’ is not auxiliary verb – No corrections required.
4. A) ‘that be pacified’ replace with ‘To pacify him’.
5. B) ‘need’ used as verb . It will ‘‘needed’’.
6. C) Sentence is not interrogative.
7. D) ‘Compatible’ replace with ‘Competing’.
8. B) We use present perfect verb with ‘so far’.
9. A) Adverb (potentially) + adjective (serious) + Noun (damage).
10. E) No correction required.