Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 6)

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Banking Awareness Quiz (Set - 6)
1. Banking Ombudsman scheme has been introduced under the provisions of
a) Reserve Bank of India act
b) Banking regulation act
c) Indian contract act
d) Consumer protection act
e) all the above
2. What is the maximum period of time after which a customer of a bank can contact Banking Ombudsman, if he does not receive satisfactory response to his complaint?
a) One month
b) two months
c) three months
d) Five months
e) none of the above
3. A complaint can be submitted before Banking Ombudsman within ______of final decision by the bank?
a) Two months
b) three months
c) six months
d) twelve months
e) none of the above
4. In the term “CIBIL‟, what do you mean by “B”?
a) Bank
b) Bureau
c) Borrower
d) Bench
e) none of the above
5. Which committee has recommended financing to self help group?
a) Kalia committee
b) Narasimhan committee
c) Vasu committee
d) Goiporia committee
e) none of the above
6. Which of the following has set up Rural Infrastructure Development Fund?
a) National Bank for agriculture and rural development
b) Reserve Bank of India
c) State Bank of India
d) five major commercial banks
e) none of the above
7. When a currency is converted into any other currency without any limit and for any purpose, it is called as
a) Fully convertible
b) partially convertible
c) controlled convertible
d) not at all convertible
e) none of the above
8. Which of the following committees has recommended for capital account convertibility in our country?
a) A T Pannirselvam
b) S. Padmanabhan
c) S. Rangarajan committee
d) S. S. Tarapore committee
e) none of the above
9. What is the necessity of foreign capital for a developing country like India?
a) It encourages savings in the country
b) it is helpful to solve the problem of balance of payment
c) it is helpful for economic development of a developing country
d) all the above
e) none of the above
10. Which of the following committees were set up by Government of India with a view to attract domestic and foreign investments in the country?
a) Investment commission
b) Foreign Investment commission
c) Inland and Foreign investment commission
d) National savings commission
e) none of the above
11. External commercial borrowings is a part of
a) Balance of payment
b) balance of trade
c) current account
d) capital account
e) none of the above
12. External commercial borrowings are governed under:
a) Foreign Exchange Regulation act
b) Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial assets and enforcement of security interest act
c) Debt Recovery Tribunal act
d) Foreign exchange management act
e) None of these
13. Foreign trade policy is framed and implemented by:
a) Chief controller of Import and Exports
b) Director General of Foreign Trade
c) Governor of Reserve Bank of India
d) Chairman of Finance commission
e) none of the above
14. Under which ministry Director General of Foreign Trade function?
a) Commerce ministry
b) Finance ministry
c) Foreign ministry
d) Home ministry
e) None of the above
15. An offshore banking unit (OBU) is a unit
a) That is located in a foreign country
b) that is located in special economic zone and deals in foreign currency
c) that is engaged in business of lending foreign currency and establishing joint ventures
d) all the above
e) none of the above
1. B)   2. B)   3. D)   4. B)   5. A)   6. A)   7. A)   8. D)   9. D)   10. A)   11. D)   12. D)   13. B)    14. A)   15. A)