English Language Error Spotting Practice Questions – Set 4

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English Language Error Spotting Practice Questions – Set 4
Directions (1 – 15): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (e).
1. The Supreme Court invoking a (a)/ controversial Article of the (b)/ Constitution that requires politicians,(c)/ to be “honest” and “righteous”.(d)/ No Error(e)
2. If legally admissible evidence of corruption had existed, (a)/ there would have been a trial, not direct intervention (b)/ by the Supreme Court, which should only,(c)/ been the court of final appeal in criminal matters.(d)/ No Error(e)
3. More than three decades after it last won an (a)/ outright majority in the Assembly election in(b)/ Gujarat, the Congress was tipped through many to make,(c)/ 2017 a breakthrough year in the State.(d)/ No Error(e)
4. Much of the innumerable dams (a)/ and irrigation channels in the (b)/ State remain bone dry or,(c)/ have reached dead storage levels.(d)/ No Error(e)
5. As every small skirmish, move and (a)/ tweet is given inordinate scrutiny (b)/ and attention, it is easily however to,(c)/ lose sight of the big picture.(d)/ No Error(e)
6. A controversy surfaced again last week when media reports said that (a)/ the corporation had issued an order to its news divisions asking them to (b)/  subscribe to the (RSS)-backed Hindustan Samachar news agency after ,(c)/ terminate its long-standing subscriptions of PTI and UNI news services. (d)/ No Error(e)
7. Sporting rivalries are on (a)/ their best when the (b)/ protagonists offer a sharp,(c)/contrast in their winning way.(d)/ No Error(e)
8. Prime Minister NarendraModi has reportedly asked (a)/ senior civilian and military leaders to tone off (b)/ the rhetoric on China, ahead of his visit to,(c)/ Beijing in September for this year’s BRICS summit.(d)/ No Error(e)
9. In these times of easy access to the ability to crunch large amounts of data, unstructured and (a)/ inreal time, it is possible for political parties or, more realistically, specialist troops (b)/ employed by him, to profile individual voters and flood them with news, fake and real, that,(c)/ would accentuate perceived favourable political propensities or neutralise perceived hostile inclinations.(d)/ No Error(e)
10. While the BJP’s plan to offset possible losses (a)/ among the mid-economic band with gains from (b)/ the masses has potential in urban areas,(c)/ in rural India, the BJP is yet to devising an economic plan. (d)/ No Error(e)

11. a) Pakistan has for the first time admitted to the presence / b) of India”s most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim, / c) on its earth, but has said that / d) he has now been chased out and could be in the UAE. / e) No error
12. a) The Delhi Government will set up seven laboratories / b) in East Delhi to test, verify and calibrate / c) the work and reference standards of different types of balances, / d) weights and measuring equipments used in shops or establishments. / e) No error
13. a) Samajik Suvidha Sangam, also known as Mission Convergence, / b) is the most unique initiative of NCT of Delhi / c) for holistic empowerment of women from vulnerable and / d) most vulnerable sections of society. / e) No error
14. a) The Supreme Court has sought a response of the Centre / b) on a PIL seeking effective functioning of the / c) human rights courts in the country / d) to further the cause of according social justice. / e) No error
15. a) Caught napping by the powerful mining Mafia after a bid / b) on the life of the SDM, the police has now booked / c) the driver of the tractor trolley and / d) filed an FIR against him. / e) No error

Answers with Explanations:
1. A) The sentence is about the past incident, so in place of invoking, ‘invoked’ will come.
2. D) In the place of be, ‘been’ will come, because a suggestion is given here, which will be in future tense.
3. C) ‘Through’ is incorrect in used as adjective as it refers to passing by. The correct preposition will be ‘By’.
4. A) ‘Much’ is wrong in use in the sentence, ‘many’ is correct.
5. C) The adjective ‘easily’ is incorrect; the appropriate form of adjective will be ‘easy’.
6. D) The part of the sentence demands past continuous tense, so in place of ‘terminate’, we will use, terminating.
7. A) In place of ‘on’, it will use ‘at’, as it mentions a phrase ‘at their best’.
8. B) The phrase ‘tone off’ is incorrect here, it will use ‘tone down’ which means to halt.
9. C) Here, we are talking about number of political parties (plural), so in the place of ‘him’, we will use ‘them’, i.e., troops employed by them.
10. D) The correct form of verb will be ‘devise’ in place of ‘devising, which is incorrect.
11. C) Replace “earth” with “soil”
12. C) Replace “work” with “working”
13. B) Replace “the most” with “a”
14. A) Replace “of” with “from”
15. B) Replace “has” with “have”