Reasoning Puzzles for Bank Exams Vol - II

Reasoning Puzzles
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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here I am posting 50 Sets of High Level Reasoning Puzzles Volume II. Try to solve these Puzzles on your own and share your answers below in the comment session so that it will be helpful for others also. Don’t Google.
Set - 1: 
W, X, Y, Z, M, N and O belong to three different departments R & D, Marketing and HR with at least two of them in any of these departments. Each of them has a favorite color – Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Violet and Purple. X works in Marketing department with M. M’s favourite color Purple. Those who work in R & D department do not like Green and Pink. The one who likes Blue works only with O in HR department. The one whose favourite Color is Black does not work in the same department with either M or O. W does not work in the Marketing department. W likes Violet color. Z and N work in the same department. N does not like Red color. The one whose favourite color is Pink does not work in Marketing department.
Set - 2: 
J, K, L, M, N, O and G are seven different boxes of different colors, i.e. Brown, Orange, Silver, Pink, Yellow, White and Green but not necessarily in the same order. The box which is of Brown color is immediately above J. There are only two boxes between M and the box which is of Brown color. The box which is Silver color is above M but not immediately above M. Only three boxes are between L and the box which is of Silver color. The box which of Green color is immediately above L. The box which is of Pink color is immediately above the box G. Only one box is there between box K and box N. Box K is above N. Neither box K nor box J is of Yellow color. Box J is not of Orange color. There is only one box between box N and G. Box G is not of White or Yellow color. Neither box M nor G is of Orange color. Box G is not below box J.
Set - 3: 
Eight friends T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 live on eight different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor is number 1 and the one above it is number 2 and so on. The topmost floor is number 8.
T3 lives immediately above T1, T7 lives on an odd numbered floor. Only one person lives between T5 and T1. T2 lives above the floor on which T8 lives. T8 lives above the floor on which T7 lives. Only three between T4 and T5. T4 lives on the second topmost floor. T7 does not live on the lowermost floor.
Set - 4: 
Seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G live in a seven story building. The bottom floor is numbered 1 and the floor above it is numbered 2 and so on. The topmost floor is numbered 7. All the persons are working with different shops, viz Liberty, Puma, Sonata, Titan, Reebok, Nike and Walmart but not necessarily in the same order.
·        C lives on the third floor but does not work with Liberty shop.
·        B does not work with Puma. The one who works with Walmart lives immediately below the person who works with Titan.
·        F works with Sonata but he does not live on an even numbered floor.
·        The floor on which A lives is immediately above the floor on the which B lives. A does not work with Liberty shop.
·        The one who works with Nike lives immediately below the one who works with Puma.
·        D lives on floor no. 6. Neither A nor E works with Reebok.
·        G works with Titan and lies on the topmost floor.
Set - 5:
Shiva has opened seven windows and has kept them in a form of a stack. He is surfing seven different subjects in seven different search engines viz. Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Lycos, Ask, Alexa and Google. The seven different subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Zoology, Marketing, and Geography. The window which is on the front of the screen is the topmost tab.
There are three windows between the search engines Lycos and MSN. Search engines Ask and Alexa are running in the top and bottom windows. Biology and Chemistry are open in the windows which are below the window in which Alexa search engine is running but not in the bottom window. There are two windows between the window in which Shiva is surfing Biology and the window in which Bing Search Engine is running. Geography is opened in Google Search engine. The window in which Shiva is surfing Physics is just above the window in which MSN Search engine is running. There are two windows opened between the window in which the search engine Yahoo is running and the window in which Zoology is opened. Physics is not opened in Bing Search engine. Marketing is opened in the topmost window.
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