Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 3)

Mentor for Bank Exams
Sectional Test for Bank Exams (Set - 3)
Directions (1 – 5): Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No improvement required’, mark (e) as the answer.
1. The railroad was not the first organization to force regularity on society, or to illustrate attention to the importance of particular timekeeping.
a) Association, strength, show, perfect
b) Society, entail, give, accurate
c) Institution, impose, draw, precise
d) Foundation, bring, provide, correct
e) No correction required
2. Call it the negligence of the government or the rashness of the drivers, the underlying fact is that at the end of the day, the common man is the one who suffers the most.
a) Carelessness, indiscretion, original, endure
b) Inattention, foolishness, fundamental, tolerate
c) Distraction, imprudence, essential, abide
d) Diversion, recklessness, primary, experiences
e) No correction required
3. The steel pipe plaits through crooked canyons, climbs steep mountains stabs over rocky crags, makes its way through thick forests, and exceeds over or under hundreds of rivers and streams.
a) Merges, sharp, cracks, surpasses
b) Weaves, sheer, plunges, passes
c) Entwines, gentle, sinks, crosses
d) Braids, vertical, falls, traverse
e) No correction required
4. Academic writing is the skilful elucidation and explanation of the dispute, which the writer has carefully examined and developed over a protracted period of time.
a) Description, agreement, inspected, expanded
b) Clarification, harmony, observed, extended
c) Illumination, accord, studied, prolonged
d) Exposition, argument, researched, sustained
e) No correction required
5. If one had watched The Pirates of The Caribbean movies, one would realize that even in the late eighteenth century, executions were public events - a large portion of the populace would gather around the site of the hanging in the city square in order to see justice being meted out in front of their very own eyes.
a) Recognize, implementations, public, fairness
b) Appreciate, accomplishments, masses, honesty
c) Identify, achievements, population, integrity
d) Classify, exploitations, people, reliability
e) No correction required
Directions (6 – 10): Four statements are given below, labeled A, B, C and D. Among these, some statements are in logical order and form coherent paragraph. From the given options a), b), c), d) and e), choose the option the does not fit into the theme of the paragraph.
6. A. In 400 BC, Leonidas' 300 Spartans died at Thermopylae in Greece while their countrymen vied at Olympia.
B.  Troops were forbidden to enter the sacred Olympic precinct; but they were there in 420 B.C. when a Spartan attack was feared. Spartans had been banned from competing.
C.  And yet, Spartan-like, America was represented at the Games while she was still fighting in Vietnam.
D. Civilization has advanced since then and—commendably — Olympiads of 1916, 1940 and 1944 were cancelled due to worldwide conflagration.
a) D   
b) B   
c) A   
d) C 
e) All fits to paragraph
7. A. Rowling’s declarations on Twitter on what she ‘always thought’ of a particular character are not only newsworthy, but a cause for pride.
B. Rowling seems eager to retain an influence on how we understand her books by revealing ostensibly new information about her characters.
C. Rowling’s chances for being a diverse author lie in the future, not the past.
D. Whether these character points were announced to readers via Twitter or alluded to within the Potter books, however, the meanings that we as a diverse international community of readers wishes to take from them trump Rowling’s intentions as an author.
a) B  
b) D  
c) C   
d) A 
e) All fits to paragraph
8. A. Since birds are the modern descendants of dinosaurs, they are likely to have once had teeth instead of beaks.
B. However, 100 million years ago a diverse range of non-avian dinosaurs spouted all manner of plumage, and like modern birds, doubtless made a great deal of use of them, even if they could not fly.
C. This fact became known way back in 1861 when paleontologists discovered a bird fossil, about 150 million years old, now classified as Archaeopteryx, which had teeth.
D. Researchers have now published details of how avian edentulous occurred in one common bird ancestor more than 100 million years ago.
a) D  
b) A   
c) B   
d) C 
e) None of these
9. A. Muhammad Ali’s rejection of the Vietnam War was thus a rejection of war itself as a viable means of solving human problems, real or perceived.
B. In refusing the draft, Ali thus also refused to believe that national boundaries somehow categorically divided human beings into ‘us’ and ‘them’.
