Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 12)

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Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 12)
1. The document titled as: “Towards faster and more inclusive growth” pertains to which five year plan amongst the following:
a) Twelfth plan
b) eleventh plan
c) tenth plan
d) ninth plan
e) eighth plan
2. What do you know by MTA when it comes to five year plans?
a) Mid term approach
b) Middle term approach
c) Main term approach
d) Middle term approach
e) none of the above
3. The causes of urban poverty are:
a) Migration from rural areas
b) Lack of skilled labour
c) Lack of housing facilities
d) Limited job opportunities in cities
e) all the above
4. The main provisions of MGNREGA are:
a) Employment to be given within 15 days of application for work
b) Employment within 5 kilometres radius, else extra wages to be paid
c) At least one third beneficiaries have to be women
d) Gram sabha will recommend works
e) All the above
5. Egg/poultry production is represented by
a) Round revolution
b) silver revolution
c) yellow revolution
d) golden revolution
e) white revolution
6. Round revolution represents
a) Meat and tomato production
b) potato production
c) cotton production
d) egg/poultry production
e) none of the above
7. Commission for agricultural costs and prices called as CACP was set up during 1965 with the name:
a) Agricultural price commission
b) Agriculture product commission
c) Agriculture price committee
d) Agriculture Procedure commission
e) none of the above
8. Which is the odd man out from the following when it comes to Maharatnas in the country?
a) Oil and Natural Gas corporation
b) Steel authority of India Limited
c) Indian oil corporation Limited
d) National thermal power corporation Limited
e) Bharat electronics Limited
9. When it comes to Navratnas in the country, which amongst the following is the odd man out?
a) National aluminum company Limited
b) National Mineral development corporation
c) Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited
d) Oil India Limited
e) Coal India Limited
10. Among the following which is not relevant to banking?
a) Right of set off
b) Nomination
c) Legal heirs
d) endowment
e) either or survivor
11. The main foreign exchange reserves in the country comprises of the following:
a) Foreign currency assets
b) Gold stock
c) special drawing rights
d) Reserve tranche position
e) all the above
12. What are the salient features of certificate of deposits?
a) It is issued by the commercial banks
b) it is a savings certificate
c) the maturity varies from 3 months to one year
d) all the above
e) none of the above
13. MIBOR represents
a) The interest rate at which bank borrows fund from other banks
b) the interest rate at which bank borrows from RBI
c) the interest rate at which RBI borrows from commercial banks
d) the rate at which banks borrow from the public
e) the rate at which the banks in India borrows from foreign banks
14. What do you mean by CRISIL?
a) Credit rating information services of India Limited
b) Credit rating Intelligence services of India Limited
c) Credit rating Indicative services of India Limited
d) Credit rating integrated services of India Limited
e) none of the above
15. Sensex is the barometer of Indian capital market – BSE representing the weighted stock market index of _____well established and financial sound companies listed on Bombay Stock exchange
a) Fifty
b) forty
c) thirty
d) twenty
e) one hundred