IBPS SO Agriculture Officer Practice Questions – Set 1

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IBPS SO Agriculture Officer Practice Questions – Set 1
1. The microbes play an important role in the catalytic complicated chemical reactions of
(a)Wine productions         
(b) Fermentation   
(c) Dairy product    
(d) All of the above
2. Which among the following contain only one type of nucleic acid?
(a) Bacteria  
(b) Virus       
(c) Dead virus          
(d) All
3. The plant virus was first isolated in crystalline form
(a) TMV        
(b) Baceriophages  
(c) Cyanophages     
(d) HIV
4. The molecular scissors use3d to cut DNA into specific genes of interest are called
(a) Exonucleases    
(b) Restriction endonucleases    
(c) Ligases    
(d) Polymerases
5. The quickest way to produce homozygous breeding lines from heterozygous parents is through:
(a) Half-seed technique    
(b) doubled haploids         
(c) Introgression     
(d) Aneuploidy
6. Which of the following organelle lack membrane?
(a) Mitochondria    
(b) Ribosomes         
(c) Microtubules    
(d) Peroxisomes
7. Virions are _____
(a) DNA viruses       
(b) RNA viruses       
(c) Naked DNA viruses      
(d) Naked RNA viruses
8. DNA is present in
(a) Nucleus  
(b) Mitochondria   
(c) Chloroplast        
(d) All of the above
9. DNA replication occur in which stage of cell division?
(a) G1 phase
(b) G2 phase
(c) S phase   
(d) M phase
10. Bt cotton is resistant to bollworm, it is due to
(a) Bt is repellent to bollworm    
(b) Bt is contact poison for bollworm   
(c) Bt is stomach poison; it changes the permeability of stomach due to generation of pores in alkaline environment of stomach
(d) Bt is causing death due to asphagsiation of insect
11. Bacterial genes lack
(a) Exons      
(b) Introns   
(c) Prometers          
(d) Operator

12. The terminal codons are
(a) AUG, GUG, GUC           
13. Which sequence in case of eukaryotes is important for mRNA tailing?
(b) GAATTC  
14. Transfer of genes (gene flow) in between different species is known as
(a) Vertical gene flow        
(b) Horizontal gene flow   
(c) Lateral gene flow         
(d) Side gene flow
15. Most commonly used organism in SCP is
(a) Bacillus   
(b) E. coli      
(c) Spirulina 
(d) Pseudomonas
16. The bond between sugar and nitrogenous base in case of DNA is known as
(a) Gycosidic bond 
(b) Phosphodiester bond 
(c) H-bond   
(d) Peptide bond
17. Which of the following amino acid participate in urea cycle?
(a) Argininie 
(b) Lysine     
(c) Tryptophan        
(d) Histidine
18. The techniques to clone the first gene were developed in
(a) 1972       
(b) 1987       
(c) 1976        
(d) 1977
19. Biosensers are used as
(a) Purified enzymes          
(b) Antibodies         
(c) Whole microbial cells  
(d) Any of the above
20. Which enzyme plays important role in reverse transcription?
(a) DNA polymerase          
(b) RNA polymerase          
(c) Reverse transcriptase 
(d) Ribonuclease
1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (b) 5. (b) 6. (b)7. (d) 8. (d) 9. (c) 10. (c)
11. (b) 12. (b) 13. (d) 14. (b) 15. (c) 16. (a) 17. (a) 18. (a) 19. (d) 20. (c)