Statements and Arguments for SBI PO 2017

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Statements and Arguments for SBI PO 2017
Directions (1 – 10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer
a) if only assumption I is implicit.
b) if only assumption II is implicit.
c) if either I or II is implicit.
d) if neither I nor II is implicit.
e) if both I and II are implicit.
1. Statement: “We are in talks with the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) for the second tranche of Rs 1,600 crore.” - Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) chairman
I. DMRC has already received the first tranche of the loan from JBIC.
II. Talks for receiving the first tranche of the JBIC loan have been finalised.
2. Statement: “In every community where we sell our brands, we must remember we do not do business in markets; we do business in societies.” — A marketer
I. Shops and markets are of no use in selling a brand.
I. The understanding of social behaviour is a must for the marketers.
3. Statement: Consumers are often deceived by terms like “goods once sold will not be taken back” or the goods are transported at “owner’s risk”.
I. Bearing in mind these phrases, consumers are reluctant to seek compensation.
II. Such phrases do not provide a blanket exemption for the seller or the transporter.
4. Statement: Some days you settle down peacefully with your morning coffee. Then you open the papers and the adrenaline picks in.
I. Coffee and papers are an integral part of the common man’s life.
II. On some days the papers carry sensational news.
5. Statement: Mr Speight with the help of some gunmen arrested the PM of Fiji.
I. The Prime Minister was corrupt and was not keen in the development of the country.
II. Democratic system is very weak in the country.
6. Statement: “Students are not allowed to wear western dresses on the university campus.” — V.C. of a reputed university.
I. It looks vulgar and encourages more eve-teasing.
II. If the girls will come to the college in Indian dresses then they will concentrate more on studies.
7. Statement: “Reservation policy for SC/ST should be extended for another ten years.” — Labour Minister.
I. Reservation is still necessary for them to uplift them socially and economically.
II. SCs/STs are not so capable so they are given reservation.
8. Statement: “Traffic police will be provided with alcometers to identify drunken drivers.” — Police chief.
I. So many accidents take place everyday because of drunken drivers.
II. Alcometers is a machine which can identify the drunken persons very easily.
9. Statement: Residents of XYZ colony agitated for irregular water supply.
I. Agitation is a right way to get the water supply.
II. Residents of the colony have acute problem of water supply.
10. Statement: “Come and join my political campaign.” — A political leader to film stars.
I. People have more faith on the film stars.
II. Film stars are big crowd-pullers.
1. B) Talks for second tranche is expected only after talks for the first tranche have been finalised. But the actual amount may still be in the pipeline.
2. B) The sentence should not be taken too literally.
3. E) Both the assumptions are implicit. This is why the speaker believes that consumers are “deceived”.
4. B) I is not implicit. Maybe, the “you” here refers only to the elite. But II is implicit; that is why “adrenaline kicks in” on opening the papers.
5. D) Both may be conclusions, but not assumptions.
6. A) The VC is assuming I; that is why he has restricted wearing western dresses on the campus. We can’t relate their studies with their dress and hence assumption II is not implicit.
7. D) The assumptions are not implicit because it is possible that the minister has neither of these convictions but is acting under sheer political compulsion.
8. E) The move to make use of alcometers must have been necessitated because of the large number of accidents. Hence I is implicit. II is implicit from the fact that it will identify drunken drivers.
9. B) The statement is merely a report while I is a value-judgement. Hene it is not implicit. II is implicit from “irregular water supply”.
10. B) Film stars are public figures and popular so they can gather more crowd. And assuming this, the political leader has invited them to pull the crowd. Hence II is implicit.