Double Fillers (New Pattern) for SBI PO 2017

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Double Fillers (New Pattern) for SBI PO 2017
Directions (1 – 15): The sentence has two blanks. Each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Choose the words that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
1. When interpersonal problems _______ but are not dealt with the organizations productivity inevitably _______.

a) Surface, develops
b) Focus, increase
c) Establish, projects
d) Develop, exhibits
e) Exist, diminishes
2. Participative management in which everyone has _______ in a decision that leader then makes, is a mechanism for _______ employees.
a) Share, protecting
b) Value, thwarting
c) Motivation, involving
d) Reward, Stimulating
e) Input, empowering
3. Lack of _______ is basic to good teamwork but our ability to work with others depends on our _______.
a) Rigidity, Compatibility
b) Dogmatism, motivation
c) Professionalism, Vulnerability
d) Positivism, Flexibility
e) Consideration, Acumen
4. Complete and Constant Openness is a notion that can be _______ to absurdity. Am I _______ to stop everyone on the street and tell them my
a) Reduced, required
b) Attributed, requested
c) Projected, destined
d) Subjected, confined
e) Compressed, needs
5. When organizations _______ creativity and risk-taking the usual method of maintaining order and _______ are indeed shaken.
a) Encourage, deconum
b) Exhibit, durability
c) Propose, humility
d) Enhance, supply
e) Propagate, production
6. After a ________ review it was found that many financial institutions don't have proper ________ in place and could unwillingly be financing illegal activities.
a) routine, checks
b) periodic, space
c) schedule, standard
d) custom, timing
e) suddenly, system
7. The main reason youth unemployment has ________ in this region is the depth of the recession in these countries and the chances of improvement are ________ unless governments kick-start their economies.
a) fallen, negligible
b) risen, visible
c) grown, create
d) soared, remote
e) collapsed, much
8. For the country as a whole more than half the population ________ regular electricity as connections to the national grid are ________ and generators are expensive.
a) deficient, dependable
b) want, running
c) lack, unenviable
d) short, faded
e) requiring, fumy
9. It is ________ that 400 million Indian passengers will want to fly in or out of the country by 2050 and unless the airport facility is improved, it will be ________ to handle this traffic.
a) though, easier
b) assume, worrisome
c) estimated, difficult
d) typical, perfect
e) expected, able
10. Reform is set to gain ________ as much of the spadework for a vibrant economy such as ________ laws on taxes and banking are underway.
a) steam, specialising
b) advantage, fix
c) pace, amending
d) tame, modify
e) weight, compensating
11. The students _____ from the classroom windows as the sounds of the earthmover ______ classes.
a) checked , overjoyed
b) peeped , disrupted
c) viewed , hurdled
d) bunked , welcomed
e) pertained , hurdled
12. The ____ of sheets on the hospital bed woke me from my ____.
a) sound , view
b) view , dream
c) pile , sleep
d) rustle , nap
e) bundle , joy
13. The inauguration ceremony went off ____ , though without the Chief Minister the event lost some of its _____.
a) rapidly , charm
b) desirably, impression
c) smoothly , sheen
d) fluently , quality
e) readily , taste
14. Although the warning signs have been ______ in the polluted air of urban India policymakers remain strangely _______.
a) changing , uninterested
b) noticed , occupied
c) billowing , apathetic
d) notified , affected
e) changed , dynamic
15. The rows of people _______ sludge armed with nothing more than rubber gloves and buckets has _______ much criticism since the January 28 oil spill started staining Chennai beaches.
a) carrying , influenced
b) handling , heated
c) removing , attracted
d) adopting , brought
e) changing , created
1. E)   2. A)   3. A)   4. A)   5. A)   6. A)   7. D)   8. C)   9. C)   10. C)   11. B)   12. D)   13. C)   14. C)   15. C)