Daily Current Affairs Quiz July 30st 2016

Current Affairs Quiz

Dear Readers,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here I am presenting Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk exam and all other Banking exams can use these questions. Kindly Make use of these!!!

1. Which among the following companies appoints Madhuri Dixit as brand ambassador for consumer durable products?
a) Intex
b) Micromax
c) Lava
d) Gionee
e) None of these
2. Shambhu Singh Yadav appointed Deputy Lokayukta of
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh
e) Arunachal Pradesh
3. Who has been appointed as Secretary in the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology?
a) Amitha Sharma
b) Ashwini Chowdary
c) Aruna Sundarajan
d) Nitya Harshavardhan
e) None of these
4. Who was conferred with the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) on 29 July 2016?
a) Maninadh Singh
b) Vasudeva Rao
c) Sumanth Srivasan
d) Srinivasan Swamy
e) None of these
5. Which state won the first prize in the category of Best State/Union Territory for Comprehensive Development of Tourism at the National Tourism Awards for 2014-15?
a) Haryana
b) Rajasthan
c) Gujarat
d) Telangana
e) Madhya Pradesh
6. To encourage listing of startups, Sebi on Friday proposed an easier framework that allows
a) more investor categories
b) relaxed shareholding norms
c) reduced trading lot amount
d) All the above
e) Only A and B
7. Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) has picked up a _____ per cent stake in FINO PayTech?
a) 15%
b) 18%
c) 21%
d) 24%
e) 27%
8. The Union cabinet increased the foreign shareholding limit in Indian stock exchanges from 5% to
a) 8%
b) 12%
c) 15%
d) 22%
e) 25%
9. Which among the following to Buy Cloud-Software Provider NetSuite for $9.3 Billion?
a) Adobe
b) Oracle
c) Microsoft
d) IBM
e) None of these
10. CBDT extends due date for filing of Income Tax Returns to
a) August 5th
b) September 22nd
c) August 15th
d) September 25th
e) December 5th
11. The United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2016 was observed across the world on
a) July 30th
b) July 29th
c) July 28th
d) July 31st
e) August 1st
12. The International Day of Friendship was on 30 July observed across the world. The day first observed in the year
a) 1958
b) 1963
c) 1972
d) 1975
e) 1986
13. Exercise Maitree is the joint military exercise between India and
a) Sri Lanka
b) Bangladesh
c) Thailand
d) China
e) USA
14. The first-ever meeting of BRICS Employment Working Group (BEWG) was held in which among the following cities in India?
a) Bangalore
b) Hyderabad
c) Chennai
d) Delhi
e) Mumbai
15. Pashudhan Bima Yojana, an insurance cover scheme for cattle breeders is launched by which among the following states of India?
a) Haryana
b) West Bengal
c) Gujarat
d) Madhya Pradesh
e) Punjab
16. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has constituted a seven-member expert committee for exploring possible alternatives to pellet guns as non-lethal weapons. The committee will be chaired by
a) Aravind Gosh
b) Chandra Mouli
c) Deepak Mohanty
d) TVSN Prasad
e) None of these
17. Which among the following cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry is launching an Aadhaar based e-Certificate of Origin service.
a) Cochin
b) Hyderabad
c) Vadodara
d) Delhi
e) None of these
18. Which country to host the international summit on tobacco-control that is scheduled from Nov 7-12 in Noida will aim “to eliminate illicit trade of tobacco products?
a) USA
b) China
c) India
d) Australia
e) None of these
19. Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave expressed hope that India would be able to double the number of wild cats by
a) 2020
b) 2022
c) 2024
d) 2025
e) 2026
20. Centre sanctions nearly _____ crore to UP as drought assistance
a) Rs.620
b) Rs.630
c) Rs.640
d) Rs.650
e) Rs.660
21. Which state government signs MoU with NTPC, NHPC for hydro engineering college in Bilaspur?
a) Haryana
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) Kerala
d) Assam
e) Nagaland
22. The West Bengal Tourism department has launched a mobile App based on its theme of
a) Clean Bengal
b) Experience Bengal
c) Royal Bengal
d) Visit Bengal
e) None of these
23. Name the MD and CEO of Rajshri Media who passed away recently?
a) Rajjat Barjatya
b) Ramandh Sharma
c) Vijay Balakrishna
d) Vamsi Krishna
e) None of these
24. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) became the second sports body to ban the entire ______ team from participating in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
a) Indian
b) Spanish
c) Russian
d) Brazilian
e) American
25. Who has been made the flag bearer of the Russian nation for the Rio Olympics 2016?
a) Elena Isinayeva
b) Sergei Tetyukhin
c) Andrey Zamkovoy
d) Darya Klishina
e) None of the above
1)a   2)b   3)c   4)d   5)e   6)d   7)c   8)c   9)b   10)a   11)a   12)a   13)c   14)b   15)a   16)d   17)a   18)c   19)b   20)a   21)b   22)b   23)a   24)c   25)b