C. Violence is the tool of the hegemon; by eschewing it you are already challenging the means through which hegemony is legitimized.
D. The best way to stand up to power and injustice is to be steadfast in your resistance while shunning violence.
a) A  
b) C 
c) D 
d) All fits to paragraph 
e) None of these
10. A. If we are not to make grievous mistakes in the name of good things such as fighting corruption or tackling crime, then we, the people, must reflect.
B. The problem is not of manipulation or political ambition; it is the willingness with which otherwise sensible citizens allow themselves to follow the Piper.
C. If we realize that it is our sentiments that are disturbed, not our security, perhaps we will see the issue with greater equanimity.
D. It is in the nature of democratic politics for ambitious politicians to use emotions to climb up the ladder of power.
a) D   
b) B  
c) A   
d) C 
e) All fits to paragraph
1. C) 2. E) 3. B) 4. D) 5. E)
6. B) Option b) is the one which does not fit to the theme of the paragraph, since it explains about troops which were not allowed in the Olympic precinct as war with Sparta was thought to be imminent and also provides an example of an exception made to the Olympic rules at a time war was expected; while others are explaining about warring countries that still competing at the Olympic Games and compares America to Sparta and cancellation of Olympiads in 1926, 1940 and 1944 due to world wars and also about Spartans who were at war with Greece and dying, some of their countrymen were competing at that time at the Olympia. 
7. D) Option d) is the one which does not fit to the theme of the paragraph, since it is explaining about the Rowling’s declarations on characters as being newsworthy and a cause for pride; while others refer to the wishes of Rowling to influence how readers understand her books by revealing new information about her characters, Rowling’s alluding to the characters in her books and also states that the international community of readers draws from the books trump or prevail over Rowling’s intentions as an author.
8. C) Option c) is the one which is not part of the logical paragraph since others are explaining about the birds in modern descendants of dinosaurs, about their teeth which became known in 1861 with the discovery of Archaeopteryx, also about the fact of birds once had teeth and about researchers who have discovered that avian edentulous, or loss of teeth, occurred in one common bird ancestor 100 million years ago. But option c) does not fit since it explains about the non-avian dinosaurs which sprouted feathers 100 million years ago. 
9. E) Option e) (i.e. statement B) is not belong to the paragraph since others are explaining about the rejection of the war Ali showed that he believed that war could not solve human problems, shunning of violence while standing up to injustice and also about violence that is used to legitimize hegemony or dominance. But statement B talks of a completely new idea - of national boundaries dividing humans into opposing factions which doesn’t fit to the theme of the paragraph. 
10. D) Option d) is the one which does not fit to the theme of the paragraph, since it is explaining about the specific “issue” that the rest of the sentences cannot explain i.e, about our sentiments and the issue of greater equanimity; while others refer to the grievous mistakes in the name of good things such as fighting corruption or tackling crime, willingness with sensible citizens in case of manipulation or political ambition and also about nature of democratic politics. 
Directions (1 – 5): What approximate value should come in place of question mark (?) in the questions given below:
1. √3598.9 x [(10008.99)2 / 10009.001] x 0.4987 = ?
a) 400168
b) 200368
c) 300270
d) 300570
e) 310670
2. 39.05 x 14.95 - 27.99 x 10.12 = (36 + ?) × 5
a) 25
b) 31
c) 125
d) 8
e) 45
3. 68.25 x 170 + 28 x 16.5 —125 x 16.5 = ?
a) 9600
b) 9800
c) 10000
d) 11500
e) 11000
4. 487.532 + 2849.029 — 675.48 = 743.095 +?
a) 1620
b) 1920
c) 1820
d) 2020
e) 1720
5. 142% of 3915 +2874 = 12600 —?
a) 4615
b) 4565
c) 4260
d) 4090
e) 4165
6. In a mixture of 70 litres, the ratio of milk to water is 5 : 2. If some quantity of mixture is taken out and 7 litres of milk and 7 litres of water are added to the mixture then the ratio of milk to water becomes 7 : 4. Find the quantity of mixture which was taken out initially.
