Cloze Test and Fillers (New Pattern) for SBI PO 2017

Mentor for Bank Exams
Direction (1 – 5): The following passage contains five blanks. For each blank five options are given, from which one word will suitability fit the blank to satisfy the meaning of the passage. Marks this options as your answer.
When the IMF provides financing to a member country, a safeguards assessment is carried out to (1)______ reasonable assurances that the country’s central bank is able to adequately (2)_________ the resources received from the IMF and provide reliable monetary data on the IMF-supported program. Safeguards assessments are diagnostic reviews of central banks’ governance and control frameworks, and complement the IMF’s other safeguards, which include limits on access, conditionality, program design, measures to (3)________ misreporting, and post program monitoring. They (4)________ an evaluation of central bank operations in five areas: the external audit mechanism, the legal structure and autonomy, the financial reporting framework, the internal audit mechanism, and the system of internal controls.
As of end-April 2016, 283 assessments had been conducted, covering 94 central banks, 11 assessments of which were completed in FY2016. In addition, safeguards activities include monitoring progress in implementing recommendations and addressing other developments in central banks’ safeguards frameworks for as long as IMF credit remains outstanding. About 60 central banks are currently (5)_______ to monitoring.
1. a) justify    b) obtain       c) predict       d) highlight                e) resonate
2. a) limit       b) diagnose   c) manage     d) advocate               e) request
3. a) habitat  b) react          c) address     d) concentrate         e) favour
4. a) realise   b) reject         c) involve       d) reprehend                        e) argue
5. a) involved            b) under       c) interested d) subject                  e) issue
Directions (6 – 10): In the question below two blanks are given. You have to fill the blank with the words given in the option to form a meaningful sentence.
6. To ______deeper into space, a group of scientist recently ______a futuristic plan to turn the Sun into a telescope.
a) exhibit, supported
b) analyse, proposed
c) peer, unveiled
d) find, hidden
e) propose, planned
7. The BBC team was on site to _____ volcanic activity at Etna, which has been _______ ash plumes and lava in recent weeks.
a) visible, laying
b) catch, jolting
c) perceive, puking
d) observe, spewing
e) inspect, conforming
8. Though many people experience_______ , few ever understand what it is like to truly be_______ .
a) famine, generous
b) hunger, famished
c) victory, cruel
d) dizziness, powerful
e) cruelty, heavenly
9. Children sometimes ______ from low self-esteem when their parents constantly _______ their mistakes.
a) suffer, accentuate
b) deny, focus
c) hurt, follow
d) surrender, highlight
e) concede, publish
10. Sumit’s _______ gambling has started to ______ upon his ability to pay bills.
a) habitual, reduce
b) enjoying, affect
c) steep, habituate
d) excessive, impinge
e) limitless, adjacent
1. B)   2. C)   3. C)   4. C)   5. D)   6. C)   7. D)   8. B)   9. A)   10. D)