English Spotting Errors Practice Exercises - Set 2

Mentor for Bank Exams
Directions (1 – 15): Read Each Sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake / error / in it. The error if any, will be in one part of the sentence. Mark the number of the part with error as your answer. If there is No Error, Mark (5).

1. a) Pakistan has for the first time admitted to the presence / b) of India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim, / c) on its earth, but has said that / d) he has now been chased out and could be in the UAE. / e) No error
2. a) The Delhi Government will set up seven laboratories / b) in East Delhi to test, verify and calibrate / c) the work and reference standards of different types of balances, / d) weights and measuring equipment’s used in shops or establishments. / e) No error
3. a) Samajik Suvidha Sangam, also known as Mission Convergence, / b) is the most unique initiative of NCT of Delhi / c) for holistic empowerment of women from vulnerable and / d) most vulnerable sections of society. / e) No error
4. a) The Supreme Court has sought a response of the Centre / b) on a PIL seeking effective functioning of the / c) human rights courts in the country / d) to further the cause of according social justice. / e) No error
5. a) Caught napping by the powerful mining Mafia after a bid / b) on the life of the SDM, the police has now booked / c) the driver of the tractor trolley and / d) filed an FIR against him. / e) No error
6. a) A letter of credit is a guarantee issued/ b) by the importer’s bank that it will honor/ c) payment up to certain amount of export bills/ d) to the bank of the exporter./ e) No error.
7. a) A private company is one which/ b) restricts transfer of shares and does not/ c) invite the public to/ d) subscribe its shares/ e) No error.
8. a) Widows by far outnumber widowers,/ b) because studies show that women live longer/ c) than men and tend to marry/ d) men older than them./ e) No error.
9. a) Yesterday my car ran out of gas,/ b) and then my phone ran out of battery/ c) I was up a creek/d) without a paddle/ e) No error.
10. a) We couldn’t set up the computer network/ b) ourselves, so we are banking with/ c) an IT engineer from the university / d) to set it up for us./ e) No error.
11. a) All government officials above the rank of undersecretary / b) have been issued circulars by their respective ministries / c) to ask them to attend yoga classes / d) in the run-up to the event / e) No error.
12. a) A serial entrepreneur who made his first fortune / b) in the early days of world wide web / c) he has since helped find / d) a solar power company to generate green electricity / e) No error.
13. a) The three-day trip that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made / b) to china is seen in some quarter / c) as a chance to reset the relationship / d) between Asia’s two giants / e) No error.
14. a) The char bodies of two women / b) were recovered from a burning pile / c) of dried cow dung / d) at Sultanpur village / e) No error.
15. a) With so many options lined up / b) in this competitive world, one has to watch / c) out for a proper specialization and a suitable institute / d) before deciding on anything / e) No error.
1. C)   2. C)   3. B)   4. A)   5. B)   6. C)   7. D)   8. D)   9. E)   10. B)   11. C)   12. C)   13. B)   14. A)   15. E)  
1. C) Replace ‘earth’ with ‘soil’
2. C) Replace ‘work’ with ‘working’
3. B) Replace ‘the most’ with ‘a’
4. A) Replace ‘of’ with ‘from’
5. B) Replace ‘has’ with ‘have’
6. C) Insert “a” before “certain”
7. D) Insert “to” before “its”
8. D) Replace “them” with “themselves”
10. B) Replace “with” with “on”, and “bank on” means “depends on”
11. C) Replace “to ask” with “asking”
12. C) Replace “find” with “found”
13. B) Replace “quarter” with “quarters”
14. A) Replace “Char” with “charred”