Sentence Fillers for SBI PO 2017

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Sentence Fillers for SBI PO 2017
Direction: Question: (1-10) Sentence Fillers
1. We believe in many gods but the basics are a belief in nature and the universe and a oneness with these elements and thus___________________. If we talk about this or say we are proud of it, we become Hindutva. It seems it is a shame to be Hindu, at least this is what the so- called liberals have been saying for decades and now we are also called intolerant.
a) are jaded beyond belief and are clutching at straws
b) the Geeta and so many more including the Buddhists and Jains
c) are of a philosophy that was born in this land
d) are only a billion of us who belong to this rather prolific geographical race
e) None of these
2. The new riders of the ignorant storm want science to be rewritten in the language of New Testament, voodoo, the Vedas and sundry old wives’ tales. ___________________, news on a ‘natural’ cure of cancer to attacking Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in the name of creationism, every day science faces a new challenge.
a) The block to sell the news and corner the glory
b) Given the times we live in, ‘live-action science’ is not a bad idea
c) From spreading unverified, bordering on fake
d) If the growth of digital media gave a boost to the spread of
e) None of these
3. ___________________ the spread of fake or questionable information, then it also helped in making people aware of the world around them by making information access virtually free. This medium has been exploited by politicians to win elections, bigots to spread the message of hate, cheats to earn quick bucks —and Nasa to share the latest discovery.
a) If the growth of digital media gave a boost to
b) The times we live in, ‘live-action science’ is not a bad idea
c) There is an urgent need for a well-crafted strategy to
d) These obscurantist forces that are backed by powerful political and
e) None of these
4. As far as anyone from any bank has answered the criticism, it is merely to point out that the fines, charges and deductions are in keeping with the regulations. However, that’s hardly an answer because the whole point that angry customers___________________ and unfair.
a) By the way they have reacted to the enormous amount of
b) Have received for the new fines (or service charge)
c) The myriad other charges that banks keep deducting from
d) Are making is that the regulations are inadequate
e) None of these
5. Does it actually cost extra to use a networked computer system at a different branch from the customers’ own? Is this bank going back to the days of branch banking? Now, we should not be asking these questions from these banks. They will spin something in polite PR language___________________ they are following regulations.
a) Are managed in such a way as to create non-compliance
b) Of each bank’s income comes from such fines
c) It even collect the data? Can we have a list of what
d) But basically ask us to buzz off because
e) None of these
6. This is exactly the kind of situation that the Right to Information law is meant for. The RBI is always in the news for monetary policy or licensing or its leadership. That mostly obscures the fact that its track record in consumer protection is terrible. It’s time for bank customers___________________  changes.
a) The banks and their so-called regulator
b) To why banks must continue to be allowed to dip
c) Into your pocket whenever they feel the need
d) To step up, get organised and start forcing some
e) None of these
7. And the trends are ominous. Petrol prices are now rising by 16.7%, high speed diesel by 33.1% and aviation fuel by a massive 67.3%. In contrast cereal prices have come down from 9.6% in November 2016 to 6.1% in February with___________________ of a good rabi crop.
a) Global recovery in other commodity prices is also adding to the price pressures
b) Even wheat prices decelerating in anticipation
c) Wholesale prices very different is unlike in the past when food prices
d) Fuel and power prices which is driving the price line
e) None of these
8. This is in consonance with the global rise in commodity prices and extends to products like coal and minerals in the domestic market. Iron ore prices___________________ last year is now soaring by around 30%. And coal prices which have been largely stable for more than two years is now surging up by 17%. All this can add to costs and push up prices levels even further in the next round.
a) For high protein diets like eggs, meat and fish remain under check
b) Which have been falling for most of
c) Which has hit double digits in the last six months with price rises
d) Have been falling for six consecutive months now
e) None of these
9. The only consolation, apart from the flow food prices, is the stability of manufactured goods prices which have remained at the 3% plus level in the last four months. But even here there is cause___________________ steadily gone up in tandem with commodity prices with price increase soaring up from 0.1%, just 12 months back to 3.7%now.
a) Apart from the flow food prices, is the stability of manufactured goods prices
b) Have remained at the 3% plus level in the last four months
c) Is only a matter of time before the impact of the wholesale price
d) For concern as the manufactured good prices have
e) None of these
10. Here in India the real clash of civilizations is taking place as I write this; not between castes and religions but between Hindus who deride Hindutva and they are called secular and tolerant and the vast majority who ___________________by the so-called secularists as intolerant.
a) I learnt today is being Hindutva—believing in my heritage
b) Have finally reacted against it and are termed
c) The clash is between us and not from other religions
d) Are termed by the so-called secularists as intolerant
e) None of these
1. C)   2. C)   3. A)   4. D)   5. D)   6. D)   7. B)   8. B)   9. D)   10. B)