Reasoning Statements and Assumptions for SBI PO 2017

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Reasoning Statements and Assumptions for SBI PO 2017
Directions (1 – 10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer
a) if only assumption I is implicit
b) if only assumption II is implicit
c) If either I or II is implicit
d) if neither I nor II is implicit
e) if both I and II are implicit.
1. Statement: To get a first class in the examination you have to work very hard.
I. Getting first class in the examination is desirable.
II. Hard work results in success.
2. Statement: Everybody loves reading adventure stories.
I. Adventure stories are the only reading material.
II. Nobody loves reading any other material.
3. Statement: All the teachers are hereby instructed to reach the institution by 9 a.m.
I. Some of the teachers do not arrive at the institution in time.
II. Teachers will follow the strict warning given in the notice.
4. Statement: The next meeting of the Governing Board of the institute will be held after one year.
I. The institute will remain in function after one year.
II. The Governing Board will be dissolved after one year.
5. Statement: "If you want to study management, join institute X"-A's advice toB.
I. B listens to A's advice.
II. Institute X provides good management education.
6. Statement: A sentence in the letter to candidates called for written examination - 'You have to bear your expenses on travel etc.
I. If not clarified all the candidates may claim reimbursement of expenses.
II. Many organisations reimburse expenses on travel to candidates called for written examination.
7. Statement: It is through participative management policy alone that indiscipline in our industries can be contained and quality of life ensured to the workers.
I. Quality of life in our industry is better.
II. Indiscipline results in poor quality of life.
8. Statement: Many people have expressed surprise as the princes has broken the royal tradition of marriage by choosing a commoner as her life partner.
I. People expect royal families to observe customs and traditions.
II. People still value purity of royal blood and status when it comes to a marriage of members of royal family.
9. Statement: The chairman and secretary of the housing society have requested society members to use water economically to help society to save on water-tax.
I. Majority of members of the society are likely to follow the request.
II. It is desirable to reduce expenditure whenever possible.
10. Statement: The economic prosperity of any nation is dependent on the quality of its human resources.
I. It is possible to measure the quality of human resources of a nation.
II. Achieving economic prosperity is a cherished goal of every nation.