General Awareness for NIACL and SBI PO Mains Day - 3

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General Awareness for NIACL and SBI PO Mains Day - 3
1. On 12th January 2017, India celebrating ...... th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
1) 60
2) 100
3) 102
4) 75
5) 154
2. In which year, Swami Vivekananda given historical speech in ''World's Parliament of Religion'' ?
1) 1900
2) 1875
3) 1857
4) 1893
5) 1914
3. Narendra Modi addressed the 21st National Youth Festival in .............. via Video conference.
1) New Delhi
2) Belur
3) Kamarpukur
 4) Rohtak
5) Raipur
4. Theme for the National Youth festival 2017 is ......?
1) Youth for Progress
2) Youth and Festival: An Estimate
3) Youth and Make in India
4) Youth for Free Corruption
5) Youth for Digital India
5. Mascot of the National Youth festival 2017 is ..............?
1) Gori
2) Saathi
3) Lado
4) Mobile
5) Aadhar
6. India and .............. signed in the field of Youth Affairs on 18th January 2017
1) UK
2) USA
3) Japan
4) Russia
5) Germany
7. Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Youth Affairs and Sports is..?
1) Vijay Goel
2) Rao Indrejith Singh
3) Rajiv Prathap Rudy
4) Shripad Yasso Naik
5) Dharmendra Pradhan
8. World Hindi day celebrated on...?
1) 23rd April
2) 7th August
3) 10th January
4) 21st February
5) 14th September
9. New captain of Indian Cricket Team for all three formats of the game is....?
1) Rohit Sharma
2) Ashish Nehra
3) Yuvraj Singh
4) Virat Kohli
5) Ajinkya Rahane
10. World Hindi Day was first observed in....?
1) 1994
2) 2000
3) 2006
4) 2010
5) 1996
11. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Commission of the African Union (AU)?
A) Jean Ping
B) Nkosazana Zuma
C) Thomas Quartey
D) Moussa Faki
E) None of these
12. What is the India's GDP growth forecast for FY 18, according to the Economic Survey of India (ESI) 2017?
A) 6.55% to 7.25%
B) 6.25% to 7.5%
C) 6.55% to 7.5%
D) 6.75% to 7.5%
E) 6.25% to 7.25%
13. Who has been appointed as the new chief of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?
A) Diana Edulji
B) Vikram Lamaye
C) Vinod Rai
D) Rahul Johri
E) None of these
14. Emmanuelle Riva, who passed away recently, was the well-known actress of which country?
A) Germany
B) England
C) United States
D) France
E) Finland
15. India's largest start-up incubator will be set up in which of the following states?
A) West Bengal
B) Telangana
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Karnataka
E) Tamil Nadu
16. Which state tourism department has tied up with an online travel company 'MakeMyTrip' to promote its home-stay scheme?
A) Rajasthan
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Odisha
D) Assam
E) Meghalaya
17. The book 'The man who could never say No' has been authored by whom?
A) N.N. Saxena
B) Vikram Seth
C) S. Muthiah
D) Gopalkrishna Gandhi
E) None of these
18. The Digital Radio Round Table Conference has been launched by which union minister?
A) Arun Jaitley
B) Rajnath Singh
C) M. Venkaiah Naidu
D) Narendra Modi
E) Smriti Irani
19. Which operation has been launched by the Income Tax Department (ITD) to track deposits post demonetisation?
A) Operation Track Black Money
B) Operation Clean Money
C) Operation Clean Deposits
D) Operation Track Money
E) None of these
20. The Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU) is located in which state?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Telangana
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Madhya Pradesh
E) Mizoram