English Double fillers for SBI PO

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English Double fillers for SBI PO
1. I read this really cute__________ about a bunch of disciples that go to their Guru and say they want to go on a pilgrimage to improve themselves and their_________.
a) anecdote, devotion
b) true, indifferent
c) passive, carelessness
d) prestigious, avoidance
e) prestige, negligence
2. The summit has the__________ to flare up, given that the U.S. will push strongly on matters concerning the SCS and WTO. Beijing’s handling of the summit will hold a candle to its__________ as a responsible power in the region.
a) potential, reputation
b) cleaver, sincere
c) shrewd, tricky
d) intelligent, disreputableness
e) lacking, notoriety
3. Indian officials argue that China has been promoting its narrow interests in_________ forums. They cite recent discussions on the sidelines of BRICS meetings, where Chinese diplomats have aggressively promoted the idea of the collective as a_________ to the U.S.-led order.
a) instability, wavering
b) wavering, variability
c) variability, availability
d) multilateral, counterweight
e) insecurity, probability
4. They were not only fighting for India’s freedom from colonial rule in a political sense, but also fighting hard for the transformation of the country from within from age-old_________ of the caste system, and from the pressures of collective_________ to create a sense of individual and civic responsibility to create a modern nation.
a) amendments, creepiness
b) regards, crankiness
c) prejudices, conventions
d) fairness, nuttiness
e) tolerances, deviations
5. It would also seek to incorporate more non-state actors, both civil-society organizations and business representatives, into international decision-making processes.But the challenge_________ beyond the institutional mechanics that have_________ most commentators, including me.
a) extends, preoccupied
b) abridge, crippled
c) condense, choked
d) scrap, deterred
e) curtail, debarred
6. Indias top tycoon Mukesh Ambani has ______one and all with aggressive tariff plans for his telecom business where calls would be free and internet data at less than half the _______ rates in the country.
a) confused, current
b) stumped, popular
c) flabbergasted, steady
d) bowled, new
e) stunned, prevailing
7. Sixteen states have ______ the constitutional amendment to roll out goods and services tax meeting the minimum number of it to be sent to the president for his____.
a) approved, dissent
b) ratified, assent
c) sanctional, compliance
d) denied, accord
e) revoked, permission
8. Mallya is on the _______ for more than Rs.9000 crore after defaulting on loans to the ______ Kingfisher Airlines, which was founded by him.
a) hook, defunct
b) way, obsolete
c) verge, valid
d) curve, bygone
e) line, dead
9. Companies across the world including Facebook, Amazon, and Johnson and Johnson have ______ themselves to studying gender pay gaps and reviewing hiring and promotion processes to ______ out bias and structural barriers to equality.
a) dedicated, come
b) bound, put
c) committed, root
d) devoted, derive
e) attached, read
10. It is _______ that the RBI has now come out with plans to _____ up on the double quick both the demand and supply of corporate bonds.
a) accepted, live
b) congenial, give
c) displeasing, turn
d) welcome, shore
e) desirable, make
1. A)   2. A)   3. D)   4. C)   5. A)   6. E)   7. B)   8. A)   9. C)   10. D)