Computer Awareness Quiz (Set - 1)

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Online Computer Quiz, here we are providing sample questions in basics of Computer Awareness. It will be very useful for all SBI/IBPS/LIC exams and other competitive exams. We have also included some important questions that are repeatedly asked in previous exams.

1).    Which of the following is NOT associated with Computers?
a)      Bit
b)      Binary
c)      Pencil
d)      Mouse
e)      Screen
2).    The first computer which provides storage is
a)      EDSAC
b)      EDBAC
c)      MARK-I
d)      ACE
e)      None of these
3).    Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment __________.
a)      keyboard, monitor, hard drive
b)      system unit, input/output, memory
c)      system unit, input/output, secondary storage
d)      system unit, primary storage, secondary storage
e)      None of these
4).    A desktop computer is also known as a –
a)      Palm Pilot
b)      PC
c)      laptop
d)      mainframe
e)      None of these
5).    The benefit of using computers is that ________.
a)      Computers are very fast and can store huge amounts of data
b)      Computers provide accurate output even when input is incorrect
c)      Computers are designed to be inflexible
d)      All of these
e)      None of these
6).    In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed
a)      Parallel only
b)      Sequentially only
c)      Both sequentially and parallel
d)      All of above
e)      None of these
7).    Which of the following are computers that can be carried around easily?
a)      Laptops
b)      Supercomputers
c)      PCs
d)      Minicomputers
e)      None of these
8).    The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into __________.
a)      information
b)      tables
c)      files
d)      graphs
e)      None of these
9).    Computers gather data, which means they allow users to __________ data.
a)      present
b)      store
c)      output
d)      input
e)      None of these
10). Which of the following is not the major function of a computer?
a)      Processing data into information
b)      Storing data or information
c)      Gathering data
d)      Analysing data or information
e)     None of these
1)c   2)a   3)b   4)b   5)a   6)c   7)a   8)a    9)d   10)d