Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 13)

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Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 13)
01. Reserve Bank of India was established on 1st April, ______in accordance with the provisions of Reserve Bank of India act_________
a) 1935 – 1934
b) 1934-1935
c) 1935-1936
d) 1937-1938
e) all the above
02. Reserve Bank of India was nationalized during the year:______
a) 1948
b) 1949
c) 1951
d) 1952
e) all the above
03. What do you mean by the term called as FEMA?
a) Foreign exchange maintenance act
b) Forex management act
c) Foreign exchange management act
d) Foreign exchange managing act
e) Foreign exchange mortgaging act
04. Find the odd man out from the following group:
a) Current account, savings bank, fixed deposit
b) savings bank, fixed deposit, recurring deposit
c) Fixed deposit, recurring deposit, reinvestment deposit
d) recurring deposit, reinvestment deposit, non resident external account
e) fixed deposit, current account, savings bank
05. Find the odd man out from the following:
a) Bank of Tokyo
b) Barclays Bank
c) Hong Kong Bank
d) Bank of America
e) State Bank of India
06. Find the odd man out from the following:
a) Barclays Bank
b) Hong Kong Bank
c) Bank of America
d) State Bank of India
e) Industrial Finance Corporation of India
07. What do you mean by “E” in the term called as EFT?
a) Electrical
b) electronic
c) elementary
d) engineering
e) none of the above
08. An account essentially a drawing account against which credit has been granted by the bank and is operated in the same way as current account in which an overdraft limit has been sanctioned is called as:
a) Overdraft account
b) Cash credit account
c) current account
d) term loan account
e) none of the above
09. What are the essentials of money laundering?
a) A crime is committed
b) there are gains from the crime
c) proceeds have been received from crime
d) there is some transaction in respect of these proceeds or the gains
e) all the above
10. The aspects which require special mention while judging the standard of corporate governance in a banking institution are:
a) Constitution of the board of directors
b) transparency
c) policy formulation
d) internal controls
e) all the above
11. Which among the following are called as negotiable instruments?
a) Cheque
b) demand draft
c) bill of exchange
d) promissory note
e) all the above
12. When it comes to IFSC code, it pertains to which among the following ?
a) Bank code
b) branch code
c) account code
d) party code
e) none of the above
13. You are working in Alpha branch and a customer presents a cheque for Rs. 10000.00 crossed to Beta bank for collection in his account maintained with your branch and you are advised to return the cheque by your supervisor and with what reasons?
a) Crossed cheque
b) generally crossed
c) specially crossed
d) mutilated
e) unwarranted
14. Find the correct match from the following:
a) Indian bank-Kolkatta
b) Canara Bank-Bangalore
c) Syndicate Bank – Mumbai
d) Indian Overseas Bank-coimbatore
e) Punjab National Bank – Hyderabad
15. Find the incorrect match from the following:
a) Indian Overseas Bank – Chennai
b) Indian Bank – Chennai
c) Bank of India – Mumbai
d) Punjab National Bank – Chandigarh
e) Syndicate Bank-Manipal