Target SBI PO 2017: Coding and Decoding Latest Pattern

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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here I am given most important 15 Sets of Coding and Decoding Practice PDF for SBI PO 2017 Exam covering most important concepts based on IBPS PO Mains 2016 with detailed Solutions. Kindly make use of these!!!
We have seen some major changes in the pattern of Coding-Decoding questions last year IBPS PO Mains exam. To help you all prepare for this, I am going to share this notes with tips and approach for Coding – Decoding questions based on new pattern. I have compiled some different patterns of Coding-Decoding questions that you may come across in this year’s bank exams.
Example: Directions: Study the following information arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below:
With a certain code language,
‘alarm forest cuddle morning’ is written as  ‘%f6 !m7 #a5 @c6’,
‘sight fire making criticism’ is written as  ‘#c9 @f4 %s5 !m6’,
‘raising centre recent alarm’ is written as  ‘@c6 %r6 #a5 !r7’, and
‘strike arm ignoring sight’ is written as  ‘!i8 %s5 @s6 #a3’.
1. What is the code for ‘raising’?
A) !r7
B) @c6
C) #a5
D) %r6
E) Cannot be determined
2. What is the code for ‘fire arm morning’?
A) @c6 !m6 %s5
B) #a3 !i8 @c6
C) @f4 !m7 #a3
D) None of these
E) Cannot be determined
3. What does ‘@s6 %s5 !m6’ stand for?
A) ignoring cuddle forest
B) sight morning arm
C) making strike sight
D) strike raising fire
E) Cannot be determined
4. What could be the code for ‘surfeit attempt alarm’?
A) %a6 #a5 @s6
B) #a5 %s7 %a7
C) %s8 #a5 @s4
D) #a5 #a3 !m4
E) None of these
5. What is the code for ‘making centre forest’?
A) !m7 #a5 @c6
B) %r6 %f6 #c9
C) !m6 @s6 #a3
D) %f6 @c6 !m6
E) Cannot be determined
# for last letter m, % for last letter t, @ for last letter e, and ! for last letter g
Number represents number of alphabets in word
Alphabet represents the first letter of word.
1. A)   2. C)   3. C)   4. B)   5. D)  

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