a) 47.5 litres
b) 49 litres
c) 50.5 litres
d) 45.5 litres
e) None of these
7. The average age of board of directors of a company having 15 directors was 48 years. When a director aged 56 resigned from the board of directors another director died on the same day. A new director joined board of directors aged 36. Next year the average age of all 14 directors was found to be 48 years. The age of late director at the time of his death was _______
A) 48 years
B) 42 years
C) 45 years
D) 40 years
E) None of these
8. A and B are two partners and they have invested Rs. 54,000 and Rs. 90,000 in business. After one year A received Rs 1200 as his share of profit out of total profit of Rs. 4200 including his certain commission on total profit since he is a working partner and rest profit is received by B. What is the commission of A as a percentage of the total profit?
A) 1200
B) 1100
C) 1500
D) 1250
E) None of these
9. Two candles of same height are lighted at the same time. The first is consumed in 3 hours and second in 2 hours. Assuming that each candles burns at a constant rate, in how many hours after being lighted, the ratio between the first and second candles becomes 2:1?
A) 2 hours
B) 2.5 Hours
C) 4 hours
D) 4.5 hours
E) None of these
10. A Cistern has an inlet pipe and outlet pipe. The inlet pipe fills the cistern completely in 1 hour 20 minutes when the outlet pipe is plugged. The outlet pipe empties the tank completely in 6 hours when the inlet pipe is plugged. If there is a leakage also which is capable of draining out the water from the tank at half of the rate of the outlet pipe, then what is the time taken to fill the empty tank when both the pipes are opened?
A) 3 hours
B) 2 hours
C) 5 hours
D) 4 hours
E) 6 hours
1. C) ? = √3598.9 x [(10008.99)2 / (10009.001)] x 0.4987
= √3600 x [(10009)2 / 10009] x 0.4987 = 60 x 10009 x 0.5 = 30 x 10009 = 300270
2. A) 39.05 x 14.95 — 27.99 x 10.12 = (36 + ?)5
or, 39 x 15 — 28 x 10 = 180 + 5 x (?)
or, 5 x ? = 585 — 280 — 180 = 585 — 460 = 125
? = 125/5 = 25
3. C) ? = 68.25 x 170 + 28 x 16.5 — 125 x 16.5 = 11602.5 + 462 — 2062.5
= 12064.5 — 2062.5 = 10002 = 10000
4. B) ? = 487.582 + 2849.029 — 675.48 — 743.095 = 488 + 2849 — 675 — 743 = 1919 1920
5. E) ? = 12600 — (142 / 100) x 3915 - 2874
= 12600 — 5560 — 2874 = 4166 = 4165
6. D)  Let 7x litres be taken out.
Then, (50-5x+7) / (20-2x+7) = 7/4
=> 4 x (57 - 5x) = 7 x (27 - 2x) => 228 - 20x = 189 - 14x
=> 6x = 39 => x = 39 / 6 = 6.5 litres
Therefore, Total mixture taken out = 5x + 2x = 7x = 6.5 x 7 = 45.5 litres
7. B) Before Death = 48*15 = 720
The age of late director at the time of his death
720 -(56+x) + 36 + 14 = 672
X = 42
8. A) Ratio of profit of A : B (excluding commission of A) = 54000 : 90000 =>3 : 5
Now the share of profit of B = 4200 – 1200 = Rs. 3000
So the share of profit A (excluding commission) = Rs. 1800
So the commission of A = 3000 – 1800 = 1200
9. D) Height of both candles are same i.e. h
First one takes 6 hours to burn completely, so in one hour = h/3
Similarly second one will burn in one hour = h/2
Let after t time, ratio between their height is 2:1
so, remaining height of first candle = h – t*(h/3)
similarly for second candle = h – t*(h/2)
ratio given 2:1,
h – t*(h/3) / h – t*(h/2) = 2/1
Solving we get t = 9/2 = 4.5
10. B) Inlet pipe Efficiency = 100/(8/6) = 75%
Outlet pipe Efficiency = 100/(6) = 16.66%
Efficiency of leakage = half of the rate of the outlet pipe = 8.33%
Net Efficiency = 75 – (16.66 + 8.33) = 50%
Required time = 100/50 = 2 hours
1. K is sister of S. S is married to M. M is father of R. Q is son of P. S is mother-in-law of P. M has only one son and no daughter. K is married to T. N is daughter of K. How is P related to M?
