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The 70th British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards ceremony was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This year the BAFTA awards were conferred for the outstanding performances in films and documentaries screened at British Cinemas in 2016.
La La Land won the most awards at the event, winning five and was also most nominated in 11 categories.

Winners are
  • Best Film: La La Land Best Directr: Damien Chazelle (La La Land)
  • Best Actr: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)
  • Best Actress: Emma Stne (La La Land)
  • Best Supprting Actr: Dev Patel (Lin)
  • Best Supprting Actress: Vila Davis (Fences)
  • Best riginal Music: La La Land
  • Best riginal Screenplay:Manchester by the Sea
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: Lin Best
  • Cinematgraphy: La La Land
  • Best Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best British Shrt Film: Hme
  • Best British Film: I, Daniel Blake
  • Best Film Nt in the English Language: Sn f Saul
  • Best Dcumentary: 13th
  • Best Animated Film: Kub and the Tw Strings
  • Best Cstume Design: Jackie
  • Best Make Up & Hair: Flrence Fster Jenkins
  • Best Sund: Arrival
  • Best Special Visual Effects: The Jungle Bk
  • Best British Shrt Animatin: A Lve Stry
  • EE Rising Star Award: Tm Hlland
  • BAFTA Fellwship: Mel Brks utstanding British Cntributin t Cinema: Curzn Cinemas
  • Best Prductin Design: Fantastic Beasts and Where t Find Them
  • Best Debut by a British Writer, Directr r Prducer: Babak Anvari (Writer/Directr), Emily Le, liver Rskill, Lucan Th (Prducers) fr Under the Shadw
About British Academy f Film and Televisin Arts (BAFTA) Awards
The British Academy Film Awards are annual award presented by British Academy f Film and Televisin Arts (BAFTA) t hnur the best British and internatinal cntributins t film.
The award was funded in 1947 by the British Film Academy. In 1958, the academy merged with The Guild f Televisin Prducers and Directrs t frm The Sciety f Film and Televisin and later BAFTA in 1976.
The award presented cnsists f a theatrical mask designed by American sculptr Mitzi Cunliffe.