Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 8)

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Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 8)
1. Which amongst the following is not term deposits issued by commercial banks?
a) Current account
b) Fixed deposit
c) Recurring deposit
d) Reinvestment deposit
e) all the above
2. Find the odd man out from the following:
a) Non resident external account
b) Non resident ordinary account
c) FCNR account
d) Savings bank
e) Resident Foreign Currency account
3. The minimum period for opening FCNR deposit account is:
a) Six months
b) three months
c) one year
d) two years
e) three years
4. Non resident external account, FCNR account and RFC account can be opened by means of foreign inward remittances only and which amongst the following is not foreign inward remittance?
a) Foreign demand draft
b) Foreign currency traveler cheques
c) Foreign currency notes
d) Demand draft
e) Online transfer of money from accounts maintained with banks in foreign countries
5. Regional Rural Banks were established in our country on:
a) 02.10.1975
b) 02.10.1985
c) 02.10.1976
d) 02.10.1974
e) 02.10.1977
6. At the time of remitting cash into deposit accounts and overdraft accounts, the customers are in a position to furnish the permanent account number for amount exceeding Rupees:
a) 10000
b) 50000
c) 100000
d) 200000
e) 25000
7. What do you mean by “Two parallel transverse lines on the face of the cheque”?
a) Open cheque
b) bearer cheque
c) order cheque
d) crossed cheque
e) none of the above
8. One 27.07.2013, on verification of a cheque presented by a customer of your bank, you find that the date of the cheque has been wrongly written as 27.07.2012 and you are of the opinion that the cheque should be returned to the customer and with what reasons?
a) Stale cheque
b) mutilated cheque
c) post dated cheque
d) damaged cheque
e)no need to return the cheque
9. In the case of deposit account opened with the bank, the relationship of the banker with the customer is:
a) Creditor and debtor
b) debtor and creditor
c) bailor and bailee
d) agent and principal
e) lessor and lessee
10. A customer wants to avail a loan against the security of life insurance policy in his name and what is his relationship with the banker while availing the loan?
a) Pledgor and pledge
b) Mortgagor and mortgagee
c) assignor and assignee
d) lessor and lessee
e) bailor and bailee
11. In the case of safe deposit locker facility availed by one customer, which amongst the following is applicable?
a) Hypothecation
b) pledge
c) mortgage
d) bailment
e) lease
12. When a company wants to open an account with a bank, the copies of the following are to be produced to the banker while opening the account:
a) Memorandum of association
b) articles of association
c) certificate of incorporation
d) board resolution
e) all the above
13. Which amongst the following are categorized under priority sector advances?
a) Retail traders
b) small business enterprises
c) professional and self employed persons
d) small scale industries
e) all the above
14. When it comes to weaker sections, which amongst the following is odd man out?
a) Small business enterprises
b) marginal farmers
c) professional and self employed persons
d) DRI beneficiaries
e) Self-help groups
15. Which amongst the following is called as mother of deposits?
a) Current account
b) fixed deposit
c) recurring deposit
d) savings bank
e) reinvestment deposit
1. A)   2. D)   3. C)   4. D)   5. A)   6. B)   7. D)   8. A)   9. B)   10. C)   11. E)   12. E)   13. E)   14. C)   15. D)