Computer Awareness Quiz for bank exams

Mentor for Bank Exams
Dear Readers,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Here I am posting some sample questions on Computer Awareness for upcoming bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB etc., Kindly make use of these!!!   

1. “High Resolution” computer monitors will have_____
a) High dpi
b) Low dpi
c) 256 colors
d) Resolution is not measured in dpi
e) None of these
2. Retail employees typically use ____________ terminals to process sales transactions.
a) sales processing
b) transaction point
c) automatic teller
d) point of sale
e) None of these
3. The _____ folder retains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send.
a) Drafts
b) Outbox
c) Address Book
d) Sent Items
e) None of these
4. A peer-to-peer LAN is an appropriate network architecture for____
a) The Internet.
b) Home network.
c) Network requiring a server with shared resources.
d) wide area network
e) None of these
5. Similar to a hub in an Ethernet network, a ____________ helps relay data between wireless network nodes.
a) Wireless port
b) Wireless access point
c) wireless adapter
d) wireless transceiver
e) None of these
6. Cell phones use ____________ to access the Internet.
a) MMS technology
b) a notation system
c) micro browser software
d) HTML language
e) None of these
7. In CSMA/CD, the computer sends a fixed unit of data called a(n)_______
a) Node.
b) Packet.
c) Override.
d) Token.
e) None of these
8. Which of the following is NOT a basic function of the operating system?
a) Manage memory
b) Provide the word processing system
c) Start the computer
d) Provide the user interface
e) None of these
9. The uniform resource locator (URL) is case sensitive in the ____.
a) Protocol
b) Authority
c) Directory
d) Type
e) None of these
10. ASCII is a (n)________
a) Numbering system for representing numbers with decimals.
b) Character representation standard common in older mainframe computers.
c) Encoding standard used to represent letters and characters.
d) Symbolic programming language that directly represents machine instructions.
e) None of these
1)a   2)d   3)a   4)b   5)b   6)c   7)b   8)b   9)c   10)c