Blood Relations E-book: Target SBI PO 2017

Mentor for Bank Exams
Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Today as a part of Target SBI PO 2017 here I am sharing the E-book on Blood Relations covering various types of questions that were asked in previous bank exams. The E-book consist of Blood Relations notes followed by 75 questions with detailed explanations.
Points to Remember to solve blood relations questions:
a) While attempting Blood Relation questions, first we should read the ‘Directions’ given carefully
b) Then pin-point the two persons between whom the relationship is to be established
c) Try to connect the given relations
d) While determining the relationships between two persons one should be careful about the sexes of the persons involved
e) Sometimes it is not possible to define relationships between two persons without knowing their sex
To solve the blood relation questions easily we need to observe the family tree.