A) Uncle
B) Son
C) Daughter in law
D) Grandson
E) None of these
Directions (2 – 3): Bala walked 25km towards west, took a left turn and walked 15km. He again took a left turn and walked 30km. He then took a right turn and stopped.
2. Now he was facing which direction ?
A) West
B) North
C) South
D) East
E) South – West
3. Instead of turning right at the end if he took left and walked 20km, what is the shortest distance to his starting point?
A) 3√7km
B) 2√5km
C) 7√2km
D) 5√2 km
E) None of these
4. In a row of 40 boys, when Rajesh was shifted to his left by 4 places his number from the left end of the row becomes 10. What was the number of Suresh from the right end of the row if Suresh was three places to the right of Rajesh’s original position?
A) 23
B) 25
C) 26
D) 27
D) 21
E) None of these
5. Which of the following symbols should be placed in the blank spaces respectively(in the same order from left to right) in order to complete the given expression in such a manner that both ‘F>N’ as well as ‘N≤B’ definitely holds true? B _ A _ N _ E _ F
A) >, ≥, <, =
B) >, >, ≥, <
C) ≥, ≥, ≥,≤
D) ≥, =, ≤,<
E) Other than those given as options
Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
Ten friends are sitting in two parallel rows of six seats each. One seat is vacant in each row. M, N, O, P and Q are sitting in row-1 facing South. D, E, F, G and H are facing North. Each likes a different Colour i.e. Green, Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Grey, White and Purple. Each person has different number of their favourite chocolates – 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 15 and 16.
The difference between the chocolates hold by N and O is 3. G sits third to the right of F and likes Red. Only two people sit between E and the vacant seat. E does not like Yellow or Black. Q is not an immediate neighbour of O. N likes Purple. The persons who sit at the extreme end of the line have chocolates in consecutive order. Neither E nor H has 8 chocolate. One of the neighbors of vacant seat in both rows have chocolates in odd number. The one who likes Black faces the one who likes Grey. The one who likes Black sits opposite to the one who sits third right of the person who sits opposite to G. O is not an immediate neighbour of P. H, who likes neither Yellow nor Blue, does not face the vacant seat. Neither G nor F sits at any of the extreme ends of the row. P faces F. Vacant seats are not opposite to each other. Two seats are there between O and N, who sits third right of the one who likes Bournville. The one who likes White faces the one who likes Red. The persons who like the Green and Grey are adjacent to each other. Vacant seat of row – 1 is not an immediate neighbour of P. E sits at one of the extreme ends of the row. F does not like Green and Grey. Vacant seat of row-1 does not face G who doesn’t sit at any of the extreme ends of the row. The person who likes Green has 3 chocolates. The total number of chocolates hold by Q is the half of the total number of chocolates hold by H. The total numbers of chocolates hold by M, F and G is the Square of the total number of chocolates hold by P, Q and M respectively. Neither P nor G has 4 chocolate.
6. In the given arrangement, if two people come and sit to the immediate left of E, how many people will sit between D and E?
A) Two
B) Three
C) Four
D) More than four
E) One
7. Who amongst the following sits third to the right of F?
A) The one who likes Red
B) E
C) D
D) The one who likes yellow
E) Other than those given as options
8. Which of the following faces the vacant seat of Row – 1?
A) The one who likes Red
B) E
C) F
D) The one who has 15 chocolates
E) Other than those given as options
9. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based upon their seating arrangement and so form a group. Which of the following does not belong to the group?
10. Who among the following has 11 chocolate?
A) Q
B) N
C) D
D) E
E) None of these
1. C)
2. C)
3. D) X= 52 + 52 => X = √50 = 5√2
4. E) 24th
(9 boys) Rajesh *** (original position) ** (Suresh) (23 boys)
5. D)
(6 – 10):
6. B)   7. A)   8. D)   9. E)   10. B)